Person:Adam Pence (1)

Adam Pence
d.BEF 21 JUL 1801 Rockingham County, Virginia
m. 19 January 1740/41
  1. Anna Catherine PenceABT 1741 - BEF 1824
  2. Adam Pence1743/44 - BEF 1801
  3. Jacob PenceABT 1749 - 1802
  4. Henry PenceABT 1752 - BEF 1834
  5. John Pence1755 - 1834
  6. Mary PenceABT 1758 - 1850
  7. Barbara PenceBEF 1759 -
  8. Sarah PenceBEF 1761 -
m. ABT 1770
  1. Catherine PenceABT 1771 -
  2. Mary Pence1772 - 1805
  3. Henry Pence1775 - 1860
  4. John Pence1776 - 1854
  5. Jacob PenceABT 1779 - 1858
  6. Valentine Pence1780 - 1859
  7. Adam Pence1781 - 1859
  8. Elizabeth Pence1783 - 1877
  9. George Pence1788 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name Adam Pence
Gender Male
Birth? 15 JAN 1743/44 Stouchburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage ABT 1770 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Argenbright
Death? BEF 21 JUL 1801 Rockingham County, Virginia

Adam Pence was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 797.--18th March, 1765. Adam Pence, eldest son, &c, as above (and heir-at-law of Jacob Pence, late of Augusta, deceased), to Jacob Nicholas, £10, 31 acres, part of 166 acres which Valentine purchased of Christopher Francisco on Cub Run. Delivered: Col. Jno. Rusk.

Records of Adam Pence in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 223.--18th September, 1768. Henry Long and Catharine ( ) to Jacob Arkinbright, £31.10, 125 acres, remainder of 250 acres patented 12th August, 1760, to said Henry, the other moiety being sold to George Fridley, on a branch between the Peaked Mountain and Shanandoah River. Teste: Adam Pence, Jacob Pence, John Archenbright. Delivered: Jacob Archembright, August, 1769.

Information on Adam Pence

From research conducted and compiled by the late Richard A. Pence of Fairfax, Virginia:

21 ADAM PENCE ("first born son") was the John Adam Benz born to Valentine and "Maria Cath Oberlin" Benz 15 Jan 1744, baptized at Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchburg, (now) Berks County, Pennsylvanaia (then Lancaster County); died after 25 Oct 1800 (will written) and before 21 Jul 1801 (executor's bond) in Rockingham County, Viginia; married Margaret _____ (probably Ergenbright) about 1770.

211 CATHERINE PENCE was born about 1771 in Augusta Co VA; married Christopher (Christian, Charles) Armentrout in 1792 in Rockingham Co VA.

212 MARY PENCE was born about 1773 in Augusta Co VA; married John Shaver 25 Nov 1794 in Rockingham Co VA.

213 HENRY PENCE was born 8 Jan 1775 in Augusta Co VA ("oldest son" of Adam in grandmother's will); died 31 Dec 1860 in Montgomery Co OH; married Catherine Monger 16 Feb 1799 in Rockingham Co VA; to Warren Co OH 1818 and Montgomery Co in 1823.

214 JOHN PENCE was born 1 Oct 1776 in Augusta Co VA; died 15 Jun 1854 in Warren Co OH; married Mary Barbara (Anna Maria) Sellers 9 Aug 1800 in Rockingham Co VA (Anna Maria in birth record of son William, Polly in marriage record, Mary in 1806 deed; Mary in Warren Co Sellers Bible, which confirms she was this John's wife; Mary B. on tombstone, Mary Barbara in John's will); to Warren Co early.

215 JACOB PENCE was born about 1779 in Rockingham Co VA; died 30 Jan 1858 in Warren Co OH; married Sarah (Sally) Smith 20 Jul 1802 Rockingham Co (note in papers of this Jacob Pence and his brother John: "Sarah Smith born the 17th day of November 1781 and died the 10th day of March 1855 aged 74 years 3 months and 29 days"); to Warren Co; there in 1850.

216 VALENTINE PENCE was born 22 Jan 1780 Rockingham Co VA; died 28 Dec 1859 in Warren Co OH; married Catherine Smith 28 Mar 1804 in Rockingham Co; to Warren Co 1811.

217 ADAM PENCE was born 29 Mar 1781 in Rockingham Co VA; died 24 Nov 1859 in Logan Co KY; married Elizabeth (Ellie, Eliza) Nail 16 Aug 1808 in Rockingham Co (she died 20 Jun 1868, age about 77); to Logan Co by 1817 when he witnessed a document; see No. 11A for the possibility that this Adam may be the son of Jacob Pence (Jr.); his settlement in 1865, with his son Annias as administrator of his estate, indicates he had seven children.

218 ELIZABETH PENCE was born 23 Apr 1783 in Rockingham Co VA; died 15 Apr 1877 or 9 Apr 1878 Warren Co OH; married Henry P. Monger Jr 19 Apr 1803 in Rockingham Co.

219 GEORGE PENCE was born 16 Jan 1788 in Rockingham Co VA; died in 1850 in Rockingham (will); married Juliana Monger 3 Apr 1811 in Rockingham Co; George Pence, orphan of Adam, chose Michael Deck as his guardian 20 Aug 1806 in Rockingham Co.