Person:Adam Arbogast (1)

Adam Arbogast
d.9 February 1852 Pocahontas County, Virginia
m. 1758
  1. Adam Arbogast1759 - 1852
  2. David Arbogast1761 - 1833
  3. John C. Arbogast1762 - abt 1820/1
  4. Michael Arbogast, Jr.1764 - 1825
  5. Mary Elizabeth Arbogastabt 1766 - 1794
  6. Dorothy 'Dolly' Arbogast1769 -
  7. Peter Arbogast1770 - 1842
  8. Henry Arbogast1770 - 1844
  9. George Arbogast1772 - 1844
Facts and Events
Name Adam Arbogast
Gender Male
Birth[1] 25 October 1759 Frederick or Augusta County, Virginia
Death[1] 9 February 1852 Pocahontas County, Virginia

Adam Arbogast was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Adam Arbogast in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Revolutionary Service Declaration - Adam Arbogast's Declaration, November 6th, 1832: Age 72; served in 1776 or 1777 as Indian spy under Capt. John McCoy and Joseph Gwinn, and marched to West's Fort on the West Fork of Monongahela, thence down the river to Louther's Fort, thence down the river to Nutter's Fort, thence to Coonty's Fort; he volunteered, in 1778, under Capt. John McCoy, Ensign Thomas Wright, as Indian spy; marched to Warm Springs, and, with George Hull, Conrad Flesher, John Gum, was ordered back by Col. Hugart and Col. McCreary to guard his own section.

From “Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War”, by J.T. McAllister, pub. 1913:

ARBOGAST, ADAM.—Pocahontas, Nov. 6, 1832. Born, 1760. Indian spy, 1776 or 1777. Drafted, and marched under Capt. John McCoy and Lt. Joseph Gwin to West's fort on West Fork of Monogahela, then down the river to Lowther's Fort, then lower yet to Nutter's Fort, where he remained much of the three months, and finally to Coontie's Fort, where troops were called in consequence of the Indians killing a write woman while she was spreading hemp in a field. Volunteered, 1778, as Indian spy under same Captain, and marched to Warm Springs, whence he, together with George Hull, John Gum, and Conrad Fleisher, were ordered to Crabbottom to guard that locality, and there remained the rest of his time. At another time he marched from his home (now Highland), across Greenbrier River to head of Seneca in pursuit of Indians. Date not given (1781?).

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