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This page collects various miscellaneous notes relatd to the Cowan's and particular to William Cowan (12). There several land records in Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky, under the name of William Cowan. Most are believed to refer to Person:William Cowan (12), but at least one is probably for a different person.
1783 Washington County, VA400 acres Grant in Place:Castle's Woods; using a certificate assigned from "David Gist" [Gass]Library of Virginia this is presumably the Castles Woods property near Moore's Fort on which William had been living since about 1772. This 1783 transaction was probably undertaken to secure ownership prepatory to sale of the property, and removal from the area.
January 1 1785Fayette Co., KY Grant 400 acres on the waters of Licking Creek adjoining David Gass] Library of VirginiaThis is most likely the same William Cowan who lived near David Gass in Castle's Woods, Va. This William Cowan is believed to have finally settled in Blount County TN, but this record may indicate that he briefly relocated to Kentucky after the Revolution. This should be checked to see if there are further Records for William Cowan in Kentucky about this time.
13 Sept 1797Rockbridge County VAGrant of 100 acresLibrary of Virginia; Library of VirginiaThis Rockbridge County grant is probably for a different William Cowan than the one who lived in Castle's Woods.

Blount County Land

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Land grants for Blount County show that William Cowan secured a parcel on the west bank of the Little River, near Davis Ford. The following shows this parcel in relationship to land holdings by his brother-in-law, John Walker IV.

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poly 220 96 239 119 395 59 395 44 291 9 224 31 William Cowan (1750-1809)|Property of William Cowan: "400 acres in Castles Woods on the waters of Clinch River adjoining John Cowan’s land." poly 574 200 553 270 498 337 571 388 630 413 655 503 696 502 695 218 [[ John Walker, Jr. |Property of John Walker Jr.- possibly John Walker IV

Warren County TN

Land records for Warren County, TN show land transactions (before 1809) for William, John, and Robert – Surveys Around McMinnville from Tennessee’s 3rd Surveyors’ District Plat and Survey Books

Shows land granted to:
35-145, John Cowen 1807 156 acres
35-124, Jno Cowen 1808 200 acres
34-071, Wm Cowen 1808
Colville and Mitchell families are neighbors to the Cowans on the plat map.