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The following images were taken from records at Pennsylvania Archives Land records, for the period beween 1730 and 1753. Additional records are available after 1753, but have not been examined. See Pennsylvania Land Records for a discussion of warrants and patents.


Warrants Issued To:LocationDate Warrant IssuedDate Patent IssuedPatented Issued ToSurvey
William WalkerFallowfield, Chester 22 Aug 1735---
John WalkerE. Nottingham, Chester28 Sept 1737--D44 65


Enoch Walker Tredyfin25 March 17388 Dec 1768German WalkerC234 296Chester Valley Walkers
Conrad Walker Coventry12 Oct 174231 January 1786George DouglasD12 15
James Walker Sadsbury, Doe Run, adj Joseph Walker 25 Jan 1743VacatedA1 265
Mary Walker25 Jan 17438 April 1788James McDowellB13 192Chester Valley Walkers

James WalkerE. Nottingham1 Feb 174316 Feby 1789James SmithC223 79, C223 80

James WalkerSadsbury, 17 Mar 1743---

Joseph WalkerLondonderry4 Jan 174331 May 1815Immer KnightB3 57 x C 227 310, 308; D44 63 D44-64 D44-71
Nottingham17 Jan 1942Linsey Coatses harknesss
John WalkerLondonderry, East side of Elk River13 Jan 17478 April 1788James McDowellA18 143
Nathaniel WalkerLondonderry30 mar 1749--A66 172
Daniel WalkerTreddyfin4 Dec 175112 Dec 1751Daniel WalkerC224 231 x A 53-198Chester Valley Walkers
Andrew WalkerNottingham?17 Feb 175531 May 1815Immer KnightC227 309-310, B3 57, D44 61, D44 62
Nottingham?17 jan 1942Lindsey Coates Harness
Nottingham?Lindsey Coates Harness

John M. Walker20 Apr 190329 Apr 1903John M. WalkerD36 61


  1. This parcel was not surveyed until 1797. The warrant record indicates no patent was issued. The survey map shows James Hother's land to the NW of this parcel. There are several transactions in the 1760's and later indicating that Hother or his heirs added to his original track, picking up in "fragments of broken land" adjacent to his original parcel. John Walkers paracel appears to be included among those fragments. The property descriptions for Hother's land, place it in the northeast portion of E. Nottingham Township, on the West Branch of the Elk River. Based on this, a candidate location for John Walkers property is shown here: on Acme Mapper.