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From: Anon? 1. William Walker m., Ursula (unknown). NOTE: William and his wife, in 1740, made the voyage to Maryland from Ireland. Then, before 1743, (not known when), they moved into that section of North Carolina west of the Chowan River known as Bertie District. There, on March 30, 1743, he presented to the governor's counsel his headright claim, for himself, his wife Ursula, and two other dependents. He and his family settled on the 200 acres of granted land. Children are: 2. (unknown) Walker. 2. (unknown) Walker. 2. Sander Walker. Jeremiah Walker, Rev. b.1746 Butte Co., NC d.1792 Elbert Co., GA m., Milly (poss. Colson).
NOTE: Most of Jeremiah's adult life was spent as a Baptist minister. Jeremiah lived as a child and young man in that peculiar spiritual vacuum which had developed in the Virginia backcountry and in all of North Carolina. Jeremiah became pastor of Nottoway church, Amelia County, Virginia in 1769. This church under his ministry not only had large prosperity, but over twenty churches south of James river were gathered mainly through his labors. Later in life he fell into immorality and adopted erroneous views of doctrine, which cast a blemish on his character and impaired his usefulness.
Will Book 1791-1803 page 25-26 Ordinary's Office Elbert County, Elberton, Georgia.
I, Jeremiah Walker, of the State of Georgia Elbert Co. Being afflicted in body, but of sound mind and memory, etc. I give to my wife Milly a negro man named Prince, also a negro woman named Rinah with Tom with Gloss her chn. Also a negro woman named Safford with Rachel and Peg her chn., her choice of a bed and furniture. Also a sorrel mare and saddle, a chest with drawers, a red trunk, also her dower of the third part of the land I bought of Hutson that part I devise to John Williams Walker in lew of all other dowry. Also Walkers Sermons, W. Roes Exercises, Cree, Poams, and Pilgrims Progress, also two cows and a heffer.
I lend to my dtr. Polly Coleman, the first female child that negro Easther, Sally or Prudance shall have during her natural life and then divided between her three dtrs., Elizabeth, Narcissa, Melinda to them forever, I also give to Polly my black walnut table, part of my crockery, and a part of my books.
I give to my son Henry Graves Walker 400 acres of land, being part of the land I bought from Robert Chambers (corners given). I give to my son Henry G. Walker a lot I bought in Petersburgh, also a negro girl named Agg, one feather bed and furniture, also a part of my books.
I give to my son Memorable Walker 350 acres known as the Cabben land, which I have Coalsons bond for titles and my desire that the titles to be made to my son Memorable Walker. Also one negro boy named David and the first male child that either Sally or Prudance shall have, also one feather bed, and a part of the books.
I give to my son Jeremiah 150 acres on the South side of Savannah River, being part of the tract of 700 acres bought from Chambers. Also 100 acres on the upper part of the island, also a negro boy named Tom, also a horse colt, one feather bed and part of my books.
I give to my son James Sanders Walker 150 acres, joining my son Jeremiah land at the mouth of Spring Branch, also a negro named Saffer, a small horse colt, one feather bed and furniture, a part of my books.
I give to my son John Williams Walker 250 acres on the river below Sanders line, also 100 of the island, also one negro boy named Webster, one feather bed and furniture, also a part of my books. I give to my daughter Elizabeth what she has in possession already, and a share of my books, with what books she already has.
I appoint my brother Sanders Walker and my friend James Tate Esq. The Executors. I desire that the tract of land of 622 acres I have on Brushey Creek, with negroes Tom, Sally and Prudance be hired out till my son John Williams Walker shall come of age. Whatever shall be left when John Williams Walker is of age shall be equally divided between my chn. Viz: Polly Coleman, Elizabeth Marshall, Henry Graves Walker, Memorable Walker, Jeremiah Walker, James Sanders Walker, John Williams Walker.
Dated 14 Sept. 1792.
Witnesses: William Tate, Richard Harvey, John Avren.
Signed: Jeremiah Walker
Henry S. Walker File 30 Clerk of Court Office Pickens, S.C. (Henry S. Walker was the husband of Louisa Rohanna Benson, daughter of William P. Benson who died in Pickens Dist. in 1853 and his widow Nancy G. Benson.)
Children are:
3. Mary Polly Walker m., (unknown) Coleman.
3. Elizabeth Walker m., (unknown) Marshall.
3. Henry Graves Walker.
3. Memorable Walker.
3. Jeremiah Walker.
3. James Sanders Walker.
3. John Williams Walker b.abt.1780 VA d.1823 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL m. 30 Jan 1810 Elbert Co., GA, Matilda Pope b. 2 Jul 1791 Amherst Co., VA d. 31 May 1835 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL.
    • Matilda was the daughter of Leroy Pope and Judith Sale.
MARRIAGE: Elbert County, Georgia Marriages 1806 - 1809, Pg. 26: Walker, John Wm. and Matilda Pope, Jan 30, 1810.
NOTE: John was educated at Moses Waddel’s Academy in Vienna, South Carolina, the school that John C. Calhoun attended, and graduated from Princeton College. Admitted to the bar at Petersburg, he came to Huntsville, Alabama in 1810. He practiced law with success, interrupted by an election to the legislature of Mississippi Territory. Member of the legislature of Alabama Territory in 1818, and the next year was president of the convention that framed the constitution of the state. In 1819, he was elected the first senator from the State of Alabama. A want of health forced him to resign December 12, 1822, and he died of tuberculosis in 1823, which he contracted while nursing his brother, Memorable. Matilda's father, Leroy Pope, moved the family to Petersburg, GA. about 1794. Leroy Pope and the Walkers went on to found the city of Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama. Matilda's sister, Maria, married Thomas George Percy, another of the leading families in Alabama at the time. The Popes, Walkers, and Percy families were close socially and in business. John and Matilda's son Percy Walker was named in honor of their friends the Percy family.
NOTE: Most of the Pope family information was generously shared by Virgil Pope
CEMETERY: Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison Co., AL: Leroy Pope, John Williams Walker, and Charles Henry Walker ( son of John W. and Matilda Pope Walker), Section 13, Row 16.
Children are:
4. Mary Jane Walker.
4. John James Walker.
NOTE: John was educated at West Point. After serving in the Creek and Seminole conflicts of the 1830’s, he became Collector of the Port of Mobile for a number of years. During the entire Civil War he served as colonel on the staff of General Braxton Bragg. After the war he was for a number of years Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, and later president of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. He died childless.
4. Percy Walker b.1812.
NOTE: Percy was admitted to the bar after graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. After an initial career in the General Assembly of Alabama, he was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1855. During the Civil War he served the Confederacy as an adjutant and inspector-general with the rank of colonel. After the war he was appointed Recorder of Mobile.
4. Leroy Pope Walker b.1817 d. Huntsville, Madison Co., AL m., Eliza (poss. Dickson Pickett) b.abt.1832 AL.
NOTE: Read law under Judge Hopkins of Huntsville, Alabama, and immediately moved to Canton, Mississippi. Having little success, he returned to Bellefonte, Jackson County, Alabama, and a year later, to Moulton.
CENSUS: 1860 Census Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Leroy P. 40 Male Lawyer 128000 155000 AL
Walker Eliza 28 Female AL
Walker Matilda 9 Female 9 AL
Walker Pope 6 Male AL
CENSUS: 1870 Census 3-WD Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Polk 48 Male Lawyer 100000 200 AL
Walker Eliza 38 Female AL
Walker Polk 15 Male AL
Thomas LaFayette 30 Male Blk House Servant AL
Walker Cassie 54 Female MU Cook AL
Patton Ellis 15 Male MU AL
CENSUS: 1880 Census Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Leroy P. Self Male 50 Lawyer AL VA GA
Walker Eliza D. Wife Female 48 AL NC RI
CEMETERY: Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison Co., AL: Leroy Pope, John Williams Walker, and Charles Henry Walker ( son of John W. and Matilda Pope Walker), Section 13, Row 16.
Children are:
5. Matilda Walker b.abt.1851 AL.
5. Pope Walker b.abt.1855 AL.
4. Charles Henry Walker b.1819 d.1821 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL.
DEATH: Died at the age of two of an undiagnosed illness while in the care of John Williams Walker’s dear friend, Thomas Percy, who took care of the family.
CEMETERY: Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison Co., AL: Leroy Pope, John Williams Walker, and Charles Henry Walker ( son of John W. and Matilda Pope Walker), Section 13, Row 16.
4. William Memorable Walker b.1821 d.1864 Mobile Co., AL.
NOTE: Was educated at Spring Hill College, Mobile, Mobile Co., AL and the University of Virginia. He served as 1st Lieutenant of the Third Dragoons during the Mexican War. In the Civil War he was a Captain, 1st Regiment Artillery at Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay, Mobile Co., AL, where he died in 1864. William never married.
4. Richard Wilde Walker b. 16 Feb 1823 AL d,bef.1880 AL m., Mary A. Simpson b.abt.1828 AL.
    • Mary was the daughter of John Simpson and (unknown).
NOTE: Was educated at Spring Hill College, the University of Virginia, and graduated with honors at Princeton University. Returned to Alabama to practice law in the early 1840’s. Soon thereafter was elected to the General Assembly and was chosen Speaker of that House in 1855. In 1859 he was appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, and later was elected to a full term on the court. In 1861 he was elected a member-at-large to the Provincial Congress of the Confederate States. In 1863 he was elected to succeed C.C. Clay in the Confederate Senate, serving there for the remainder of the war. He retired to the private practice of law after the war and died in Huntsville in the 1870’s.
CENSUS: 1860 Census Florence, Lauderdale, Alabama
Simpson John 69 Male Planter 211000 137000 IRE
Walker R.W. 37 Male Judge S. Court & Farmer 30000 50000 AL
Simpson John Jr 30 Male Merchant AL
Walker Mary A. 32 Female AL
Simpson Margaret 24 Female AL
Walker John S. 10 Male AL
Walker Margaret P. 8 Female AL
Walker Rich W. Jr 3 Male AL
CENSUS: 1870 Census 3-WD Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Richard 47 Male Lawyer 16500 12000 AL
Walker Mary 42 Female AL
Walker John 21 Male Civil Eng. AL
Walker Margaret 18 Female AL
Walker Richard 13 Male AL
Walker Percy 3 Male AL
CENSUS: 1880 Census Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Mary A. Self Female 50 Widow AL IRE IRE
Walker Margaret Dau Female 30 AL
Walker Percy H. Son Male 13 AL
CENSUS: 1900 Census 3-WD Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Mary A. Head Female Jun 1828 71 Widow Children: 4 Living: 4 AL IRE IRE
Dax Margaritte Sister Female June 1835 64 Widow Children: 0 AL IRE IRE
Bolling Margarette Dau Female Oct 1851 48 Widow Children: 1 Living: 1 AL
Anderson Wm. Servant Male Blk Dec 1849 50 AL AL AL
Children are:
5. John S. Walker b.abt.1850 AL.
5. Margaret Patton Walker b. Oct 1851 AL m. 1 Nov 1881 Huntsville, Madison Co., AL, John Minge Bolling b. 20 Dec 1833 VA d. 15 Nov 1887 MD.
    • John was the son of Robert Buckner Bolling and Sarah Melville Minge.
NOTE: John was a Private in a Maryland regiment C.S.A. and later was a Private in Mosby's Rangers. He attended the University of Virginia 1851 - 1856 and the University of Heidelburg. Lived in New York City and was a lawyer there.
Child is:
6. Richard Walker Bolling b. 14 Sep 1882.
5. Richard Wilde Walker Jr b. Mar 1857 AL m.aft.1880 AL, Shelby W. (unknown) b. Jan 1862 AL.
CENSUS: 1900 Census 3-WD Huntsville, Madison, Alabama
Walker Richard W. Head Male Mar 1857 43 Marr: 14 yrs AL AL AL Lawyer
Walker Shelby W. Wife Female Jan 1862 38 Marr: 14 yrs Children: 0 AL VA KY
Lanier Effie Servant Female Blk Oct 1881 18 AL AL AL
Swacke Annie Servant Female Blk Dec 1886 13 AL AL AL
5. Percy H. Walker b. Jul 1867 AL m., Marrion (unknown) b. Jan 1867 VA.
CENSUS: 1900 Census Gadsden, Etowah, Alabama
Walker Percy H. Boarder Male Jul 1867 33 Marr: 6 yrs AL AL AL Chemist **Lived with Emma Gunning
Walker Marrion Wife Female Jan 1867 33 Marr: 6 yrs Children: 0 VA VA VA
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