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From Mary Ann, 15 Nov 2009

The early researchers for this line assumed every time that Samuel showed up in the Orange County or Caswell County records, they were dealing with the same man. We assumed that Samuel owned land all over the area and ended up in the the part of Orange County that became Caswell. In Salt Lake I luckily found an article in the Journal of Rockingham History & Genealogy (Vol. II #2 Oct 1977) "The Case for James Hunter of Stinking Quarter and Sandy Creek: Regulator Leader, 1765-1771" by Vearl Guymon Alger.

In the article they were trying to figure out which of three James Hunters was the Regulator. Luckily, it was the one who married a daughter of the Orange County, North Carolina Samuel Walker who lived on Sandy Creek.

"Petitions to Governor Martin requesting a pardon for James Hunter and other Regulator leaders began to appear in late 1771. They were signed by about thirty people each, and the names are those of the farmers living in the vicinity of Stinking Quarter and Sandy Creek, as proved by deed records. One is Samuel Walker, father-in-law of James Hunter of Stinking Quarter ..."

"Will of Samuel Walker, dated 24 Apr 1773, names James Hunter and Robert Fields as his sons-in-law and executors: daughter are Mary and Ann. Will proved March Term, 1781."