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The following extracts have been taken from From Connie Spurlock, as posted to the Wigton Walker Mailing list, 14 Aug 2009 et seq.

Connie transcribed these materials from : Source:White, 1992. Genealogical Abstracts Of Revolutionary War Pension Files

National Archives microfilms (M805) were used in preparing these abstracts. Some of the entries were supplemented with additional data obtained from National Archives Series M804 which contains microcopies of the entire file on each claimant who filed for pension or bounty land based on service in the Revolutionary War.

This tabularized display of data contained in the pension application files focuses on key information about the soldier in question. White's abstracts typically include more information than is shown here, often including detailed information about family relations.

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Surname Given Service Unit/Rank Current Spouse/widow Marriages Number Prior to Revolution Lived at Enlistment Lived after Revolution Application Death
Walker ? NC Line Elizabeth Elizabeth (______) November 30 1780 in Guilford County, NC W64 widow applied October 18, 1838, in Hickman County, TN died December 24 1816;
Walker Alexander VA Line Jane married Jane daughter of Alexander Stuart in September 1777 in Augusta County the part that became Rockbridge County VA R11040 soldier had lived in Augusta County VA in 1774 and was in the battle of Point Pleasant died Rockbridge County VA in 1820 and his widow died December 13, 1843 the son Archibald B. Walker aged 45 applied January 5, 1846 in Rockbridge County, VA
Walker Andrew NC Line S7830 born December 5, 1756 in the County Atrium in Ireland and at age of 11 he came to America and landed at Charleston, SC; lived SC for five years then moved to NC and applied Mecklnburg County NC November 8, 1832 died September 20, 1846
Walker Buckley NC Line Milley or Mildred married Milley (_______) in July 1784 W6407 applied in December 1832 in Person County NC aged 79 widow applied November 5, 1842 in Person County NC aged 80 died May 10, 1838 and his
Walker Charles VA Line S7802 born 1760 in King George County VA at age of 7 he went to live with Bedford County the part that became Campbell County VA applied Campbell county VA September 10, 1832
Walker Daniel NC Line Elizabeth married Elizabeth (_________) December 24, 1783 in Guilford County, NC R11035 widow applied January 30, 1845 in Lincoln County, MO AGED 91; a daughter Mary Lyles aged 68 made affidavit June 9, 1852 in Lincoln County died January 28, 1830
 Walker David VA Line R11033 applied August 20, 1832 in Goochland Co. VA, aged 81
Walker David NC Line Lydia married October 15, 1785 to Lydia (_____) in Bedford County VA R11047 born October 17, 1760 in Chester County, PA applied March 3, 1834 in Highland County OH widow applied there in 1852 aged 90 years died Highland Co OH, April 6 or 9, 1842
Walker David VA Line Bounty Land Warrant # 345-200-18  April 1807; Bounty Land Warrant was issued to Thomas D. Harris of Henrico County on November 27, 1786 the Rev soldier David Walker Jr`s will was recorded in Brunswick County
Walker Edward NC Line Jane married Jane daughter of Frederick House or Horne of Hawkins County, TN but they were married in Sullivan County R11041 born 1756 in NC applied April 25, 1833 in Claiborne County, TN Tennesse about May 1st 1790 died August 26 or 27, 1838
Walker Edward VA Line S40640 applied February 10, 1821 in Allegheny County, PA aged about 90 and was supported by the Overseer of the Poor since 1815
Walker Edward VA Line S41302 applied June 18 [???] Charles City County VA aged 55
Walker Edward VA Line Private Bounty Land Warrant # 12651-100-5 November 1789
Walker Francis VA Liner Hannah married Hannah Revier in June 1813 in Middlesex County, VA R11037; Bounty Land Warrant# 47812-160-55 widow stated soldier had applied in 1835; widow applied September 21, 1853 in Middlesex County VA, AGED 79; widow applied for Bounty Land Warrant on June 23, 1855 in Middlesex County, VA died July 28, 1839 in Middlesex County VA
Walker George NC Line S3449 in 1745 Fauquier County, VA Burke County NC applied August 15 1832 in Bledsoe County TN Died Bledso County TN, October 12, 1833
Walker George Continental Line ( VA) S39115 applied May 24, 1825 Spartanburg District, SC, age 64
Walker George Reynolds VA Line Lucy 1) Judith daughter of Major Erasmus Haynes of Princess Anne County,VA on August 7 1782 and she died July 20 1787; 2) second to Lucy daughter of Col. John West of WarwickVAon January 26, 1788 at the home of her father R11046 April 3, 1760 in Princess Anne Co. VA Princess Anne Co. VA widow applied July 13 1844 in Johnson County; afterwards she moved to Floyd County, KY; in 1847 she had returned to Johnson County Kentucky  were she died April 30 1847 died March 4, 1822; and was buried on his farm in Bedford County, VA
Walker Green NC Line S7803 in 1761 in Nash County, NC Nash County, NC applied December 4, 1832 in Franklin County
Walker Henry VA Line S31459 October 8 1758 in Prince Edward County, VA Montgomery County, VA afterwards Kentucky for seven or eight years then moved to Illinois and lived there for twenty nine years applied September 3 1832 in Fayette County Illinois died September 30, 1832
Walker Isaac NC Line S3446 April 16, 1754 in Prince George`s County VA Surry County NC, the part that later became Wilkes County, NC Wilkes County NC for twenty five years after the Revolution then moved to near Danville in Fayette County, Kentucky for four years then meved to Dickson County TN Dickson County TN where he applied October 4 1832 died March 13 1843
Walker James NC Line S3450 March 2, 1755 in Cumberland County, PA Orange County, NC, after Rev PA, NC, OH applied October 26 1832 in Adams County, OH
Walker James VA Line Elizabeth married Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Lemay  in 1782 or 1783 and were near neighbors to soldier`s father R11036 born Hanover Co. VA; [inferred DOB of 1754]; he lived Hanover County until age of 12 then moved to Goochland Co. VA. lived Goochland Co VA after the Revolution then moved to Louisa Co. in 1809 he moved to Jessamine Co. Kentucky applied Jessamine Co KY August 18, 1834 aged about 80 widow applied in 1843 in Jessamine Co., Kentucky aged over 86 died Jessamine Co KY November 27, 1840 as stated by his widow or November 28, 1840 as shown officially
Walker Jeremiah NC Line; Sergeant S31457; see also see National Archives Series M804 roll #  2474. may have applied in 1834 or Earlier in Louisiana; application not legible.
Walker Jeremiah VA Line Mary Mary Mallicoat in 1788 in Pittsylvania County, VA W6399 widow applied October 27 1845 in Grainger County TN aged 80. died a few days after being wounded at the battle of the River Raisin in the War of 1812
Walker Jesse NC Line S18261 June 26, 1748 in Prince William County VA Burke County NC after the Revolution he moved to Greene County Georgia then moved to Wayne County; Kentucky then moved to he applied Howard County Missouri November 26 1833
Walker John Continental and VA Line BLW# 2230-100 King William County VA died about 1791 or 1792
Walker John NC Line S7796 December 1755 in Bute County later Warren County, NC Bute County later Warren County, NC Lived in Wake County NC after the Revolution he applied November 22 1832 in Wake County NC
Walker John VA Line Elizabeth Elizabeth Kellam in 1771 W4614 died in June 1796 and his will was probated June 27 1797 in Accomac County VA; widow Elizabeth died September 8 1837
Walker John VA Line Rachel soldier had married Rachel Chochran/Cochren/Cochron  on May 29 1789 in Hampshire County VA R11054 October 1, 1764 at Carlisle in Cumberland County PA enlisted in August 1780at "Spring Station or Garrison" in Kentucky some six miles southeast of the Falls of the Ohio River and a after the Revolution lived in Hampshire County VA for eighteen or nineteen years and about 1800 he moved to Hudson in Portage County. OH he applied October 20 1832in Hudson in Portage County. OH; widow applied in 1845 in Portage County Ohio aged 77 widow died October 29 1847 died September 3 1841 Hudson in Portage County. OH
Walker John H. VA Line Mariah 2) Elizabeth Johns on April 16 1797 and she died October 25 1813 and he married third to Mariah Leverett on March 15 1814 in Lincoln County Georgia and she was born May 12 1795 W27531; BLW# 73590-160-55 December 25, 1763 in Prince Georges County, MD Loudon County VA lived in Georgia upwards of fourty years and he was reffered to in 1832 as Reverend John H. Walker; in 1835 moved to Walton County, GA soldier applied October 23 1832 in Lincoln County Georgia died July 19 1836 at Monroe in Walton County Georgia  and his widow applied September 18 1875[?] in Chatooga County Georgia having lived there since 1850
Walker Samuel VA Line S16567 born  in 1758 in what became Rockbridge Co. VA in 1784 moved to Kentucky; while living in Woodford Co. KY he served under General`s Scott and Wilkinson against the Indians in 1791 and in 1807 moved in Wayne Co, IN applied August 20, 1832 Wayne Co. IN aged 74
Walker Samuel SC Line S3448 born 1760 in Ireland and he lived in Chester District SC at enlistment applied in 1832 in McMinn Co. TN and moved from there to Georgia to live with one of his sons and later moved to Bradley Co. TN where he reapplied on December 5, 1836
Walker Samuel NC Line S1731 applied September 3, 1832 in Smith Co. TN aged 78
Walker William VA Line S7800 born March 1759 in Bedford County VA lived Botetourt County VA for three years after the Revolution then moved to Mecklenburg County; NC for ten years then returned to Botetourt County VA for eleven years then moved to Knox County Tennessee for eighteen years then moved to Preble County Ohio for a few years then moved to Darke County, OH applied Darke Co OH November 19, 1833.
Walker William VA Line S14780 born September 23, 1762 and was raised in King and Queen County, VA lived King and Queen County, VA until after the Revolution then moved to Charlotte County VA; and he was there in 1836. applied Charlotte county, VA June 2, 1834
Walker William NC S32573 born 1760 in Mecklenburg County NC lived Rutherford Co, NC until 1810 then moved to Tennessee applied November 13, 1832 in Hardin County, TN
Walker William VA Line S6340 born February 26, 1757 in Cumberland County, VA and always lived lived within one mile of where he born Cumberland County VA applied Cumberland County VA July 14, 1832
Walker William NC and SC Lines Sarah married Sarah Lambert in 1778 or 1779 in Rowan County W6401 his widow applied there May 8. 1845 aged 80 and she died there April 1, 1850 died January 24, 1822 in Oglethorpe County. GA
Walker William J. VA Line S16011 born May 19, 1761 in Dinwiddie County VA 1795 he moved to Bedford County VA Applied Bedford County, VA Sept 23, 1833
Walker William Leadam [or William Needham Walker] NC Line S7814 born August 1756 in Granville County NC appliedCumberland County NC September 4, 1832.
Walker William T. VA Line Mary married Mary "Polly" Dupuy on June 7, 1815 in Prince Edward County VA W6403; BLW# 51765-160-55 born 1757 in Amelia County, VA Lived Prince Edward County, VA since 1780 applied January 21, 1833 in Prince Edward County VA, age 63 Died Prince Edward County VA, Sept 28 1833
Walker NC Line R11029 born October 5, 1758 in the County Derry in Ireland and he came with his parents to Wilmington, NC in 177? and they went from there to applied Orange County, NC in 1834.