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From Phil Rhoton, March 2010:

I continue to work with the Draper Manuscripts as reels come in and time allows. I have completed reviewing the William Walker/Wyandotte material from the Frontier War Series. I have some things to say about that collection but I want to wait until after I have reviewed all of William's contributions to the Wyandotte Gazette. Microfilm of the needed volumes should arrive within the next couple of weeks from the Kansas Historical Society. I am currently working with Series QQ (The William Preston Papers) which is a treasure trove of information about the early Augusta County Militia. Among the items in the collection is series of lists identifying the men composing 9 militia companies of early Augusta. The second of these lists is Captain John Buchanan's and includes: Ensg. Josep. Colton...Rob. Colton...Sam. Walker, Alx. Walker, Joh. Walker, Joseph Walker, Cha. Hays... The list itself is not dated however the film included a reference to the list being printed inThe Va. Mag. Hist. B., vol. viii, no. 3 (Jan 1901):278-283. I pulled that article and the author, Joseph Waddell, dates the list in the following manner: The date is not given in the manuscript, but I ascertain it from the fact that John McDowel, one of the captains, was comissioned in the summer of 1742, and was killed by Indians in December following. The roll must, therefore, have been made in the late summer or fall of that year If this is correct then this list gives us the earliest documentation we have for a Samuel Walker and Joseph Walker living in the Walker's Creek/Hays Creek area.