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By David Walker

My oldest know ancestor was Phillip Walker, Sr. who was born abt 1736 and died in Orange County, NC in 1826 leaving a will naming his children but not his wife who had apparently preceded him in death. My direct ancestor Phillip Walker, Sr. apparently lived in Pennsylvania 12 October 1780 when his son Phillip Jr. was born because Phillip, Jr. reported in the 1850 Census (Henderson, Co. TN) that he was born in PA. The evidence strongly suggests that Phillip Walker, Sr. was the brother of the John Walker, Sr., who married Nancy Ashford. A descendant of John wrote "John and his brother Phillip came to America from Ireland before the Revolutionary War. They settled in Maryland, then on to Pennsylvania and finally to Orange County North Carolina." Phillip, Sr. and John lived in the same general area, along Jordan Creek in Orange County, however after the counties were divided John lived in Caswell County and Phillip, Sr. lived in Alamance County, NC. While in North Carolina, the Phillip Walker family lived in what was Orange County, now Alamance County, on Jordan Creek. The earliest deed record found for Phillip Walker, Sr. in Orange County, NC is 1788, with two additional tracts one purchased in 1795 and the other in 1800, however all three were not proved until 1802. This land was later passed on to sons Alexander and James in Phillip Walker, Sr. will in 1826, with Alexander receiving the largest part, which later at his death passed on to Phillip, Sr.’s other children indicating that Alexander was the oldest son and James being the youngest son. It is also likely that the other children had received their part of their father’s inheritance prior to his death as they only received a token inheritance. Phillip Walker Sr.’s know children are as follows:

1. Alexander Walker (abt 1765-1835) death in Orange County, NC leaving a will naming brothers and brother in law.
2. Counley (Conley, Connally) Walker (28 Oct 1768 -25 Oct 1845) death in Orange County, NC leaving a will naming his wife and children.
3. William Walker (17 Jan 1770 - 19 Sep 1819 death in Orange County, NC, buried in Union Ridge Cemetery, Alamance County, his brother Counley was appointed guardian for his wife and surviving children.
4. Mary Walker (abt 1775 - after 1850) married Samuel Crawford, some of her descendants moved to Fayette County, TN and still live there.
5. John Walker (abt 1776 - death date unknown) but was still living in 1845) at the time of the death of his brother Alexander.
6. Phillip Walker, Jr. (12 Oct 1780 - 9 Apr 1858) died in Henderson County, TN (place of birth named in 1850 census as PA).
7. James Walker (19 Jun 1785 - 19 Jun 1853) died in Alamance County, NC, buried in Union Ridge Cemetery, Alamance County.
8. Jinney Walker (abt 1790-bef 1835) was not married in 1826 and believed to have died before 1835 because she was not named in her brother Alexander’s will.

My great-great-grandfather was Phillip Walker, Jr. who married Rebecca King in Orange County in 1816. This was where all their children including my Great-grandfather Ezekiah Walker were born before the family moved to Henderson County TN in the mid 1830’s. My great-grandfather Ezekiah married Cathrine McCall and one of their sons, Grandville Walker, married Isabelle Rushing and were my grandparents and one of their sons, Lucian Walker, married Ida Anderson and were my parents.