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From Dot Doll, 5 February 2010, with modification for continuity, WeRelate display, and privacy

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My line is proven to my gr-gr grandfather James C. Cowan, born 1819 in Cumberland Co KY. He lived on Spring Creek, east of the town of Albany, Clinton Co KY. (Clinton Co is the middle portion of old Cumberland Co KY, which split into Cumberland, Clinton, an Wayne Counties of KY. Wayne Co borders Pulaski Co, another early Cowan enclave. The counties formed from Cumberland County KY are situated mid-state on the KY-TN border, My cousin, Ray Dennis Cowan, submitted a sample for a 67-marker DNA test in the very early testing period. At that time, Laura Cowan Cooper noted we matched closely with the earlier Y-DNA testing years ago, but were not an exact match to the following men:
David Cowan d. 1811 Sevier Co TN
Mathew Cowan 1777 who married Catherine Trousdale. He died in Putnam Co TN
Jonathan Cowan of Jefferson Co TN, who married Elizabeth Swann, then moved to Georgia. If memory serves me right, Elizabeth Swann, d/o Samuel Swann connects with the Seaborn Family.
The first known settler in Cumberland County was Thomas Stockton Jr. from Sevier Co TN. Prior to settling Cumberland County he lived in the Mecham River area of VA, migrating into Sevier County, where he owned a mill. Reportedly his daughter, Mary Ann Stockton married either, James Cowan or John Henderson Phillips. The earliest Cumberland County KY Cowan men had grants on Kennedy Creek, Spring Creek or its tributary, Smith Creek. They were:
Andrew Cowan b. 1765 or earlier (per census record)
James Cowan Sr. is known to have a grant there, but no record of him in census records.
James Cowan, Jr., born 1770-1780 per census record, 1775 by Jack Ferguson's "Early Times in Clinton County", KY.
William Cowan b. 1765 or earlier. d. ca. 1814 per Cumberland Co Estate Inventory.
David Cowan, b. 1780-85 per census records. Ferguson claims he was the son of James Cowan, Sr.
All these early Cowan men, per Jack Ferguson's account were born in Virginia. The Wood families lived near them, also John Reneau, Nathanial Evans, and a John Chitwood. David, whose wife'e name was Mary came to the county by 1806, the others before then.
Andrew's wife was Mary
James' wife was Polly.
No wife noted for William
Margaret is the name associated with a Thomas Cowan.
::John Cowan came a little later, she [sic] was married to a mulatto named Silva. The eastern part of old Cumberland Co KY is now Wayne Co KY's western territory, where you find several Cowan families: Andrew Cowan b. 1791 who married Mary Sargent first. By this union a son of the same name and others were born. He is not to be confused with the Andrew Cowan b. 1791 in Cumberland County, who lived til 1856. Samuel Cowan who married a Jane Hutchison James Cowan They may have ties to the Pulaski Co Ky Cowans, Pulaski County, KY is where two daughters of David Cowan (d. 1811 Sevier Co TN)migrated after their marriages to William Mc Clung, and Pleasant Chitwood. When new borders were drawn, the Chitwoods found themselves in Scott Co TN, where they are well chronicled. The Pulaski County's Andrew Cowan b. 1755 in Russell Co KY married Mary Alexander. Others may have ties to Capt John Cowan who settled further north around Mercer Co KY. Some claim he was the son of Andrew Cowan who married Mary Craig. I am curious as to just how the Craig family figures unto the Cowan line, because of their association with Pastor Craig of the Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church in SW VA, where one finds John Cowin as a founding member. I wonder if a study of the Craig Family may shed some light on the solution to aligning the various Cowan groups. Hannah Cowan, wife of David Cowan of PA migrated to her children in KY after David died. Dot Doll