Notebook:Edmondson Family of Cecil County Maryland



Edmondson Tapestry

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Marriage Records

Ephemeral Source

NB, Nottingham MH is located in modern Cecil County MD.

Esther UNDERHILL. She married Caleb Edmiston 16 JUN 1736 in Notingham Meeting, PA, son of William Edmiston.
Isabel UNDERHILL. She married Samuel Edmiston 10 NOV 1736 in Nottingham Meeting, PA.

Land Records

Source:Maryland State Archives Indexes (Patents, Index) MSA S1426

Maryland State Archives Indexes (Patents, Index) MSA S1426

p. 153/201. 1737. Edmondson, William and John, and others. Tract:Hollingsworths First Parcel, Cecil County, Patent for 85 acres. Liber EI#2, Folio 539 Certificate in name of Abraham Holingsworth, Liber I, L#A Folio 4.
p158/201. 1789. Edmondson, William. Tract Node Forest, Liber IC#D folio 587; Cert 254 acres, Patent 254 acres, Liber IC#E Folio 225.

Maryland State Archives Indexes (Patents, Index) MSA S1426

p. 94/96. David Edmiston,1791. Stoney Purchase, 298 3/4 acres, Cecil County.
p. 95/96 .Joseph Edmisston 1790 Crabtree, 286 1/2 acres Cecil County.
96/96. Samuel Edmiston. 1789. Mill H ill, 31 1/2 acres 32 P.

Indenture of 1748 between John Edmondson and wife Isabella, and Michael Wallace

Since this is dated to 1748 we KNOW this John Edmiston is not one of the Edmiston's who show up in Augusta County c 1740. I suspect this is also related to the early deed to William and John Edmonstone patent of 1737, above. Now, do we have TWO separate Edmondson families in this area, or is it one with several lines doing different things?..