Notebook. Land actions for John Walker III in Orange County NC



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Peson:John Walker (81)


Intermediate Source: From: Lannie extracted June 2011.

Orange Co., N.C. Deed Bk, 3 P. 519 19 Aug. 1767 Maxwell to Walker Bezaleel Maxwell of Albemarl County in Virginia of the one part John Walker of the county of Orange and province of North Carolina of the other part ... in consideration of sum of sixty pounds current money of Virginia ... two hundred seventy five acres situate lying & being on both sides of the Reedy (Hisco?) Creek Beginning at a White Oak, ite. ... Hugh Dobbins line ... Wit. James Long Thomas Maxwell George Douglas

Bezaleel Maxwell (seal)

Orange Co., N.C. D.B. 3 P- 347 6 Nov. 1771 Walker to Dobbin John Walker senr. of Co. of Orange & Province of North Carolina of the one part Thomas Dobbin of the Co. & Province aforesd of the other part 95 pounds 15 shillings Current Money of Virginia Reedy Fork on North Reed Creek beginning at a white oak, ets. Hugh Dobbins line ... 275 acres Wits Hugh Dobbin Archd. Murphy

John Walker (seal) Orange Co., N.C. Court 1772 - proved by oath of Hugh Dobbin

See:Document. Walker to Walker POA, 1771, Roanoke land sale

Botetourt Co., Va. Bk p. 249. 15 May 1771 Walker to Walker Power of Attorney John Walker of Orange Co., N.C. ... hath nominated constituted and appointed well beloved brothers Samuel Walker and Joseph Walker or the Survivor of them

my true and lawful attorneyes (to sell) 471 acres of land ... in two tracts lying in Co. of Botetourt on south side of Roan Oke below the land of Alexander Ingrim to Andrew Armstron of said Co. of Botetourt for sum of 225 pounds current

Co. of Botetourt money of Virginia ...

Wit: John Walker (seal) Alexr Stewart Joseph Cloyd