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1716 - 1761


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Note 1

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Data for Francis McCown:
<1716> VA:
Death <Oct 1761-Nov 1761> Augusta Co., VA
Military 1742 Augusta Co., VA
``Capt. John McDowell's List: John McDowell, Captain; James McDowell, :Ephraim McDowell, David Breeden, Alex. McClewer, John McClewer, Halbert McClewer, Sam McRoberts, Thomas Taylor, John McKnab, And. McKnab, Thos. Whiteside, Malco Whiteside, John Aleson, David Bires, Alex. McClure, Moses McClure, John Gray, Patt McKnabb, Wm. Hall, John Miless, Wm. Miles. James Hardiman, Charles Quail, Wm. Wood, Hen. Kirkham, Gilbert Gamble, James Gamble, Rob. Young, Math. Young, _____ Long, _____ Long, James More, Hugh Cunigham, James Cunigham, John Cares, Frances McCowan, Hum. Beaker, John Peter Salley, Mitch. Miller, Loromor Mason, John Matthews, John Cosier, Irwin Patterson, Edward Patterson, Joseph Finney, Michael Finney, Sam Wood, Rich. Wood, Joseph Lapsley.
Property 13 Aug 1743 Augusta Co., VA
720 acres patented to Francis, 1743, on Tees Creek, cor. Robert Erwin. a large tract of 728 acres belonging to McCewn patented to him 13th August, 1743, on Tee's Creek.
Court 19 Feb 1746 Augusta Co., VA
``FEBRUARY 19, 1745/6.
(17) For Proof Public Claims and Propositions and Grievances.
(18) Claim Francis McCown--Losses by Indians.
Property 9 Mar 1746 Augusta Co., VA
``9th March, 1745-6. Francis McCewn, yeoman, to Robert Erwin, yeoman, �12 current money; 200 acres, part of 728 acres (vid. 1, p. 48, for description). Witnesses. Charles Wilson, Samuel Norwood Thomas Taylor. Acknowledged by Francis and Margaret, his wife, 14th April, 1746.
Property 9 Apr 1746 Augusta Co., VA
``9th April, 1746. Francis McCewn, yeoman, to Samuel Norwood, yeoman, �90 current money of Virginia; 500 acres, part of same patent as D. B. 1, p. 48, on Tees Creek. Witnesses, J. Buchanan, Henry Downs, Jr.; James Robertson. Acknowledged by Francis and wife Margaret.
14th April, 1746.
Property 11 Apr 1746 Augusta Co., VA
``11th April, 1746. Francis McCeon (McCune, McCewn), yeoman, to Hugh Martin, yeoman, �15 current money; 227 acres, part of a
large tract of 728 acres belonging to McCewn patented to him 13th August, 1743, on Tee's Creek. Witnesses, J. Buchanan, John Hawkins, Henry Downs, Jr. Acknowledged, 14th April, 1746, when Margaret, wife of Francis, relinquished her right of dower.
Property 19 Apr 1746 Augusta Co., VA
``19th April, 1746. Francis McCowen (mark), farmer, to Wm. Bell, farmer, �55 current money Virginia; 196-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor; Seth Poag's line; John Lewis' line. Witnesses, Jno. Buchanan, Joseph Culton, Silas Hart, James Trimble. Acknowledged, 18th June, 1746. Francis (his mark) McCown. Commission to John Anderson, Andrew Pickens, and Richard Woods to take deposition of Margaret, wife of Francis McCown. Francis McCune's wife Margaret releases her dower 18th June, 1746.
Witness 26 Jun 1746 Augusta Co., VA
``26th June, 1746. Robert Sayers, late from Pennsylvania.
Will--Sons, William, Alexander; wife, Cathren; daughters, Margaret, Ann, Elizabeth. Executors, John Buchanan and Joseph Culton, Gent. (desiring Col. Patton to assist if he will grant me the favor). Teste: Jno. Buchanan, Wm. Adair, Francis McCown, Thos. Beard. Proved, 20th August, 1746, by all except Beard. Wm. and Alex. Sayers qualify executors 20th August, 1746, with sureties John Buchanan and John Hays.
Witness 3 Aug 1747 Augusta Co., VA
``3d August, 1747. Jean Bohannan. Will--Son, John; granddaughter, Mary Bohanan (daughter of John); eldest daughter, Elizabeth Bohanan; granddaughter, Jean Bohannan; second daughter, Margaret Campbell, the tablecloth I brought from Ireland; granddaughter, the bay colt that was lately put to Elizabeth Bochanan; granddaughter, Mary Bochanan. Executors, Joseph Culton and Robert Edmiston. Teste: Joseph Culton, Robert Edmiston. Francis McCown, John Betty. Proved, 19th August, 1747, by Francis McCown.
Witness 19 Apr 1748 Augusta Co., VA
witness to his father-in-law John Patterson's will dated 19 Apr 1748
Court 11 Apr 1749 Augusta Co., VA
``Francis McCown (Cowen), of etc. William McCanless, John McCowen recognize before Robert Campbell, as justice, 11th April, 1749, that Francis shall appear at the next May Court on 3d Wednesday of the month.
``Francis McCown, charged with stealing four pistoles and twenty-one shillings and six pence in silver out of the pocket of John Lockhart.
``William McCanless, aged about thirty-six years, being sworn, says he never saw Francis McCown steal, pick or rob John Lockhart's pocketbook, 11th April, 1749. William Henry, the same.
Surety 17 May 1749 Augusta Co., VA
``9th February, 1747-8. Isaac Anderson's will--To be buried where his son John is buried; wife, Martha, and her daughter Elizabeth; son, Isaac; son, James; son, Jacob; daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Mary. Executors, wife Martha and Hugh Martin. Teste: Hugh Martin, James Anderson. Presented 17th May, 1749, by widow Martha and proved by Hugh Martin and Jacob Anderson. Hugh Martin refuses to execute.
17th May, 1749. Martha Anderson's bond as above, with sureties Francis McCown, Andrew Hays.
Property 14 Jul 1749 Augusta Co., VA
``14th July, 1749. Borden to James McCewn, 400 acres of 92100, on a Timber Ridge.
Property 28 Nov 1749 Augusta Co., VA
``28th November, 1749. Francis McCown, yeoman, to Andrew Steel, yeoman, Benjamin Borden, Kennedy's Creek. Teste: John Smith,
Alexander Gibson, James McCowan.
Surety 23 May 1750 Augusta Co., VA
``23d May, 1750. William Henry's bond as guardian of James McCord, orphan of Wm. McCord, with surety Francis McCown.
Bond 28 Nov 1750 Augusta Co., VA
``28th November, 1750. Francis McCown's bond as guardian of James McCord, orphan of William McCord, with surety Jno. Weiley.
James chose his guardian.
Witness 12 Feb 1751 Augusta Co., VA
``12th February, 1751. James Carr to John Betty, yeoman,
325 acres, Broad Creek, a branch of Buffalo. Teste: John McKown, Francis McCown, Samuel Norwood.
Court 31 May 1751 Augusta Co., VA
``MAY 31, 1751.
(600) Francis McCown, guardian of James McCord, summoned to answer complaint of Andrew McCord that Francis is about to send James to Carolina.
Property 26 Nov 1751 Augusta Co., VA
``26th November, 1751. Robert Remick and Elizabeth, to Francis McCewn, yeoman, 300 acres on Cedar Creek of James River, at a place called Timber Plain; corner John Poack. Teste: Jno. Archer, Wm. Lusk, Joseph Lang. Delivered: Francis McKown, 19th May, 1752.
Court 27 Nov 1751 Augusta Co., VA
``NOVEMBER 27, 1751.
Page (207) Francis McCown, charged by Andrew McCord with sending James McCord, an orphan, out of this Colony, dismissed for non-appearance of Andrew.
Property 1753 Augusta Co., VA
``1753. Francis McCown to Robert Hamilton, late of Augusta. Delivered: Jno. Hamilton, 17th October, 1786. Part of 720 acres patented to Francis, 1743, on Tees Creek, cor. Robert Erwin. Delivered to John Hamilton
Witness 10 Aug 1753 Augusta Co., VA
``10th August, 1753. James Young and Sarah to Patrick Young, 340 acres on Whistle Creek in Forks of James, cor. Joseph Walker,
North Branch James; cor. tract surveyed for Sarah Young. Teste: John Low, Francis McCown.
Guardian 21 Aug 1754 Augusta Co., VA
``21st August, 1754. Francis McCown's bond as guardian (chosen) to Edward Paris, orphan of Wm. Paris, with sureties William Young, Samuel Crawford.
Property 26 Nov 1755 Augusta Co., VA
``26th November, 1755. Francis ( ) McCown and Margret ( ) to Jno. Maxwell (delivered Wm. McGee, May, 1764), �65, 250 acres
on a branch of Cedar Creek, a branch of James River, at a place called the Timber Plain; cor. Jno. Poage's land; cor. Francis McCown. Teste: Hugh McConwell, Ro. Renick.
Property 10 Jun 1757 Augusta Co., VA
``10th June, 1757. Peter Wallace and Martha to Francis McCown, yeoman, �56, 150-1/2 acres on Whistle Creek in Forks of James; cor. Low Todd. Teste: Alex. Creaghead, Richard Woods, Ro. McElheney. Delivered: Samuel Wilson, Augusct, 1769.
Property 16 Nov 1757 Augusta Co., VA
``16th November, 1757. Francis ( ) McCown and Margaret to Andrew Duncan, �140, 317 acres conveyed to Francis by Benj. Jr., south side Moffett's Creek, cor. Joseph Kennedy's land; cor. Samuel Steel's land, Wilson's corner. Teste: Robert Brown, Petter Wallace. Delivered: Wm Edmondson, June, 1758.
Guardian Mar 1758 Augusta Co., VA
``MARCH, 1758 (B).
Francis McCown, guardian of James McCord.
Tax 1760 Augusta Co., VA
``1760: Processioned by _____ ? _____: For Robert Hamilton, for John Collier, for James Davis, for James Moore, for John Hanna, for Henry Kirkham, for Robert Young, for David Wallace, for Robert Erwm, for John McKey, for Hugh Cunningham, for John Gilmer, for Wm. McChime (McCune), for John Beatty, for Francis McCown, for John McCown, for Anne Long, for William Gilmer, for Adam Thompson, for Samuel Kinkead, for John Campbell, for Thomas Piery, for Maj. John Brown, for
Robert Young, for James Young, for Samuel Young, for Hugh Young, for Robert Allen, for William Martain, for John Jamison, for Samuel Wallace, for Maurice Ofreel, for Robert Philips, for John Trimble.
Court 18 Nov 1760 Augusta Co., VA
``18tb November, 1760. Jacob Cunningham's appraisement, by Jno. McCown, Jno. Willey, Andrew Hays--The following notes against Daniel and Samuel Lyle, Edward Fearis, Wm. Davis, Jno. Delap, James Brains, Francis McCown, Robert Moore, Francis Randall, Neaiell McClister, Robert McKeney, David Tallford, James and John Gilmer, Jno. Dunlap, French McKown, Wm. Olley, Richd. Brush, Samuel Horad, Alex. Dell, Edward Bovill, 1 neager fellow.
Will 9 Oct 1761 Augusta Co., VA
``9th October, 1761. Francis McCown's will, farmer-wife, Margaret; sons, George and Francis; son, Malcom, the plantation formerly
belonging to Mathew Young; son, James, the plantation in the Forks; daughters, Margaret, Nancy, Katrine; son, James, the plantation Saml. Norwood formerly lived on, and to pay Malcom i5 when come to age of "menuarty"; daughter, Isbell. Seven children. Executors, wife Margaret and son George. Teste: John Cunningham, Wm, McKemey John McNabb. Proved, 18th November, 1761, by the witnesses.--Margaret refuses to execute. George qualifies, with John McCown, Robt. Christian, George Moffett.
Probate 18 Nov 1761 Augusta Co., VA
will was probated 18 Nov 1761 in Augusta Co., VA
Estate Appraisal 9 Dec 1761 Augusta Co., VA
``9th December, 1761. Francis McCown's estate appraised, by Jacob Anderson, Archd. Buchanan, Hugh Cunningham.;;
Estate Settlement 17 Mar 1767 Augusta Co., VA
``17th March, 1767. Vendue recorded of Francis McCown's estate to, viz: Wm. Naper, David Dredan (vid Dryden), James Bets, Richd. Bush, Pat. McCampbell, Wm. Taylor, David Gum, Wm. Napen (Naper?), David Quin, William Wooley, Wm. Culbert. Settlement of above estate-- Paid Jno. McNabb, Francis Randalls, Robt. McKeney, Saml. Gest, James Telford.