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Original Source: Various uncited records for Blount County
Intermediate Source:Cindy Stamp posting on Cowan-L Rootsweb list as pointed to by Margie Cowan 10 April 2011 (Thanks!)


person:Robert Cowan (10) of the Nolachucky,


BLOUNT County, Tennessee

When Blount created out of Knox in July 1795, John Walker given
leave to build public mill on branch of Little River; road to be laid
out; William Cowan to serve on jury for that purpose.

Will of Josias Martin, Knox Co. 22 May, 1795: To wife Agness 20 A.
clear land with good comfortable home to be built by John Cowan for her;
to son Joseph Martin and son-in-law John Cowan other part of 9 Mile
plantation lying E. of spring branch. Granddaughter Abigal Martin her
flax ground and her bording free Yearly of that part of land left to
John Cowan.

Mary (Polly) Montgomery, daughter of Margaret Weir Montgomery,
married Capt. James C. Cowan 23 Apr. 1800. Their daughter, Ann, married
'Alfred M. Cowan. In Watauga Assn. of Gen., Vol 10, Hugh Montgomery, b.
1779 Blount Co., son of James & Margaret Weir Montgomery, married Susan
U,---p. 24--John Lowry to Jas Cook, land on 9 Mile Cr joining with John Cowan's.
Film 0503044, Item 3--Entry Taker's Survey Book--
p. 34, #79--Robt. Cowan 281 1/4 A. in Blount Co. on S side French Broad, Holston R. on
branch of 9 Mile Cr; 22 Mar 1806; CC Jos. Rogers & Moses Marheel ?;
Cowan sold to Michael Higgins 25 Sept. 1807; proven Jos. Sloan & John
Same, p. 84, #227--Saml Cowan 3 lots in Maryville, Blount Co. #88,
89, 90, 21 July 1807; 3/4 A. Jas McLanahan, John Gardner CC.
Same, p. 186 #534--Saml. Cowan 89 1/3 A. in Blount Co. on Baker Cr.
7 May, 1807.
1805 Tax List: 2 Andrew Cowans, Archibald, James, John, 2 Roberts,
and Samuel.

Knoxville Gazette, 7 February 1807, Vol. 14, #2: Public sale of
land by Samuel Cowan, Sheriff of Blount Co. to satisfy judgment against
Wm. Lackey; Archibald Cowan his security. Samuel listed as Sheriff

1813--Petition to Leg. to suspend decision to open land office, and
the method of clearing title to land S of Fr. Br. between the Tn. & Big:Pigeon
signed by John & Saml. Cowan

Entry Taker Nov. 1823: Andrew Cowan, Jr; Surveyor: Robert Wear.

George Berry made last will and testament 3 Jan., 1829, naming wife
Elizabeth, daughters Hettie, Dallie, Ibbey, and Peggy Berry, Ann Berry
Darkey Gamble, Rebecca Cummings; grandsons: George B. Keys, James
Cummings, George B. Thomas; granddaughter: Elizabeth and Isabella
Cummings; appoints John Lowery and Andy Cowin as executors.

Andrew Cowan was Census taker for 1840 Census. He shows 4 younger
males, 4 younger females plus wife & self. Age does not match that on
will. The Alfred shown is older than Andrew.

10 Sept., 1840--Andrew Cowan of Blount County, 68 years of age,
makes last will; Son Alfred gets land which father seized as a
possessor, two Negroes; 'daughter Albina Hughes; grandsons Andrew Woods
Cowan, Hutson Gillespie Cowan, Andrew McClung; son James Harry Cowan;
daughters Margaret McClung, Letitia Grayham; witness: Andrew Cowan Jr., James McConnell.

Robt. Cowan--Nancy Martin, 20 Aug. 1797; Bond: Jas. Houston.
John Cowan--Rosannah Gillespy, 23 Aug. 1797; Bond: Jas. Gillespy
Samuel Roane--Jean Cowan, 7 August 1798
Jas. Cowan--Mary Montgomery, 23 Apr. 1800--Bond: Saml. Cowan
James McCord-- Dorcas Cowan, 30 May 1801
Saml. Cowan--Jane Houston, 6 Dec. 1810; no return.
Andrew Cowan--Esther F. Houston, 25 Sept. 1816; Bond: I. Anderson
Jeremiah Johnston--Martha Cowan, 9 Sept 1823.
Alfred Cowan--Jane Cook, 2 Mar 1826; Saml. Montgomery, Esq.
George W. Cowan--Mary Letitia Clark, 2 Dec. 1839; Isaac Anderson:
George W. Cowan--Margaret A. Eagleton, 6 October 1846; Same
David Hagler---Albena Cowan, 9 April 1840
Saml. F. Cowan--Elizabeth J. McCullock, 6 Dec. 1841; John S. Craig, MG
Wm. B. Cowan--Malinda E. Cobb, 1 Jan 1850; Bond: Berry Abernathy
Columbus Cowan--Mary J. Sharp, 22 Aug 1850; Ralph E. Tedford M. G.:
Andrew Cowan--Margaret Allen, 29 Mar 1853; Joseph Peeler, M. G.
Saml. Wheeler--Peggy Cowan, 1 Jan. 1850; John Waugh JP
A. M. Gamble--E. N. Cowan, 11 May 1861; T. J. Lamar, MG
Saml Cowan--Sarah L. Currier, 3 Dec 1867, E. Goddard, T. J. Lamar:MG
Jas H. Cowan--Nancy Hedrick, 18 Sept. 1868; Will A. McTeer, Wm. B.:Brown MG
Henry Cowan--Jane Toole, 13 Nov. 1869; Jack Snipp, Allen Garner JP