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Patriarch Key

Major lines William (75); Irish Patriarch
1680-1715; =Margaret
salmon ...........Patterson R1b1-A
William (61), The PA Patriarch
=Janet Erwin
John (86) of Borden's Grant
1690-1749; =Agnes
Minor lines John (93) of Greenbriar
James (65)
1695-c1741; =Ann Cory
James (64)
1725-1810; =Abigail Craddock
James (87)
1725-1807; =Sarah Sproul
James (122)
1733-1810; =Elizabeth
James (74)
1744-1815; =Deborah Givens

Known Johns

Known John Patterson's in Chalkley's Chronicles
WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherLineage PatriarchNote
Person:John Patterson (86)169017491726Agness--John (86) John of Borden's Grant
Borden's Agent
Person:John Patterson (61)17021770 ?JaneWilliam (61)Janet ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)son of the PA Patriarch

Person:John Patterson (63)c1727Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabella ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)Gson of the PA Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (87)bef 1728 Person:John Patterson (86) AgnessPerson:John Patterson (86)
of Borden's Grant
not yet an adult when his father wrote his will in 1748
Person:John Patterson (66)174418221)1770
1) unknown
Susannah Brannen
John (61)JanePerson:William Patterson (61) Grandson of the Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (93)175918441) 1791
1)Elizabeth McMullin
2)Elizabeth Caraway
Person:James Patterson (122)Elizabeth James (122)Appears in Greenbriar County with his father about 1777. The name of his father has not been documented.
Person:John Patterson (85)c1772Person:Peter Patterson (3)
Person:John Patterson (116)bef 1730DODDOMSpouseFatherMotherUnattachedAdult on Naked Creek c1750
Person:John Patterson (117)bef 1725Elizabethunattached
Person:John Patterson (58)17381808 Margaret BaskinsRobert (38)Grace


John (86) and John (61) were the only known living John Pattersons in the area during this period. John (x) came of age in 1745.

Last First WeRelate Vol Page Date Extract Notes
JOhnPattersonPerson:John Patterson (86) 2 273 1740 Page ___--Isaac Anderson, of Knox County, Tennessee, deposes, at Knoxville, 23d October, 1806. He knew Solomon Moffett when he lived on Moffett's Creek. One _____ [John] Patterson was agent for Borden, senior, from whom Solomon bought. Deponent moved into the neighborhood 65 years ago, and Solomon had bought before that time. Deponent lived 60 years near the land. Will be 77 next March.
2) Page ___--Samuel McDowell deposes, in Jessamine County, Kentucky, 17th November, 1806, was not 7 years old when he first knew Solomon Moffett. Solomon was at his father's house the day he set out against the Indians, by whom he was killed, and Moffett was one of his men. One Pickins lived with Moffett. John Patterson was living on the land in 1747. Deponent's father and seven others were killed. Deponent heard that Moffett was living on the place some years before his father was killed, viz: Joseph Lapsley, Richard Woods, Charles Hays, Jacob Anderson, and others who were at the battle when his father was killed. John Patterson's wife [Agness] was near relative to deponent's uncle Lapsley. Deponent's father settled in Borden's grant in 1737. Deponent was born 27th October, 1735. Moffett claimed by cabin right, and all the best lands wen taken by cabin rights in lifetime of Borden, senior.
Patriarch, Borden's Agent lived on Borden's Grant
JohnPattersonJohn (86)1 302 1740 MAY AND AUGUST, 1748....John Patterson vs. William Hunter and Benjamin Borden.--In 1740 plaintiff bought and settled on land from William Hunter in Borden's Survey, but got no deed. He expected to settle on the land a son-in-law whom he was expecting from Pennsylvania. Sues for a deed. May, 1748, abates by death of plaintiff. John (86), Borden's Agent
JohnParrerson 1 524 1741 List of deeds recorded in Orange County executed by Benjamin Borden, 1734-1745: To John Patterson, 26th November, 1741; same, same date.....;
JohnPatterson 2 508 1742 1742 Militia Muster... Captain John Smith's List: John Smith, Captain; John Moffet, Lieutenant; William Anderson, Ensign; Daniel Daniston, Sergeant; Sam Hogshead, John Hogshead, Will Hogshead, Dan. McAnear, Math. Edmeston, John Finley, Walter Trimble, John Francis, Robert Ralston, John Young, Alex. Blair, Alex. Craig, Thomas Gillespy, And. Erwine, Benj. Erwine, John Erwine, Edw. Erwine, John Trimble, James Trimble, Rob. Moffett, James Wright, Rob. King, Jam. Armstrong, John Pattison, Jas. Lesley, Felix Kanady, Thomas Gordon, And. Mitchell, Jas. Robertson, Gabrl. Pickins, Rob. Leeper, Sam. Moore, John Miller, James Miller, Patr. Quine, Mat. Armstrong, John Ramsey, Dan. Daniston, Sam Northward, Rob. Renick, John Archer, Sampn. Archer, Jam.'s Sayers, Thos. McCulough, George Anderson, John Anderson, Rob. Poage, Rob. Patterson, Jas. Craford, Will Baskins.
JohnPatterson 2 509 1742 1742 Militia Muster... Capt. John Willson's Lists: John Wilson, Captain; Sam Calehison, Nathan Lusk, John Shields, John Greer, John Patterson, George Davison. John Hunter, Wm. Hunter, James Hunter, John Rusk, James Clark, Wm. Vance, Rob Croket, John Trumble, Wm. King, Sa. Walace, John Spear, Thomas Peery, Alex. McConnel, Rob. Young, James Young, Jacob Lockard, Patt. Cook, James Lockard, William McCutcheon, James McCutcheon, Rob. McCutcheon, Alex. Crocket, Wm. Camble, Nathl. Davis, James Philip, John Barclay, James Lusk, James Trumble, Benj. Walker, Wm. Leadgerwood, Morris Offral, Rob Davies, John Brown, Wm. McClantok, Wm. Johnson, John Young, Hugh Young, Thos. Kirkpatrick, David Camble, John McCutcheon.
JohnPatterson 1 525 1742 List of deeds recorded in Orange County executed by Benjamin Borden, 1734-1745: To...John Patterson, 21st August, 1742;
JohnPatterson 1 305 1743 John Downing vs. Benjamin Borden.--Chancery, Writ 17 March, 1747. In 1743, plaintiff purchased of Benjamin Borden, Sr., through John Patterson, his agent, 300 acres on South side Galway's Creek, joining Galway and George Moffett. Suit for title.
Patterson (Pattison) John 3 5 1745 Page 1.--Robert Willson, in Shanadore in Virginia, will dated 3d November, 1745. Wife, Jane; estate except such as is nominated of the hole head to son John. Son, John; daughter, Jannet Holmes, 20 shillings; daughter, Catrin Bell, 20 shillings; nephew (?), Robert Holmes; daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, Frances. Executors, Wm. Long and James Alexander. Teste: Jno. Patterson, Gabriel Holmes, James Bell. Proved, 11th February, 1745, by John Patterson. Proved, 16th April, 1745, by Gabriel Holmes. Presumably Person:John Patterson (86)
Patterson (Pattison) John 3 5 1745 Page 1.--Robert Willson, in Shanadore in Virginia, will dated 3d November, 1745. Wife, Jane; estate except such as is nominated of the hole head to son John. Son, John; daughter, Jannet Holmes, 20 shillings; daughter, Catrin Bell, 20 shillings; nephew (?), Robert Holmes; daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, Frances. Executors, Wm. Long and James Alexander. Teste: Jno. Patterson, Gabriel Holmes, James Bell. Proved, 11th February, 1745, by John Patterson. Proved, 16th April, 1745, by Gabriel Holmes. Presumably Person:John Patterson (86)
Patterson (Pattison) John 1 15 1745 FEBRUARY 12, 1745/6. (15) Robert Seyers security for John Patterson.


John (86), John (61), John (x), John (87) Were the known living adult John Patterson's in the area during this period. John (86) died in 1748, but could appear by reference for a few years longer. John (87) came of age in 1748 at the earliest. John (66) comes of age about c1747.

Last First WeRelate Vol Page Date Extract Notes
JohnPatterson3260 1747 Page 272.--21st May, 1747. Benjamin Bordin, &c., to David Dryden, tailor (sold in testator's lifetime); 130 acres, 2 R., 14 P., £3.16.0 current money Virginia, part of 92,100; line of John Pattison's land; corner to Wm. Baskins. Witnessed and acknowledged as above.
JohnPattersonPerson:John Patterson (86) 130 1747 AUGUST 20, 1747. (253) John Patterson, aged and infirm. Comn. to take testimony.Person:John Patterson (86) based on age, and death the following year. His 1690 DOB, though is a bit too late for someone described as "aged and infirmed in 1747.
JohnPatterson Person:John Patterson (86)3 121748Page 158.--19th April, 1748. John Patterson's will--To be buried in the graveyard that is hard by Francis McCown's; wife, Agness; son, John (infant); son, George; daughter, Agness; legatee, John Green Executors, Francis McCown and wife. Teste: Francis McCown, Robt. Gamell, John Betty, 18th May, 1749. Will not proved because witnesses not present, but administration, c. t. a., granted Agness. Person:John Patterson (86)
JohnPattersonPerson:John Patterson (86) 3 12 1748 Page 158.--19th April, 1748. John Patterson's will--To be buried in the graveyard that is hard by Francis McCown's; wife, Agness; son, John (infant); son, George; daughter, Agness; legatee, John Green Executors, Francis McCown and wife. Teste: Francis McCown, Robt. Gamell, John Betty, 18th May, 1749. Will not proved because witnesses not present, but administration, c. t. a., granted Agness.
3 272 1748 Page 171.--24th October, 1748. Wm. Sayers to John Pattison, weaver, part of 1,546 acres sold by Wm. Beverley to Patrick Campbell in 1738 and by him to Wm. Sayers in 1745. Patrick Campbell. On South Branch Shanandoah. Teste: Wm. Smith, Pat. Campbell, James Mitchell, Andrew Duncan.
JohnPattersonPerson:John Patterson (61) 3542 1748Page 3.--231 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 1,546 acres sold by Beverley to Patrick Campbell in 1748, by Campbell to Wm. Sawyers, 1745; by him to John Patterson, 1748; by Patterson to Ward, 19th May, 1760.
JOhn PattersonPerson:John Patterson (86) 1 299 1748 MAY, 1748....John Patterson vs. Benjamin Borden.--Chancery. When Benjamin came to Augusta he lodged at plaintiff's house and used it as a place to see persons wanting land. John was also his agent.
Person:John Patterson (86) 1 35 1748 MAY 20, 1748. (24) John Patterson-dead.
Person:John Patterson (86) 1 37 1748 FEBRUARY 16, 1748. (83) John Patterson, dead.
Person:John Patterson (86) 3 14 1749 Page 185.--19th August, 1749. John Patterson's inventory.
Person:John Patterson (86) 3 14 1749 Page 185.--19th August, 1749. John Patterson's inventory. Person:John Patterson (86)
JohnPattisonPerson:John Patterson (61) 3 274 1749 Page 290.--19th May, 1749. Benjamin Borden to Arthur McClure. 153-1/2 acres of 92100. Corner Robert Poage. Corner Israel Pickins. Corner John Pattison. Delivered: John Wilson, 30th April, 1751. Probably JOhn (61) based on adjacent land owners
John PattersonPerson:John Patterson (86) 1 38 1749 MAY 17, 1749.... (112) Last will of John Patterson presented, but not allowed to be proved, because the Exr. Francis McCown was a witness, thereupon admn. c. t. a. was granted to Agnes Patterson, the widow.
1 39 1749 AUGUST 24, 1749....(161) John Patterson added to tithables. Probably son of Person: John Patterson (86), but since that John was described the year previous in his fathers will as under age, this may be different John Patterson
2 377 1750 1750, November 12th--Robert Boyd, 100, joining Robt. Rodgers and John Patterson.
Person:John Patterson (116) 2 382 1750 1750, April 2d--John Patterson, 50, with one right, joining his own land on Naked Creek. We have limited information about this individual. The fact that he was living on Naked Creek prior to 1750, suggests he was related to Joseph Patterson of Naked Creek, but the nature of their relationship is unknown.
3 288 1750 Page 842.--29th August, 1750. John McNabb to Baptist McNabb, 218 acres in Borden's tract, sold by Borden to John Patterson, and by Patterson to Jno. McNabb, 25th September, 1742, on Mill Cr.; corner David Dryden; corner Arthur McClure. Teste: David Dryden, Chas. Campbell, Francis Beatey.
3 290 1750 Page 38.--28th November, 1750. Borden, etc., to George Henderson, 282 acres; corner John Pattison; corner Donely, Moffett's Creek.
3 23 1751 Page 388.--4th September, 1751. Vendue by George Anderson and Robert Patterson upon estate of James Crawford. To Wm. Bell. Mathew Armstrong, Thomas Story, Edward Ritledge, Robt. Craig, Saml. Mullene, John Patterson, Saml. Keer, Pat Crawford, James Henderson, Timothy Coll.
JohnPattersonPerson:John Patterson (86) 3 30 1751 Page 518.--20th June, 1751. John Patterson's vendue by Agnes Patterson. To George Henderson, John McCroskry, Robt. Stewart, Wm. Henry, James Anderson, Wm. Laughridge, John Moore, Jacob Anderson. Person:John Patterson (86)
JohnPatterson 3 24 1752 Page 418.--9th April, 1752. Nathan Patterson's will, freeholder--Wife, Isabell; sons, John, Mathew, Robert ('John is oldest), Mathew 2d; daughter, Isabell; daughter, Sarah; daughter, Martha. Executors, wife, John Wilson, Robert Campbell. Teste: Robert Campbell, Mathew Wifson, Wm. Wilson. Proved, 21st May, 1752, by Robt. Campbell and Wm. Wilson, and to lie for further proof, and executors qualify, with surety Alexander Richey.
3 25 1752 Page 432.--18th June, 1752. Alexander Gibson's bond as administrator of Daniel Gibson, with sureties John Patterson, Sampson Archer.
3 31 1753 Page 4.--22d November, 1753. John Patterson's account of estate by Joseph Kennedy. Charles Berry. To Joseph Kennedy for 18-1/2 gallons liquor. To Dr. Flood. To John Moore for making coffin. Person:John Patterson (86)
3 343 1756 Page 339.--17th August, 1756. John Shields and Mary to John Davis, £9, 320 acres, part of Borden's 92100, cor. Jno. Pattison's land, crossing Morphet Creek. Delivered: Jno. Davis, February, 1759.
3 356 1759 Page 161.--15th August, 1759. Jno. Davis ( ) and Judith ( ) to Wm Sprowle, £100, 320 acres on Moffet's Creek of James River in Borden's tract; corner Jno. Patterson. Delivered: Wm. Sprowl, 15th May, 1771.
2 464 1760 Page 285.--1760: Processioned by David Trimble and John Poage (in Capt. Israel Christian's Company), viz: ... for John Patterson,
2 400 1761 1761--[[Fee Book]...John Patterson, son of Robert;
3 370 1761 Page 322.--11th March, 1761. Robert ( ) Patterson, yeoman, to Thomas Patterson, his son, £10, 167 acres more or less in Beverley Manor, part of 331 acres conveyed to Robert by Beverley, 27th February, 1741, on Middle River; cor. that part of the tract belonging to John Patterson. Teste: William Baskian, Mathew Armstrong, David Bell. Delivered: Thomas Patterson, 24th June, 1765.
3 578 1761 Page 340.--331 acres conveyed to John Patterson by his father Robert, 11th March, 1761.
2 276 1762 1762--[Marriage license]...February 17, John Patterson;


Known JOhn Pattersons living in the area during this period were John (61) who died in 1770, JOhn (x), and John (87). John (66) came of age in 1764.

Last First WeRelate Vol Page Date Extract Notes
3 391 1765 Page 61.--Mathew Armstrong and Lillie ( ) to Jno. Patterson, £117.10, 190 acres in Beverley Manor on a branch of Middle River, line of Robert King's place, cor. said Patterson; cor. Jno. Anderson's line; cor. said King's old place. Teste: John and George Anderson, Charles Baskin. Delivered: Thos. Patterson. 25th June, 1765.
3 434 1765 Page 310.--2d October. 1765. George Patterson, eldest son and heir of John Patterson, to John Roseman, £30, 380 acres on Moffet's Creek. David Mitchell. son of person:John Patterson (86) ????
3 436 1765 Page 352.-- October, 1765. John ( ) Roseman and Gabriel Jones to George Patterson, £150. Bond conditioned, whereas John Patterson, late of Augusta, deceased, father of George Patterson, was seised of 380 acres which he sold to Joseph Kenedy, but never made title, and Joseph sold to John Roseman for £45.10, and [by] either mistake or design the said Kennedy conveyed to John Roseman, 19th August, 1752. though the title was in Patterson and devolved upon the above named Geo. Patterson as eldest son of John, and George has conveyed to John Roseman; if John and Gabriel keep said George safe of law suits, troubles, &c., then to be void. son of person:John Patterson (86) ????
1 491 1765 OCTOBER, 1765 (D). John Hopes (Hapes) vs. Daniel Harrison.--Chancery. Spa. issued September, 1763. Bill states that orator was some years ago employed as Deputy Sheriff under Robert McClenachan, and continued so for two years. Thomas Harrison, Daniel Harrison and John Cravens were his securities. As the end of orator's term drew near he became fearful that he would be behind in his accounts, and withdrew himself to Carolina, leaving his Sheriff's books and effects for the satisfaction of his bondsmen. His effects were immediately attached by Daniel Harrison, who was appointed Deputy Sheriff in orator's place. After some time orator returned to Virginia and sold a tract of land for £47, which he paid to his securities, expecting to have an account rendered to him by defendant, but orator waited a long time for an accounting, and then applied for one, but has never gotten one yet. Prayer for acconuting.
Daniel Harrison's answer states that: Claims that orator is still in his debt. Account follows: Downes's fees--William Carrel, David Johnson, James Scott, John Dunbar, William Longin, Mathy Thomas, John Griffeth, John Megil. Adam Bracen Righ's book (boock)--Alen Sculps, Alen Jackson. John Bumgardner's book--Jonathan Duglis, Aorgin Jones, John Crage, Thos. Dwode, Ben Inman Gouge, John Harrison, Henry Netherentine, Samuel Lonard, Renell Macdannel, Jeremiah Orsburn, Jr., Samuel Pattron, James Rutledge, Samuel Samples, Edward Shankling, Hugh Duglis, Wm. Ewing, David Crage, John Griffeth, James Gray, Reuben Harrison, Samuel Henderson, Francis MacBred, Richard Marling, John Phillips, John Pattron, Valentine Seveor, Mathew Ship, John Walker, Thomas Holing, Mung Price, Hugh Camel, John Davis, Jacob Glashe, John Holmes, Joell Hornback, Thomas Loin (Lain), Peter Mate, John Orsburn, Josiah Parrent, Edward Rutledge, James Scot, Mathous Sulcer, Richard Tictum.
Presumably the name is "Patterson" not "Pattron"
2 419 1766 1766--Mr. Mathews' list: John Andrew, no estate, one; Daniel Workman, no estate, one; Jno. Patterson, twice charged, one.
3 447 1766 Page 136.--19th November, 1766. Thomas Craige, of Charlotte County, to John Craig, his brother, of Augusta, £27, 178 acres in Beverley Manor, by the Middle River of Shanandore, Kenney's low grounds, Patterson's line. Teste: John Patterson, Robert and Seth Rodgers.
3 448 1767 Page 176.--15th January, 1767. Samuel Moor to John Hunter, £62, beds, tables, trunks, and other personalty. Teste: Wat. Cunningham, Robert Brown. Jno. Patterson.
3 458 1767 Page 489.--17th January, 1767. John King and Mary ( ) to David Bell, £5, 10 acres between his and John Patterson's land, William Wallace's corner. Teste: John Burnsides. Delivered: David Bell, heir of the grantee, 20th February, 1806.
3 385 1768 Page 398.--17th August, 1768. William Sprowle and Jean to Alex. McElroy, £200, 320 acres on Moffet's Creek; cor. John Patterson, part of Borden's 92100. Acknowledged and privy examination. Teste: James Trotter, W. Ward, Jas. Ward. Delivered: McElroy, December, 1768.
1 144 1768 MARCH 15, 1768....(490) Hemp certificates: John Patterson
1 149 1768 MAY 20, 1768.. (168) Surveyor of highway : John Patterson, from John Anderson's Meadow to George Mathews.
1 175 1768 MARCH 15, 1768.... (490) Hemp certificates: John Patterson,
2 277 1770 1770--January 23,[Marriage license] .... September 3, John Patterson;
Person:John Patterson (61) 3 114 1770 Page 305.--17th March, 1770. John Patterson's will--To wife Jane; to grandson John Patterson, son of son Robert; to son John; to son William; to son James; to son Robert; to daughters Agness, Rebecca, Elizabeth. Teste: George Taylor, John Wiley. Proved, 28th March, 1770, by the witnesses. 19th June, 1770, Jane Patterson is granted administration and qualifies (mark), with Thos. Patterson, John Allison.
3 500 1770 Page 382.--20th March, 1770. Robert Patterson to John Patterson, £7.3.9, cows, beds and furniture. Teste: Robert Young, Robert Williams.

1770-after 1779

John 61 dies in 1770, though he could appear by reference for a few more years. Living known adult John pattersons now include:
John (x), John (87), and John (66) who comes of age in 1764

Last First WeRelate Vol Page Date Extract Notes
3 117 1771 Page 377.--20th March, 1771. John Patterson's appraisement (by George Eliot, James Gambel, John Hall) recorded.
3 514 1771 Page 429.--28th March, 1771. Johnathan Davis and Lucy ( ), of Orange County, to Philip and Joshua Bush, of county aforesaid, £50, 170 acres on northwest side of the Blue Ridge on the branches of Hawk's Bill. Teste: James Dever, John Patterson, Robert Rodgers.
3 123 1772 Page 500.--31st March, Ano Domino, 1772. Jane Patterson's will, formerly wife of John Patterson--To son, William Patterson; to son, James Patterson's son John; to daughter, Elizabeth; to daughter, Mary; to son, Robert's daughter Jean; to son, James' daughter Jean; to daughter, Janet. Son-in-law Thomas Dixon and son James to make division. Executors, son James and son-in-law Thomas Dixon. Teste: James Gambel, Robert Gambel. Proved, 19th May, 1772, by the witnesses. Thos. Dixon refuses to execute. James qualifies (his mark) with Thomas Patterson, Alex. Thompson.
1 366 1772 August 1772... Patterson vs. Gamwell.--John Patterson, son of John Patterson, Middle River, 14th. June, 1770.
3 131 1773 Page 150.--23d August, 1773. Joseph Bell's bond (with Thos. and John Patterson) as committee of Jannet Patterson, an idiot.
2 421 1774 Supernumeraries collected by John Smith for 1774: ... John Patterson,
3 137 1774 Page 295.--1st October, 1774. Robert Patterson's will--To son-in-law, Alexander Stuart, Bible; to son, Thomas; to son, John; to son John's children; to granddaughter, Mary Stuart; to grandson, Robert Stuart; to grandson, Robert Patterson. Executor, son Thomas. Teste: John Archer, Daniel Kidd, Edward Hall. Proved, 16th November, 1774, by Kidd, and recorded. Thomas qualified with John Madison, Jr.
3 174 1774 Page 505.--24th June, 1774. Rev. John Craige's estate appraised by Jas. Bell, Jno. Patterson, David Bell, Thos. Poage Settlement filed 15th November, 1785; paid John King (Holston), Jared Whaling; paid Annalina Atwaters, Joannah Hamilton.
3 153 1775 Page 60.--14th August, 1775. Thomas Hogshead's estate appraised by Joseph Bell, John Patterson, Thomas Poage.

1779-after 1800

John (93) comes of age in 1779. Other adult John Pattrersons potentially in the area include JOhn (x), JOhn (87), and John (66)

Last First WeRelate Vol Page Date Extract Notes
2 422 1779 Delinquents, Augusta County Levy for 1779: ...John Patterson, one wrong charged;
3 154 1779 Page 82.--22d May, 1779. Andrew Lewell's estate appraised by James Allen. John Patterson, Mathew and Robert Kenny.
3 156 1779 Page 119.--20th March, 1779. David Bell's will--To wife, Florence; to sons, William, John, James. David; to sons, William and David, the home plantation adjoining Jno. Patterson; to sons, John and James, lands in Kean Tucky, the head of Cow Pasture, Jackson's River, and South Branch; to daughter, Susannah; to daughter, Elizabeth. Executors, wife, and brother Joseph Bell. Teste: James Anderson, Wm. Christian, Wm. Anderson, Samuel Anderson. Proved, 21st March, 1780, by James Anderson and Christian. Executors qualify.
3 158 1779 Page 158.--29th March, 1779. James Wallace's (mark) will--To grandson, James Wallace, 100 acres which I looked upon in my lifetime to be my part of the tract which we lived upon; to daughter-in-law, Jean Wallace, to live on other part of the plantation; to grandsons, William and Samuel Wallace, infants, 100 acres other part of plantation; to granddaughter, Frances; to granddaughter, Mary. Executors, grandson James Wallace and John Patterson. Teste: David Bell, James Crawford, Joseph Bell. Proved, 19th November, 1780, by the witnesses. John Patterson refuses to execute, James Wallace qualifies.
3 177 1779 Page 550.--4th March, 1779. John Anderson's will--To wife, Jane, the mare called the Carolina mare; to son, Robert; to son, William, in case he return from his journey; to son, James; to son, Andrew, tract adjoining John Patterson; to son William's son, John, infant; to son-in-law, James Allen; to son-in-law, Wm. Craig. Executors, sons James and Andrew. Teste: James Anderson, James Blair, George Anderson. Codicil, 17th May, 1786, transfers slave from son James to son Andrew. Teste: James and George Anderson. Proved, 20th February, 1787, by James and George Anderson. Andrew qualifies.
2 430 1781 Tithables, 1781; Alexander Robertson's List:... Jno. Patterson and son Robert,
1 422 1785 MAY, 1804 (D to H). John Dixon vs. George Anderson.--Affidavit, 17th October, 1801, that John Campbell is an inhabitant of Kentucky, and is about to return to that State. Deposition of John states that in 1785 or 1786 he assisted his brother, Robert Campbell, to build a house for defendant. John Patterson and his brother, Thomas Patterson.
2 283 1786 1786--January 30, Robert Patterson and Jane Anderson, daughter of Geo. Anderson; surety, Saml. Armstrong; witnesses, George Anderson, Wm. Brooks. Ro. is son of John Patterson.
1 245 1786 MARCH 23, 1786.... (336) John Patterson vs. Florence Elliott, late Florence Bell, executrix of David Bell and George Elliott, who intermarried with said Florence.
3 584 1788 Page 183.--4th January, 1788. Robert Jones and William Forbes to John Phillips, patent to John, 5th July, 1774. Teste: Robert Stuart, George Moore, John Patterson, John Gorden, Peter Eagle.
1 388 1788 NOVEMBER, 1788 (D to Z). Robert Stuart vs. John Patterson.--Writ 24th October, 1786. Debtor, United States, in account with Major Merritt: 1782, to pay as Dragoon, 12 months, $100; 1783, to pay as Dragoon, 10 1/2 months, $84.75; gratuity, $80; total, $167.45. Contra--By certificate, $100; by one horse, $87.77; by 4 months' pay, $33.30; by certificate, $46.28; total, $167.45. A true copy of an account as settled with me while Commissioner for Army Claims. (Signed) A. W. Dunscomb, March 8, 1787. Delivered certificates to Mr. Murchie. One for $100; one for $46.28; total, $146.28, A. D.
3 183 1789 Page 125.--17th February, 1789. Hugh Green's sale bill recorded John Patterson, dumb.
2 426 1790 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1790: ...John Patterson, to Long Island.
1 393 1790 MARCH, 1790 (M to Z)....Richard Matthews vs. John Patterson.--William Allen, of Botetourt, is about to remove out of the State, 28th May, 1788. Letter of Richard Mathews dated "Elk Meadow," 2d June, 1787.
2 11 1793 John Lock vs. John Patterson--Case. Writ to Rockingham, 22d July, 1793.
2 312 1794 1794--October 31, John Patterson and John Patterson and Wm. Moffett, surety. John Patterson and Jane Patterson, daughter of John Patterson.
2 354 1794 1794, January 7th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: ... November 3d, John Patterson and Jane Patterson;
2 330 1798 1798--October 27, John Silling and John Patterson, surety. John Silling and Sally Patterson, daughter of said John Patterson.
2 36 1805 APRIL, 1805--(A to G)....Erwin, Sam'l, Mary & Marg't, vs. Robert Reid--Forcible entry and det'n 240 acres on Middle River. Letter by Saml. Erwin dated 30 Nov., 1794 addressed to his brother David Erwin, Sullivan Co., Tenn. Depn. of Jane Patterson, 26 Mar., 1802, in Sullivan Co., Tenn. Ditto--Sarah and John Patterson--and Margt. Taylor (dau. of Sarah Patterson).
3 243 1815 Page 432.--16th February, 1815. James Patterson's will-- To wife, Deborah; sons, James, William, John, Samuel; to granddaughters, Deborah and Jane; a granddaughter, Deborah Wynes; to grandsons, James Craige, Patterson Craige, James Synes (Wymes); daughter, Jane, deceased, to her children; division to "Deborah Patterson any my nine children, or their lawful heirs, Martha Beard, Wm. Patterson, James Patterson, Sasrah Craige, Deborah Wilson, the children of Jane Syms (?) (Wynn?), John Patterson, Samuel Patterson, Nancy McCullough. Executors, sons James, John, Samuel. Teste: Jo. Williams, James and Samuel Patterson, John Craig. Proved, 27th february, 1815. James and John qualify. [Note:pages misnumbered here. There are two pages 243. This is from the second such page. ]
Patterson (Pattison) John 2 7 1793 John Lock vs. John Patterson--Case. Writ to Rockingham, 22d July, 1793.
3 286 Page 767.--John Patterson, weaver, to John Ward, yeoman, 231 acres in Beverley Manor, Wm. Bev, Patrick Campbell, Wm. Sayers, So. River. Part of 1546 acres conveyed by Beverky to Pat. Campbell, 1738, and this part sold by Pat to Wm. Sayers, 1745. Teste: John Piery and Jno. Peery, the same, Elizabeth, wife of John Patterson. Teste: James Kerr, Jno. O. Peery.
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