Family:John Fouts and Catherine Shearer (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef 1779 North Carolina, United States
1776/1777 Rowan Co, NC
Aft 1860 Macon Co, NC


No marriage record is known, nor any direct proof that John Leonard Fouts and Catherine Shearer were husband and wife. They both existed, he died, and she appears to be a widow in the same area he lived. Was she HIS widow? Earlier researchers believed so, but based on what? Circumstantially it fits, but is there other proof?


John Leonard Fouts and Catherine Shearer Fouts probably had a large family, but no record of their children has been found. Joseph Fouts (c1779) and Jacob Fouts (c1786) are probably their children as they both lived in Ashe Co., NC near Catherine in her widowhood. That doesn't prove she was their mother though, but it is likely.

Other researchers show numerous children for John Leonard Fouts and Catherine, but what proof links them together? Those children include: Mary Fouts, wife of Joseph Ray; Elizabeth Fouts (c1777) wife of Joseph Rowland; George Fouts (d ca 1805 TN); Leonard Fouts of Murray Co., GA: Solomon Fouts of Murray Co., GA; John Peter Fouts of Gilmer Co., GA; and Nancy Fouts wife of David Younce.

All of those could indeed be children of John L. and Catherine. There is compelling circumstantial evidence for several of them. More research is needed.