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Source:White, 1902, citing a letter from "George D. Clayton, of Hannibal, Mo."


Person:Joseph Walker (55); This record is nominally associated with Joseph Walker (55), but evidence for that association is sparse. It is more likely associated with a different Joseph Walker.


Washington, D. C, March 6, 1900.
The records of this office show that one Joseph Walker served as a private in Captain Thomas Snead's Company, known also as Captain Nathaniel Morri's Company, and as Arthur Teacker's Company, 9th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel George Mathews, Revolutionary War. He enlisted Feb. 2, 1776, and was discharged in September, 1776.

No further information relative to this soldier has been found of record.
By authority of the Secretary of War:
(Signed) John Tueadale,
Acting Chief of Office.

The military record of Joseph Walker was found in the Department of Eecords and Pensions at Washington, D. C. Singular to say I have been unable to find either in the War Eecords of the State of Tennessee or Kentucky or the U. S. War Department, any record of my Grandfather Hays' service. I only know from his own lips of his service in the War of 1812, in the 'stories he used to tell us when we were little folks. His son. Dr. Edgar C. Hays (who by the way served in Forrest's Cavalry Brigade under Colonel Joseph Wheeler, in the late war), says that his recollection is that grandfather enlisted at Columbia, Ky., and that his company was in the regiment commanded by Colonel Adair, but a search, as I say, of the records, fails to confirm any of this ; but I will say this that the officers to whom I wrote were in accord in stating that the records were very incomplete.

Yours very truly,

Geoege D. Clayton,

Hannibal, Mo.


White presents the above in association with her history of Person:Joseph Walker (55), but makes no comment about the record. This is fairly common with White, and seems to occur in cases where she may have had reservations about the correctness of the association. In this case, there's no direct reason to believe that the war record actually applies to Joseph (55), as opposed to another, unrelated, Joseph Walker. Clayton's comments suggest that he himself questioned whether this was "the right Joseph Walker", noting that the family thought that their Joseph's "company was in the regiment commanded by Colonel Adair", not "Captain Nathaniel Morri's Company, and as Arthur Teacker's Company, 9th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel George Mathews" as described in the war record.

This appears to be an example of White presenting information "for what its worth", making no comment probably because she could not resolve the discrepancies. All things considered, it seems unlikely that this represents a record for Joseph (55).