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Intermediate Source: personal Communication from Sal, fide Teressa Hasty, March 31, 2011
Original Source: TBD (presumably Madison County Kentucky Marraige Records)


Person:McKinsey Willis (1)
Analysis. DOB of McKinsey Willis (1)


From "Kentucky Ancestors", 1986 Vol. 21-3. This is listed under the Queries section:

Note from George Willis of Brighton, Il

Madison County, Kentucky Rachel married C. Durbin, 1814; her father William consents. McKinzie Willis married M. Logsdon, in 1820; his mother Nancy :consents. C. Durbin, witness. McKinzies's father "absconded" before 1816. Are Rachel and Mckinzie brother and sister? Is William also McKinzie's father?  :William has gone from the 1820 census.

Note from Teressa: McKinzie is living next door to Christopher Durbin according the 1820 census of Madison County, Ky.

McKinzie is listed in the 18-26 year old category. Together with the fact that his mother had to sign for him when he married suggests that he wasn't twenty-one when he married in 1820. The the 1860 census of Estill County shows him as sixty-one, implying a 1799 DOB; I think his birthdate is 1799 instead of 1793. The 1850 does show a bd of 1793, but I think that is an error. McKinzie has been listed as older than his wife in most census records. His wife has the bd of 1799.


Document 1

Know all men by these presents (presence) that we McKinsey Willis and Christopher K. Durbin are held and firmly bound into the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the just and full sum of fifty pounds money to which payment will and truly to be made to the same commonwealth we bind ourselves our heirs & firmly by these presents sealed and dated the 1st day of May 1820. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be had and solemized between the above bound Willis and Mary Logsdon__________both of the county of Madison be no lawful cause to obstruct the ---? Then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virture
Signed sealed and ach McKinsey (his mark) Willis (seal)
In presence of Christopher K (his mark) Durbin (seal)
Ed S Shackelford

Document 2

To the clerk of Madison County
This is to certify that John Logsdon is willing for my daughter may to be joined in matrimony with McKinsey Willis may given unto my hand this 1st day of May 1820
Test. Christopher K Durbin John Logsdon (his mark) (Seal
: Basil White This is certify that I am willing for my son McKinzie Willis to be joined in matrimony with Mary Logsdon May the 1st 1820
Test. Christopher K. Durbin Nancy Willis (her mark) (seal)
Basil White


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