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There is some debate as to if William Willis who Married Nancy Smith, if they are McKinzie's parents. There is no actual proof, but people feel the dates would fit. I am looking for proof. Would love to find proof so if you have any, please post it. Also if anyone has info as to who McKinzie's siblings were. Please post that too!

Mack's mom's name WAS Nancy, but we do not know her maiden name, we do know that Mack’s mom Nancy, was married to a Willis, and that Mack's dad WAS a Willis, but we don't know his name as of yet. It is possible that he was named William.

I have a document where Mack's mother, Nancy, signs saying it is ok for Mack to marry Mary Polly Logsdon, and Mary Polly's father (John Logsdon) signs saying it's ok to marry (I think back then, you had to be 21 to marry).

In one other document I have, The courts required Mack's mom Nancy, to appear in court so that Mack can do an apprenticeship, because, as it stated, "His Father has absconded and left this Country", and he needed to learn a trade as a result. It doesn't list his Father's name, and we're not sure if he left the “country” as it is spelled in the document or if they meant “county”. So we know his mom was a Nancy.

Also, McKinzie was still alive in 1865 as he took Merrill to court for support. I have that document. So he had to have died after 1865.

I am in touch with one of Merrill’s descendants of his son William Sidney Willis, and also with a descendant of Mack’s daughter Susan.


I had my father (who is a descendant of McKinsie: My Dad/Clyde/Abner Bond/Merrill/McKinsie ) do the 67 marker DNA test at

The DNA test my Dad did, revealed something we never ever knew…it showed that we (McKinsie descendants) are related to an Abner Willis of Washington Co, VA (I’m not talking about Abner Bond, who is Merrill’s son).

The DNA test matched up with 3 people. One of them matched 67/67 markers ( an EXACT match) , one matched 66/67 markers and the other 65/67 markers. You can’t get much better then results like that. FamilytreeDNA is VERY reliable and well known. I am in contact with 2 of the 3 his descendants.

The neat thing about 37 or 67 marker matches is this: The results of the test we did mean, that we are related to Abner of Virginia within ONLY 4-6 generations, if I recall right, at the most. PROBLEM: We can’t find WHERE our trees meet