Document. Abstract of will of Andrew Cowan, 1786, Abbeville, SC



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Interdmediate Source: William R. Cowan, February, 2014, personal communication.


Person:Andrew Cowan (32)


Will dated 11/06/1786, in the 96th District, SC.

Excrs: Ann, Jno. Cowan, Wm Ross, Wm. Mayne to be gdns. Over Ann Cowan.
Wit: Rowley McMillan, Wm. Ross,
Wife Ann.
Ann, and
Leaney Cowan.
Inv. Made 5/01/1789, by Wm. Ross, Wm. Mayne, Jas. Stevenson.
NB, some lineages identify a child as "Ann Leaney Cowan". Others give the daughters as "Mary, Elizabeth Ann, and Leaney". Since the text indicates four daughters, it would appear that some transcriptions have elided a common between the names of the children. ˆts noted that the text shows evidence of not following common punctuations conventions, and the comma's that would normally be given in a list of names, may not be present. Differerent transcribers may have interpreted the names somewhat different. IN any case, since the test specifically refers to four daughters, it seems likely that the best interpretation of this passage is that the daunters were:
Ann, and
Leaney Cowan.


Last Will & Testament of Andrew Cowan
November 6th 1786 In the Name of God Amen:

I Andrew Cowen of Abbeville County Ninety Six District, being weak of body, but of a perfect memory, thanks be to God for his mercies; but considering the frailty of all flesh I Look upon it as my duty to dispose of such a State, as God has been pleased to Lend me for the better quitting my Concience: as in the manner following; -

First of all; I give my soul to god the giver; next my body to the earth to be decently buried, at the discretion of my Legateer -
next all my debts to be paid, by my Executors hereafter named -
First of all I Leave & bequeath unto my beloved wife Ann Cowan and to my son John Cowan, the plantation I live on, with all the goods amd Chattels, to remain their real property as Long as they live, together:
but in case that either of them Marry or any separation comes between comes between them, My son John is to have one hundred acres
likewise I Leave and bequeath to my son William one hundred acres of Land lying on the Nor west side of this plantation; that I now live upon;
and all the overplush of Land that remains more than Williams of my three last surveys I Leave to my son John
Likewise I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac the hundred acres of Land that lyeth up the Creek on the Nor east side,
I leave and bequeath my old plantation of bounty Land to be equally divided between my beloved wife and my four daughters my daughter Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and Leaney Cowan at the discretion of my guardians;
again I Leave and bequeath the mares and Colts that my sons claims to be their unalterable property;
also it is my will that my son John and Isaac shall give my daughter Mary a horse or a mare valued to ten Pounds Sterling out of their part, of their Land, the above goods and Chattles are to remain at the disposal of my executors or guardeens, to be divided at their discretion,
it is my Will also that the schooling of all my Children and the payment of all my debts comes of the whole: this I declare to be my Last Will and Testament

I appoint Ann Cown and John Cowan to be my sole executors like wise William Ross and William Mayn to be guardeens over them

Signed sealed in the presence of William Ross Rowley McMillan November 6th 1786 } Andrew Cowan L.S.

State of South Carolina Abbeville County Towit } In Open Court this seventh day of April one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine, Personally came William Ross one of the Witnesses to the above Will and made Oath that he saw Andrew Cowan Deceased sign seal publish pronounce and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament and that he was then of sound and perfect mind memory and understanding to the best of the deponents Knowledge and belief and that Rowley McMillan together with this deponent did subscribe their names thereto as Witnesses in the presence of the Testator and at his request and in the presence of each other - Certified by order of Court the Day and Date above written John Bowie CC

Ann Cowan took the Oath of Executrix, and John Cowan the Oath of Executor of the above Will in Open Court of Abbieville County the Seventh Day of April Anno Domini 1789.