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FEATURED PAGES ON Facebook Swart & Smidtman Genealogy

* Hendrik Koopman
* Drowning at Lake Calumet
* Grandparents of Golfplayer Kevin Streelman
* Famous Baseballplayer of Dutch descent: Fred Luderus
* Hendrik Meijer Founder of Meijers[1]
* Klaas Wildeboer, Dutch Minister who died before migration. His wife & children came with Albertus van Raalte on the Dank Caasliest


I am a genealogist with over 10 years' experience researching both in the United States and the Netherlands.
I specialize in the provinces of Groningen & Drenthe, Netherlands and the Dutch settlement areas of Michigan,
Illinois, Iowa, and Massachusetts.
In addition to my research skills, I am an experienced project manager and Database Administrator and speak
Dutch, English, German, Frisian and Gronings.
My roots are in the 3 Northern Provinces of the Netherlands:(Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe) and in Germany (Nord Rhein Westphalen & Ost Friesland)
I'm always working on several projects and solving "puzzles" at the same time, On the most of them I work together with
More about our partnership can you find on Swart & Smidtman Genealogy
Watch my "project page" for a complete overview


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