Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p70

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Volume 4, Page 70

Mary, 18 Sept. 1690; Mindwell, 22 Mar. 1693; Daniel, 14 Apr. 1696, d.
young; Thankful, 6 June 1698; and Hannah, 30 Oct. 1701; and he. d. 29 Mar.
1712. JOHN, Newport 1651. JOHN, Billerica, m. 1 Feb. 1659, Mary Thompson,
perhaps d. of Simon, had John, b. 24 Apr. 1660, and, perhaps, more.
JOHN, Providence, sw. alleg. May 1682, may have m. Joanna Vincent,
perhaps d. of William. JOHN, Northampton, sec. s. of Isaac the first,
m. 5 Nov. 1679, Hannah, d. of John Stebbins, then less than 15 and 1/2
yrs. old, had John, b. 19 Sept. 1681; Hannah, 9 Aug. 1683; rem. to
Deerfield, there had Mary, 24 July 1687; Abigail, 21 Nov. 1689, d. in
few mos.; Ebenezer, 15 Nov. 1691; Remembrance, 21 Feb. 1693;
Mercy, 25 Aug. 1701, wh. with her mo. was k. by the Fr. and Ind. 29
Feb. 1704. He had built that ho. at D. call. few yrs. since, the Hoyt
ho. whose door we saw, as it was cut by tomahawkes, and pierc. by bullets
on the morn. of the onslaught. Aft. that desolat. of the town, he rem.
to Hartford, m. 1708, Elizabeth Pratt, a young wid. whose former h. is unkn.
by me, had Abigail, 8 Sept. 1710; and John, 8 Mar. 1718, and d. a.
1734, at least in Mar. of that yr. his inv. was tak. JONATHAN, Northampton,
youngest br. of the preced. m. 30 Dec. 1708, Mary, d. of William
Southwell, had Mehitable, b. 4 Nov. 1709; Jonathan, 13 Apr.
1711; Rebecca, 18 Apr. 1714; Daniel, 12 Dec. 1715; Phineas, 27
June, 1717; Elijah, 2 Nov. 1719; Silence; Asa; dates of either of
wh. are not seen; he rem. to Suffield, and had Gershom, 11 July 1724;
and Mary, 27 Nov. 1725. His w. d. 11 Jan. 1768, aged 80, and he d.
10 Apr. 1769, aged 83. JOSEPH, Northampton, br. of the preced. m.
Mary, d. of Joseph Whiting of Hartford or Westfield, had Joseph, wh.
d. Dec. 1694; Joseph, again, b. 13 June 1695, wh. d. young; Mary;
Ary; whose dates are unkn.; rem. to Suffield, there had Joseph, again,
26 Dec. 1700; Rachel, 1703; and Benjamin, 1705; was rep. and d. at
Boston 1708, when the Gov. and both branch. of the legislat. attend. his
funeral. The wid. m. John Ashley of Westfield. NICHOLAS, Providence,
sw. alleg. May 1682, m. Abigail, d. of the first Pardon Tillinghast.
SAMUEL, Northampton, sixth s. of Isaac the first, by w. Mary, had Samuel,
b. 26 Jan. 1700; Mary, 13 July 1702; Martha, 11 Jan. 1709; and
Eunice, 14 July 1713; and d. on a visit, at Boston, 31 Mar. 1745.
THOMAS, Billerica, freem. 1680. THOMAS, Northampton, third s. of
the first Isaac, m. 1685, Mary Hinsdale, had Thomas, b. June 1688;
Mary, 26 July 1790; Rebecca, 1693, d. at 10 yrs.; Josiah, Dec. 1695;
Benjamin, 1697; Rachel, 22 Feb. 1701; Jemima, 31 May 1703; and
Elisha, 2 Sept. 1709, Y. C. 1730; was deac. and d. 7 June 1725; ana
his wid. d. Sept. 1738. TIMOTHY, Providence, sw. alleg. 1 May 1682.
WILLIAM, Billerica 1659. WILLIAM, Scarborough, s. of Godfrey, had
been of Saco 1664, m. Rebecca Scarlet, was driv. away by the Ind. war