Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p225

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Volume 4, Page 225

Oct. 1668, Hannah, d. of Nicholas Clap of Dorchester, had Hannah, b.
7 Oct. 1669; Ebenezer, 2 Aug. 1671; Nathaniel 25 Sept. 1673; Sarah,
29 Sept. wh. d. 19 Dec. 1675; Preserved, Sept. 1679, d. next Aug.;
Sarah, again, 29 Sept. 1681; Jonathan, 1 May 1683; Noah, 18 Oct.
1684, d. under 15 yrs; and tw. without names, wh. d. prob. in few
hours, 3 Oct. 1689. He took the o. of alleg. 8 Feb. 1679, with his f.
and three brs. and was freem. 1683, ch. elder oft. call. deac.; and d. 11
Feb. 1729, aged 86. Thro. his s. Jonathan is the line of Caleb, Gov.
of Mass.
deriv. JACOB, Windsor, s. of the sec. John, m. 10 Nov. 1698,
Abigail, d. of Nathaniel Bissell of the same, and d. 25 Mar. 1749,
nearly 76 yrs. old. It is prob. he had ch. but their names are unkn.
JEDEDIAH, Northampton, third s. of Elder John, m. 18 Nov. 1662,
Freedom, d. of Henry Woodward, of the same, had Elizabeth b. 9 June
1664; Abigail, 9 July 1666, d. prob. 15 July 1689; Jedediah, 7 Aug.
1667; Ford, 2 Sept. d. 1 Nov. 1668; one, without name 11 Oct. 1669,
d. very soon; Hannah, 3 Feb. 1671; Thankful, 15 Apr. 1672; John,
15 Nov. 1673, d. same mo.; Lydia, 9 Nov. 1675; Mary, May 1677;
Experience, 19 Aug. 1678, d. 16 Sept. foll.; Preserved, 29 Mar. 1680;
and John, 10 May 1681; his w. d. 17 of the same mo. He m. 28 Dec.
foll. Abigail, wid. of John Stebbins of N. d. of Robert Bartlett, had
Mary, 1683; and his w. d. July 1689. He m. 5 Jan. 1692, Mary,
wid. of John Lee of Farmington, for third w. and took the of alleg.
8 Feb. 1679, and was adm. freem. 1690, but his w. Mary being k. 9 Oct.
1710, by fall of her horse, he late in life rem. to Coventry; and there
d. 22 May 1733, not in his 96th yr. prob. as said. JERIJAH, Northampton,
youngest of the sixteen ch. of Elder John, m. 18 July 1700, Thankful,
youngest d. of John Stebbins of the same, had Jerijah, b. 8 Sept.
1701, d. soon; Thankful, 26 Aug. 1702; Jerijah, again, 14 May 1705;
Eunice, 10 Sept. 1707; Ithamar, 24 June 1710, d. next yr.; and Ithamar,
again, 8 Aug. 1713, d. next yr.; Seth, 4 Apr. 1716; and Bela, 4
Oct. 1719; and his w. d. 24 1744, aged 66; and Cothern says, he
d. 24 Apr. 1754. JOHN, Hingham 1635, among first proprs. wh.
drew ho. lots Sept. of that yr. freem. Mar. 1637, next yr. was of
Taunton, and count. there as one of the first proprs. made freem. of that
juridict. 4 Dec. chos. rep. 1641, 2, 3, and 4, as Baylies shows II. 2 and
3, and a juror 1645; three or four yrs. aft. is found a Windsor, and
made freem. of Conn. May 1651, unless this were his s. wh. seems very
improb. and soon aft. 1661 was inhab. of Northampton. With very gr.
doubts as to most of the items, and utter reject. of part most import. in
tradit. report. of his com. in the Mary and John to Dorchester with
Warham in May 1630, and of the d. of his first w. on the pass. and tak.
a sec. w. in 1630, I think it prob. that he brot. John in 1635, and at