Person:Zacharias Blankenbaker (2)

Zacharias Blankenbaker
b.21 OCT 1715 Germany
d.ABT 1792
m. 6 MAY 1714
  1. Maria Barbara Blanckenbühler1714 - 1714
  2. Zacharias Blankenbaker1715 - ABT 1792
  3. Ursula Blankenbakerest 1718-1725 - 1832
  4. Jacob Blankenbaker1718-1728 -
  5. Dorothea BlankenbakerEst 1720-1725 -
  6. Michael Blankenbaker1726 -
  7. Elizabeth BlankenbakerABT 1735 -
  • HZacharias Blankenbaker1715 - ABT 1792
  • WAlcy Unknown1710-1716 -
m. 1749
  1. Johannes Blankenbaker1750 -
  2. Zacharias Blankenbaker1752 -
  3. Maria Blankenbaker1755 -
  4. Jacob Blankenbaker1758 -
  5. Michael Blankenbaker1761 -
  6. Samuel Blankenbaker1767 -
Facts and Events
Name Zacharias Blankenbaker
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 OCT 1715 Germany
Marriage 1749 Culpeper County, Virginiato Alcy Unknown
Death? ABT 1792

Zacharias Blankenbaker was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys:

  • Zachary Blankenbaker/Blankenbeeker, 4 Jan. 1749/50 - 2 Feb. 1749/50; 440 acres on Line run neigh Shannandoah River, South side thereof; adj. Phillip Long. CC - Nicholas Long & Lawrence Gar (Garr). Surv. George Hume. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 19].
  • P-117: Zachariah Plankelbecler of Culpeper County. 50 acres in Robinson Fork in saod County. Surv. Richard Young. Adj. Plankelbecler, Nicholas Wilhoite. 23 May 1772. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 216].
  • P-118: Zachariah Plankelbecler of Culpeper County. 27 acres in Robinson Fork in said Couty. Surv. Richard Young. Adj. his land, Nicholas Yager. 25 May 1772. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, pg. 216].


From "Germanna History", notes:

When the family of Zacharias Blankenbaker was listed in the Baptismal Register down at the church, his two step daughters were not given. These girls interacted with Zacharias' children at the baptisms of all of the children of Alcy. In this regard it is impossible to tell there was any difference in their parentage.

Alcy's two daughters, POSSIBLY surnamed Finks, were Elizabeth, who married Peter Broyles, and Mary Magdalena, who married Henry Wayman.

Incidentally, Zacharias was born in 1715, in Germany, and if he was not married until about 1749, then he was 34 years old. For this reason, I have wondered if there were an earlier marriage, but there is no evidence of children. Then, again, the Blankenbaker men were shy and may it have taken him that long to learn how to speak to a woman. (11 Jul 02)

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