Person:Thomas Taber (11)

m. 7 Oct 1805
  1. Thomas Taber1806 - 1879
  2. Richard Taber1806 - 1806
  3. Susan Taber1809 - 1840
  4. William Taber1811 - 1898
  5. James Taber1812 - 1902
  6. John Taber1814 - bef 1822
  7. Henry Taber1816 - 1827
  8. Eliza Taber1818 - 1854
  9. Mary Ann Taber1821 - 1914
  10. John Taber1823 - 1858
  11. Alexander Taber1825 - 1873
m. 30 Jan 1830
  1. Sarah Taber1830 - 1904
  2. Emma Taber1832 - 1838
  3. Thomas Taber1834 - 1834
  4. Thomas Biggars Taber1837 - after 1875
  5. Emma Taber1839 - 1906
  6. Benjamin Charles Taber1840 - 1919
m. 25 Dec 1847
  1. Elizabeth Taber1848 - 1892
  2. Clara B Taber1850 - 1909
  3. Henry Taber1851 - 1892
  4. William Taylor Taber1853 - 1865
  5. Mary Ann Taber1855 - 1940
  6. Ellen Groom Taber1857 - 1937
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Taber
Alt Name[23] Thomas Constantine Taber
Alt Name[3] Thomas Tabor
Alt Name[5] Thomas Taber, Jr
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][9] 1806 London, England
Alt Birth[21] 30 Jun 1806 London, England
Christening[11][32] 20 Jul 1806 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, EnglandSuspect baptismal for "Richard" Taber and "Thomas" Pavey
Marriage 30 Jan 1830 Camberwell, Surrey, EnglandSt Giles by H W C Hyde, curate
to Sarah Anne Rogerson
Emigration[14] 16 May 1831 Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandDeparted for America on The Cambria, Ship Master George Moore
Immigration[19] 20 June 1831 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesShip: The Cambria, Docked at Pier 16, South Street Seaport
Residence[14][33] 21 June 1831 - 1849 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Occupation[1][4][5][8][22] 1831 - 7 Aug 1879 Jeweller
Other[31] 4 Sep 1831 Camberwell, London, EnglandBaptismal of daughter Sarah Taber in England
Other[13] 11 Sept 1831 New York City, New York, United StatesA Tribute of Affection to Sarah, Spring Street
Religion[15] May 1835 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesMember of the Eighth Presbyterian Church "on Examination"
Residence[27] abt 1837 West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Other[35] 19 May 1842 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesBedford Street Methodist Church-Witness at sister Mary Ann's Wedding
Religion[16] 12 Jul 1846 - 20 Dec 1849 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesMember of the 42nd Street Presbyterian Church
Marriage 25 Dec 1847 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States42nd Street Presbyterian Church, by Rev John C Lowrie
to Susan Elizabeth Brown
Residence[1] Feb 1849 - Mar 1858 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesVan Vorst
Religion[16] 18 Jan 1850 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesJoined the First Reformed Dutch Church, Wayne Street, Van Vorst Village
Property[20] 9 Jul 1850 Mt. Vernon, Westchester, New York, United StatesOwner Lots 70 & 71
Census[1] 16 Oct 1850 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesAge 44
Religion[17] 17 Mar 1852 - Mar 1858 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesMember: Third Reformed Dutch Church of Jersey City/Park Reformed Church
Religion[29][34] 26 Apr 1852 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesDismissed from the First Reformed Dutch Church, Wayne Street, Van Vorst, to form Third Reformed Dutch Church Jersey City
Other[30] abt 1858 Erie, Pennsylvania, United StatesBy way of the Erie Canal
Residence[3][4][7][8][12][24] abt 1861 - 7 Aug 1879 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States54 Orange Street; 1085 Superior Street
Will[10] 13 Feb 1868 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United StatesOriginal
Will[10] 6 Mar 1875 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United StatesCodicil
Death[2][7][9] 7 Aug 1879 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United StatesSporadic cholera / Gastric fever
Burial[3][9] 9 Aug 1879 Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United StatesSection 29, Lot: 2, Tier sub 1
Probate[10] Oct 1879 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United StatesBenjamin Charles Taber, executor
DNA[18] 5 Sep 2013 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States37 Marker Y-DNA Analysis: Thomas Taber, Jr. and Alexander Taber Share a Common Male Ancestor
Image Gallery
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    Id#: 0355620
    Name: Taber, Thomas
    Date: Aug 15, 1879
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    Notes: Taber- At the residence, of his son-in-law, M. J. Lowman, Thursday morning at 7 o'clock. Thomas Taber, aged 73 years.

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    Last Name: Tabor First Name: Thomas
    Address: 1085 Suprior
    Death Date: Burial Date: August 09, 1879
    Age: 73 Race: W Sex: M
    Native of: England
    Cause of Death: Sporadic cholera
    Section: 29 Lot: 2 Tier: sub 1 Grave:

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    1835-36, pg 633: 45 Carmine Street
    1837-38 - MISSING (Thomas Taber, Jr was known to have been in Chester, Pennsylvania at this time.)
    1838-39, pg 634: 43 1/2 Carmine Street
    1839-40, pg 634: Taber jr. Thomas, jeweller 56½ Carmine Street
    1840-41, pg 611: 260 Bleecker Street
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    1842-43, pg 595: Thomas Taber &c, jeweller, 105 Perry Street (Thomas Taber, Sr died 9 April 1842; Thomas Taber, Jr is no longer listed, but Thomas Taber, jeweller is listed. The assumption is that Thomas Taber, Jr, dropped the description after Sr's death.)
    1844-45, pg 339: Thomas Taber, jeweller, 100 Bank
    1845-46 - MISSING (However, Page 353, Susan Taber, widow of Thomas, confections is now at 100 Bank.)
    1846-47 - MISSING
    1847-48, pg ?: Thomas Taber, jeweller, W 28 St, n Ave 8
    1849-50 and thereafter, missing from any NYC directory
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    1843-44, pg 329: Thomas Taber, 15 Watts (The assumption is that "jeweller" was omitted in error.)
    1848-49, pg 396: Taber Thomas, jeweller, w. 28th h. Av. 8
    Source: Microfilm, *ZAN-G67, NYC Directory, Reel 12, New York Public Library

    Taber Entries from Doggett's New York City directory, 1848-49, pg 396
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    ED 24, Pg 2, Line 17

    Name: Thomas Taber
    Age: 73
    Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Married: Yes
    Born: England
    Father Born: England
    Mother Born: England
    Month died: August
    Disease or cause of death: Gastric fever
    How long a resident of the county: 15 years
    Name of attending physician: Dr Preston

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  11. Genealogy & Autobiography of Clarence Wilbur Taber, Sr - self-published 1 Nov 1952.

    According to Clarence Wilbur Taber, Sr's family history, the first born child of Thomas Taber and Susan Groom was named Thomas. "Settled in Norwalk, Ohio" appears to have been typed in at a later date.

    Genealogy & Biography of Clarence Wilbur Taber, Sr - 1952
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    Original book in the possession of Tom Taber, Novelty, Ohio great great grandson. "Some of the entries go back to 1822 with many of the writings being poems."

    A Tribute of Affection to Sarah, 1831 Dedication Page Title Page These to Our Pleasures Give A Zest-Page1 These to Our Pleasures Give A Zest-Page2 Transcription-To These Our Pleasures-P1 Transcription-To These Our Pleasures-P2
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    "Son of Thomas Taber, Cumberland, England, who came to America May 10, 1831." "Cumberland" is an error. As Thomas married Sarah Ann Rogerson in "Camberwell," their first child was baptized there,Thomas' mother, in her death notice was described as from "Camberwell,and Thomas' writing is signed from Camberwell," it is plausable that family lore had altered after 88 years. According to Thomas Taber's book, "A Tribute of Affection to Sarah," he left his home with Sarah for America on 13 May 1831.

    A Parting Memorial P1 A Parting Memorial P2 A Parting Memorial P3
  15. Members of The Eighth Presbyterian Church.

    When he emigrated to American on 13 May 1831, it is not known whether or not Thomas joined the Bedford Street Methodist Church along with the rest of his family. In February 1834 his wife, Sarah Ann (misnamed as "Mary,") is listed as a member of the Eighth Presbyterian Church, 50 Christopher Street, Manhattan, NY. In May 1835 Thomas joined. That Church dissolved in 1843 and was absorbed into the Chelsea Presbyterian Church, whose new brick building at 20th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues, was opened in 1843. It would seem logical that Thomas joined the Chelsea Preabyterian Church. However, he is not found on the existing membership list. Thomas is then found at the 42nd Street Presbyterian Church from 12 or 18 July, 1846 until 20 Dec 1849 when he moved to Jersey City and joined the First Reformed Dutch Church, Wayne Street, Van Vorst Village, Jersey City, NJ.

    Eighth Presbyterian Church Neighborhood The Eighth Presbyterian Church Members of the Eighth Presbyterian Church
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  17. Park Reformed Church, Jersey City, New Jersey.

    According to the record, Thomas wss deceased on Nov, 1858, while his wife, Susan Elizabeth was dismissed on March, 1858. Thomas wasn't deceased. Why his date of leaving the church is eight months later than Susan Elizabeth's is unknown.
    Source: LDS Church: FHL US/CAN 961878

    Third Reformed Dutch Church Members 1852 Membership: Third Reformed Dutch Church, Jersey City
  18. MyFamilyTreeDNA , 5 Sep 2013.

    37 Marker Y-DNA Analysis: 4th Cousins from the Thomas Taber and Alexander Taber lines share a 34/37 Match.

    This DNA Information supports the research of Clarence Wilbur Taber, Sr. when he contacted T.C. Taber of Norwalk, Ohio in 1952 to identify the family of his father, Alexander Taber's brother, Thomas Taber, Jr. This also supports all known history of both Taber family lines.

    Taber Pedigree Revised by CWT, Sr. 1 Nov 1952
  19. Ship's Passenger Lists.

    Source: U.S. National Archives Microfilm Series M237, Roll 14

    The Cambria was part of The Black X Line. It was 362 tons, 108'2" Long. Its Beam was 27'6" high. The Depth of its Hold was 13'9". It was build in Kennsington, Pa. It was launched in May 1830 and taken out of service in 1832. (Sources: Square-riggers On Schedule, Page 276, 1938, by Robert G. Albion, Queens of the Western Ocean, Page 390, by Carl C. Cutler, 1861, U.S. Naval Institute, Publisher)

    Packet Lines 1831 Newspaper Announcment: The Cambria Cambria Ship's Passenger List, 20 June 1831 Docks of NYC 1830

    The first meeting of the Industrial Home Association, No. 1, New York, John Stevens, Founder, took place on 9 July 1850 in the meeting room of the Mechanics Mutual Protection, No. 11, Cottage & Bleecker Streets. It's purpose was sign up 1000 member, to collect "dues" and to buy land on which to place lots and homesteads. The five Taber brothers, Thomas, William, James, John and Alexander joined. Between them, they purchased nine Lots in Mt. Vernon, NY by lottery for choice of lot selection.

    Preable to the Constitution and By-Laws Directory of Mount Vernon 1852 Directory Page 22
  21. Uncertain where this birth date was derived, but it a common date of birth for Thomas Taber. This is the same date of birth as Richard Taber, another son in this family which has not been found on a record since his baptismal. Unfortunately, while all of the other children of Thomas Taber and Susan Groom have baptismal records, Thomas' cannot currently be found.

    A possible area of speculation indicates that the original baptismal record may have been erroneously entered. As the actual baptismal page indicates, many of the records were entered by the same hand (person) most likely at the same time given the dates entered, therefore, it's possible that Richard Taber (son of Thomas and Sarah Taber) may have in fact been Richard Pavey and Thomas Pavey (son of John and Sarah Pavey) entered directly after him with a birth date of 4 days earlier may have instead been this Thomas Taber. However, according to the Genealogy of Clarence Wilbur Taber, 1 Nov 1952, the first born of Thomas Taber and Susan Groom was named Thomas.
  22. Thomas Taber, Jr. and Thomas Taber, Sr. were both jewelers in New York with shops not far from each other at 56½ Carmine St and 52½ Carmine Street respectively. Considering that Taber is a fairly uncommon name, that both men traveled from London, England around 1830 and that both settled in the same area, it is logical to conclude that they were related.
  23. Many family trees claim Thomas' middle name is Constantine. However, all known records give the name Thomas Taber or Thomas Taber, Jr. Thomas' grandson was named Thomas Constantine Taber. The name Constantine was passed down from Benjamin Charles' Taber's father-in-law, Constantine Parker.
  24. This was his son William's address at the time of his death. William was 12 years old. Orange 'street' comes up in searches as Conneaut, Ashtabula county, Ohio which is where Thomas' widow spent the majority of her years after her husband's death. Orange 'avenue' is in Cleveland, which leads to the conclusion that there is a possible error on William's cemetery records as there is no other indication that Thomas and family lived in Conneaut during his lifetime.
  25.   The second wife, Susan Elizabeth Brown had been married to a Polish Army Officer named Syzmanski (Shemanski on index). Thaddeus was a child from that marriage. Thomas Taber adopted Thaddeus and changed his name according to "New York Legislature. Laws of the State of New York: passed at the session of the Legislature." View Thaddeus' page for more details.
  26.   According to the Genealogy-Revised, 1 Nov 1952, of Clarence Wilbur Taber Sr. with information from T. C. Taber of Norwalk, Ohio, children from the first marriage to Sarah were Sarah, Emma, Thomas, Thomas Biggers, Emma and Benjamin Charles. The first Emma and the the first Thomas died and their names were used again. Children from the second marriage to Susan were adopted son Thadius (Thaddeus), Elizabeth, Clara, Henry, William Taylor (died age 12), Mary Ann, and Ellen.
  27. According to Thomas Biggars Taber's Civil War record, he was born in West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, therefore, the family was there at least for a period of time.

    An article/letter written by a Thomas Taber, jeweller, from "American journal of science", Volume 38, pp 61-68, 1838 in New York indicates the following in the first paragraph:

    "Dear Sir,--The following remarks relate principally to the second class of Gems, of which many localities in our own and neighboring states furnish no despicable supply. I have received a number of choice specimens from Chester County, Penn., which locality and its vicinity may be said literally to abound with those I am about to enumerate; many of them, which I have had cut and polished, would not suffer in comparison, with some of the highly prized European and Asiatic gems--productions of the same family." "Remarks - We are happy to become acquainted with the experience of a sensible practical man like Mr. Taber, and to learn from him the state of this comparatively infant branch of manufacture among us, and especially in New York. ... - Eds."

    A supposition based on the way this article is written indicates that the Thomas Taber author was most likely Thomas Taber, Sr., who had "received a number of choice specimens from Chester County, Penn." sent to him from Thomas Taber, Jr. while he was was in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his family or perhaps brought back to him when the family returned to the New York area. From the letter, it is implied that particular area of Pennsylvania was a great resource for the gems which were used for jewelry, so it would make sense that the younger of the Thomas Tabers would utilize a resource that was only 127 miles away if it would profit their jewelry shops.

    American Journal of Science, Vol 38 -,+jeweller&hl=en&sa=X&ei=W3A1UZbMFcvMqQHf6oGYAQ&ved=0CDoQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Thomas%20Taber%2C%20jeweller&f=false
  28.   In the West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery, Pennsylvania are two Tabors, which according to Find A Grave, have unknown birth and death dates, but are listed as George T Tabor and Emma Tabor. West Laurel Hill Cemetery is about 30 miles from West Chester, Pennsylvania, which appears to be a suburb of Philadelphia. After requesting photographs of the grave markers, a response from a Findagrave contributor indicates that Emma and George T Tabor were likely husband and wife, as an Emma Tabor Lacy (1869-1939) is buried with them, though they themselves do not have grave markers.

    This once promising lead to the two missing children burials has lead no where. This note is to prevent researching this lead fruitlessly again.
  29. The Third Reformed Dutch Church, Jersey City was formed in 1852. It evolved into the Park Church, Jersey City.
  30. One family reference to Erie, Pa. is a photograph of Thomas's son, Benjamin Charles in Union Army Uniform, taken on 13 Dec. 1861 by Palmer Photography of Erie, Pa. A Thomas Taber was elected as an Elder of the Park Presbyterian Church, Seventh Street, Erie, Pennsylvania, on June 4, 1859. However, there are no records of his family's enrollment or dismissal from this church. Thomas Taber, Elder, was listed as "ceased to act in 1862." This Thomas Taber was already listed in the Cleveland Street Directory in 1861.(This church was absorbed into the First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, Seventh Street, Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1927.)Further, there was a Thomas Taber, Insurance listing in the Erie Directory during this time.
  31. Daughter Sarah Taber's baptismal record
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