Person:John Tate (28)

John Tate, Esq.
m. abt. 1741
  1. Capt. James Tate1742 - 1781
  2. Lt. Thomas Tate1744 - 1833
  3. Eleanor Tate1747 - 1801
  4. John Tate, Esq.1749 - 1802
  5. Gen. William Tate1753 - 1830
  6. Robert Tate1755 - 1832
  • HJohn Tate, Esq.1749 - 1802
  • WJane SteeleBEF 1751 - 1834
m. ABT 1769
  1. Nancy Tate1771 - 1803
  2. John Tate, Jr.1774 - bef 1814
  3. Mary TateAbt 1776 -
  4. Isaac TateABT 1778 - AFT 1804
  5. Eleanor Tate1782 - 1852
  6. Drucilla S. Tate1784 - 1859
  7. Elizabeth M. Tate1790 - BEF 1834
  8. Jane Berry Tate1791 - 1854
  9. Clarinda P. Tate1797 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name John Tate, Esq.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 FEB 1749 North Mountain, Augusta County, Virginia(probably 1748/9)
Marriage ABT 1769 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Steele
Death[1] 13 DEC 1802 Augusta County, Virginia
Burial[2] Old Providence ARP Church Cemetery, Spottswood, Augusta County, Virginia, USA

John Tate was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John Tate in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

The following suit in Augusta County helps to detail the family of this John Tate:

  • Vol. 2 - Finley vs. Tate--O. S. 280; N. S. 99--Bill by Samuel Finley and Mary, his wife, daughter of John Tate, who died December, 1802, testate. John's son, Isaac, removed to Kentucky. John at death left following children, viz: Oratrix Mary (married at that time). Nancy also married then to Adam McChesney, Ellen, Drusilla, Jane, Elizabeth, Clorinda, one other daughter and two sons, all since dead under age, unmarried and intestate. Nancy McChesney died soon after her father, leaving an only child, Jane Eliza McChesney. Her husband, Adam McChesney, has also died, leaving Jane Eliza his only heir and infant. Ellen is now wife of John Finley of North Carolina. Drusilla has married John D. Ewin of Rockbridge. Jane has married Jacob Vanlear of Augusta. Elizabeth and Clorinda are unmarried (latter is infant).

Which John is Which?

During his lifetime, this John was known as John TATE Jr in Augusta County tax lists from 1792 through 1790 to distinguish him from his father and as John TATE, Esq. from 1791 to 1801.

Information on John Tate

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John Tate 

 Birth:  26 FEB 1748  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Marriage: About 1769 , Augusta, Virginia Death: 13 DEC 1802 , Rockbridge, Virginia Burial:

Jane Steele 

 Birth:  About 1755  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Marriage: About 1769 , Augusta, Virginia Death: 1834 , Augusta, Virginia Burial:



1. Nancy Tate

  Birth:  1771  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: 29 APR 1803 , Augusta, Virginia Burial:

2. John Tate

  Birth:  03 NOV 1772  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: 01 AUG 1854 , Callaway, Missouri Burial:

3.   Isaace Tate  
  Birth:  About 1778  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: After 1800 , , Kentucky Burial:

4.   Elenor Tate 
  Birth:  14 MAR 1782  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: 1852 , Wilkes, North Carolina Burial:


5. Drucilla S Tate

  Birth:  1787  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: Before 1870 , Rockbridge, Virginia Burial:

6. Jane Berry Tate

  Birth:  1791  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: 21 NOV 1854 , Augusta, Virginia Burial:

7. Elizabeth M Tate

  Birth:  1790  , Augusta, Virginia 

Christening: Death: Before 1834 , Augusta, Virginia Burial:

Info from DAR lineage:

3. John Tate, Jr. (1749/1803), Soldier-Virginia Unit/wife: Steele, Jane (?-5th G’GrandUncle/Aunt)

Identity of Wife Jane

According to researcher Carol Vass (quote):

The couple in question is John Tate (b. 28 Feb 1748/49- d. 13 Dec 1802). You have identified his wife's name as Jane STEELE and my specific question is what 'source' you have found for Jane's surname being Steele. Jim Jackson, cc'd on this email, and I are researchers of the BERRY family also living in Augusta from the 1740s onward -- living in close proximity to the TATE, HALL, STEELE, DOAK and many other families also found in your TATE research. [The front page of our website can be found at: ]

I have attached "Esquire" to the name of John Tate (1748/49-1802) because his will identifies him that way and he was a Sheriff in Augusta in the 1790s -- just as a means of separating him from the other Tates, all seemingly related, in Augusta. [He also is identified as John Tate, Esquire on the 1791 Tax list. I have only extracted the TATEs between 1782-1795 and need to go back to double check some of the entries and continue on through the early 1800s, which I hope to finish up next week.]

Based on the research we have done, we feel fairly confident that John Tate Esquire's wife was Jane 'Jinny' BERRY, a daughter of George Berry (c1720-1803).

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    giving baptized 26 Feb 1749, place

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