Person:John Kirkpatrick (28)

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m. abt. 1735
  1. Mary Kirkpatrick1735 - 1811
  2. John Kirkpatrick1741 - 1812
  3. David Kirkpatrickabt 1743 -
  4. William Kirkpatrickabt 1745 - 1782
  5. Elizabeth Kirkpatrickabt 1745 -
  6. Hannah Kirkpatrickbef 1749 -
  7. Ann Kirkpatrick1749/50 - 1842
  8. Sarah Kirkpatrick1754 -
m. abt. 1759
  1. David Sevier Kirkpatrick1760 - 1823
  2. Rev. Hugh Kirkpatrick1763 - 1810
  3. Rachel Kirkpatrick1765 - bef 1808
  4. John R. Kirkpatrick1766 - 1806
  5. Mary 'Polly' Kirkpatrickest 1769 - BEF 1811
  6. Jacob Kirkpatrick1771 - 1844
  7. Rev. James Kirkpatrick1773 - 1848
  8. Rev. Wilkins Kirkpatrick1775 - 1837
  9. Thomas Kirkpatrickabt 1777 -
  10. Hannah Kirkpatrick1779 - 1857
  11. Anne 'Anny' Kirkpatrickest 1780-1788 - bef 1816
  12. Margaret 'Peggy' Kirkpatrickbef 1790 -
  13. Jane Kirkpatrickbef 1793 -
Facts and Events
Name John Kirkpatrick
Alt Name John "Hugh" Kirkpatrick
Gender Male
Birth? May 1741 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage abt. 1759 Pennsylvaniato Martha Jane Wilkins
Death? March 1812 Bulls Gap, Hawkins County, Tennessee

John Kirkpatrick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 325.--17th August, 1774. John Kirkpatrick and Martha ( ), of Augusta, and John Peerie and Sarah ( ) of Botetourt, to Robert Hanna.

Will of John Kirkpatrick

  • Page 202.--2d August, 1811. John Kirkpatrick, Sr.'s, will--To wife, Martha; son, Thomas (who is to pay son, James); to son, James; daughter, Anny; sons and daughters now living; to children of deceased daughters, Nancy and Polly; to grandson, John Gillaspie. Executors, son Thomas and James McCutchen. Teste: Thomas Nelson, William Hanna, John Nelson. Proved, January Court, 1813. Executors qualify.

Records in Lancaster County, PA

  • 1 Feb 1763, Petition of John Kirkpatrick, intermarried with Jane Wilkins, daughter of John Wilkins, decd, asked the court to divide equally the tract of 300 acres in Donegal Township. [1760-1763, Lancaster Co, PA, Orphan's Court, pg. 222].

Records of John Kirkpatrick in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1787--March 21, Jacob Martin and John Kirkpatrick, surety. Jacob Martin and Agnes Kilpatrick. (??)', might be "Kilpatrick" family, not Kirkpatrick.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1790---June 29, Daniel Kerr and Mary Kirkpatrick, daughter of John Kirkpatrick (consent); surety, John Kirkpatrick.

Records in North Carolina and Tennessee

  • 1789 DEED: Greene Co, NC, Vol 4, p. 30, 28 Apr. James Roddy to John Kirkpatrick, 220 acres for sixty pounds on Bent Creek at junction of White Horn; wit., Aquilla Low, Bartholemew Smith; May Term 1789, registered 5 Jun 1789.
  • 1793 GRANT: Jefferson Co, TN, 12 Jan, Vol A, Grant 875. State of NC to Hugh Kirkpatrick 100 acres for 10 pounds in our county of Green on Mercurian's Branch a fork of Bent Creek adj. John Kirkpatrick. Registered 19 Jun 1793.
  • 1797 DEED: Jefferson Co, TN, 5 Nov, Vol E. John Kirkpatrick to Jacob, James, and Wilkins Kirkpatrick ( ) acres on Bent Creek at the Junksion or Emtying of White Horn adj. James Roddy as by a deed fom James Roddy to said John Kirkpatrick; test., John Howard, Sr., Abraham Howard. Registered 9 Jul 1800.
  • 1802 DEED: Jefferson Co, TN, 18 Nov, Vol F. James, Benjamin , and Joseph Brittain, Heirs of Daniel Brittain, decd, to John Day 50 acres for $300 adj. John Day, James Brittain; test., John Kirkpatrick, Stephen Day. Registered 27 Sep 1803.
  • 1802 DEED; Jefferson Co, TN, 18 Nov, Vol F. William, Benjamin, and Joseph Brittain, Heirs of Daniel Brittain, decd, to James Brittain 100 acres for $600 on south side of Bowman's Branch adj. John Day, James Brittain; test., Stephen Day, John Kirkpatrick. Registered 6 Oct 1803.

Information on John Kirkpatrick

1812 DEATH: "Fighter Who Brought First Wagon Into State To Be Honored at Memorial Dedication Sunday"; 1933; Knoxville News-Sentinel
Hawkins County TN Cemeteries Vol 2; 1800-?; Hawkins County Genealogy Society 1986, p. 375. John Kirkpatrick was buried in Bent Creek Cemetery near Whitesburg, Hamblen,TN. The NSSAR Revolutionary War Graves Register has the same burial site, birth in 1741, death in 1812. His wife was listed as Margaret Jane Wilkins. His service was in the NC militia as a Private.


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