Person:John Eakin (4)

John Eakin
m. Prob. Bef. 1745
  1. Elizabeth EakinAbt 1742 -
  2. James EakinEst 1745-1755 - Bef 1815
  3. Mary Eakinest 1745-1750 -
  4. Margaret Eakinest 1747-1757 -
  5. John EakinBef 1749 -
  6. Samuel Eakin1760 - 1817
  7. Andrew Eakin1762 - 1808
m. Abt. 1793
Facts and Events
Name John Eakin
Alt Name John Eakins
Alt Name John Aiken
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1749 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Abt. 1793 Virginiato Elizabeth Lockridge

John Eakins was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of John Eakins in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 257.--15th May, 1769. Thomas Beard's will--To wife, all cleared land where house stands to clear land for turnips where they last grew; to daughter Fane; to daughter Jane; to wife, his elbow chair, negroe boy; to son Hugh, cleared land; to grandson Thomas, son of Hugh, 170 acres lying next John Montgomery's Thomas Hill; to grandchildren, viz: Thomas Alexander, Thomas (page 259) Beard (William's son), Thomas Mitchell, Thomas Dunlap, £10 each; to Robert Ramsey's children (testator's grandchildren), £12.10.0.; to son William; to daughters Ester Alexander, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mary Dunlap; to grandchildren Ann Alexander, Martha Mitchell. (Frequent provision for such issue in case daughter Jane have issue.) Executors, James Mitchell, Thos. Hill. Teste: John, James, Andrew Eakin. Proved, 18th October, 1769, by John and James Eakin. Executors qualify, with William Alexander, Wm. Kennedy, Hugh Beard.