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Isham Meadows
m. Bet 1757-1760
  1. Jason Meadors1764 - 1823
  2. William Meadors1767 - Bef 1819
  3. Thomas Meadows1771 - 1818
  4. Isham Meadowsabt 1775 - bef 1828
  5. Dorcas MeadorsAbt 1775 - 1858
  6. Pleasant Meadors1777 - 1843
  7. Isaiah MeadowsAbt 1779 - 1826
  8. Sarah MeadorsBet 1784 and 1786 -
  9. Edward Moberly MeadorsABT 1784 - Abt 1839
  10. Middleton Meadors1789 -
  11. Benjamin MeadowsAbt 1790 -
  • HIsham Meadowsabt 1775 - bef 1828
  • WSarahAbt 1780/81 - Aft 1850
m. Est abt 1798
  1. Riley C. MeadowsAbt 1799 - 1854
  2. Edda MeadowsBef 1800 - Bef 1845
  3. Isom MeadowsAbt 1802 - Bef 1853
  4. Thomas MeadowsAbt 1804 - Bef 1872
  5. John MeadowsAbt 1806 -
  6. Keziah MeadowsAbt 1807 - Bef 1850
  7. Isaiah MeadowsAbt 1810 - Bef 1870
  8. Reubin MeadowsAbt 1813 - Abt 1858
  9. Polly MeadowsAbt 1816 - 1888
  10. Jackson MeadowsAbt 1818 -
  11. George Meadows1820 - 1875
Facts and Events
Name Isham Meadows
Alt Name Isom Meadows
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] abt 1775 South Carolina, United StatesParents were in South Carolina at time of his birth
Census[19] 1790 Fairfield (old county), South Carolina, United States
Property[22] 20 Mar 1794 Anson, North Carolina, United Statesclaimed entry on land prior to survey and warrant
Marriage Est abt 1798 probably Anson, North Carolinadate based on birth of oldest child; place based on known place of residence
to Sarah
Census[4] 1800 Anson, North Carolina, United StatesFayetteville
Property[18] Nov 1805 Knox, Kentucky, United StatesGranted Certificate for 100 acres land
Other[18] Oct 1808 Knox, Kentucky, United Stateson tax list with brother Edward; also Thomas, Allen and Reuben Marlow
Census[5] 1810 Knox, Kentucky, United States
Other[6] abt 1812 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesAccompanied Frances Alsop Meadows, widow of his cousin Isham, to Tennessee for her 2nd marriage
Military[10] 1 Sep 1812 Kentucky, United States
Property[9] 20 Nov 1813 Knox, Kentucky, United States200 acres land surveyed for grant on Jellico Creek watershed
Property[21] 3 Sep 1816 Orange, Indiana, United StatesApplied for US Land Grant; later assigned
Property[11] 28 Nov 1816 Lawrence, Indiana, United StatesApplied for US land grant
Property[17] 1 Sep 1817 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesrece'd grant for 200 acres of land surveyed 20 Nov 1813
Census[7] 1820 Lawrence, Indiana, United States
Other[8] 14 Aug 1820 Lawrence, Indiana, United StatesPaid 50 cents tax on land
Property[1] 18 Sep 1820 Whitley, Kentucky, United Statessold property
Other[8] 22 May 1821 Lawrence, Indiana, United StatesOn road work crew, with George Marlow, Riley Meadows, others
Other[8] May 1822 Lawrence, Marion, Indiana, United StatesOn road work crew, with George Marlow, Riley Meadows, others
Property[12] 19 Mar 1823 Lawrence, Indiana, United Statessold land
Property[13][14] 19 Mar 1823 and later Montgomery, Indiana, United Statesapplied for US land grant (patent received 20 Mar 1824 and later)
Property[15] 19 Jan 1826 Montgomery, Indiana, United Statessold land to children Keziah, Thomas
Death[15] bef 6 Mar 1828 Montgomery, Indiana, United Statesin a deed of sale on 6 Mar 1828, Isom's son Isom sells land inherited from "my late father"
Probate[16] 12 May 1829 Montgomery, Indiana, United StatesAdministrators of estate enter plea for continuance


Isham's birth date seems to be an estimate based on the 1820 Census. Based on the 1800 Census, a birth date of 1774 or slightly earlier might be more accurate. As for place of birth, most often given as Anson County, North Carolina,[2][3] Isham's parents were not living there at the time of his birth. Rather, they were living in old Craven County, South Carolina. Thus, this is the most likely place of birth. His daughter Polly states in the 1880 Census that her father was born in Virginia, but this, also, seems unlikely, unless he is much older than any of the records suggest.

War of 1812

Isham, his brother Pleasant, and Nathan Shelly, husband of Isham's niece Mary Meadows, were all enlisted in the 2nd Regiment (Captain James McNeil's Company), Kentucky Volunteers, and all listed as failed to attend and march. Nathan Shelly's descendants, however, apparently have papers that prove his service, and correspondence from The Kentucky Historical Society, quoting Quisenberry, note that “There appears to be good evidence that there were several regiments of Kentucky militia in the war, the rolls of which have been lost. . . . There is no roll now in existence of the Second Regiment of Kentucky Riflemen, which would have contained about 500 men.” The correspondence also notes that the men in Captain McNeil's Company listed as "failed to attend" probably marched with Lieut. Col. William Jennings 5th Company, with Captain David McNeils.[20]

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    Indenture 18 Sept 1820
    Between Isham Meadows and Sarah his wife of Whitley County, KY
    And Elisha Blevins of same place
    Meadows sell to Blevins
    75 acres on the Waters of Jellico River and bounded as follows
    “Beginning on a black walnut running so as to strike the conditional line between Isham Isaiah Meadows and with the same to the opposite line and thence to the Beginning”
    Signed Isham Meadows, Sarah Meadows
    Indenture 18 Sept 1820
    Between Isham Medors and Sarah Meadors his wife of Whitley County, Kentucky
    And Uriah Parks of same place
    Land in Whitley County, on the Waters of Jelico River
    Containing by estimate 125 acres
    Beginning at a sourwood and gum and running W and with the original survey and binding on a conditional as marked and agreed upon between Ishom Meadors and Isaiah Meadors
    Signed Isham Meadors, Sarah Meadors
    (Note: Although the Census places Isham and his wife Sarah in Lawarence County, Indiana in 1820, their son Isom did not marry his wife Sarah until 1822.)

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    Information from M. R. “Russ” Meadors of Indianapolis, IN
    Thomas Meadows and Keziah Moberly Children:
    6. Isham, b. 1775, NC

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    [Children:(William Isom in KY)]

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    Roll of Capt James McNeill’s Company, Second Regiment, Kentucky Militia
    Meadows, Isham, Appointed/Enlisted 1 September 1812 for period ending 1 October 1812, failed to attend and march
    Meadows, Pleasant, Appointed/Enlisted 1 September 1812 for period ending 1 October 1812, failed to attend and march
    See also: War of 1812 Service Records, Isham Meadows, 2 REGIMENT (JENNINGS') KENTUCKY, which lists Isham Meadows, inducted and discharged as Private.

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    Indenture, 19 March 1823
    Between Isom Medows and Sally Meders his wife of Lawrence County, Indiana
    And Robert Porter of same place
    Who paid $555
    For one quarter section of land known as the SE1/4 of S15, T4N, R1W, containing 160 acres in Lawrence County,
    “all of which will more fully appear by reference had to the General Land Office Recorded in Vol 1, p. 89”
    Signed Isham x his mark Medors, Sally [curl mark] her mark Medors
    Witness Samuel G. Hoskins J.P., S. H. Harvey, 20 March 1823

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    Isham Meadows
    T19 R5, E1/2 SW 1/4 Sec 2, 80 acres, 3/19/1823, patent 149/355
    T19 R5, E1/2 NW 1/4, Sec 11, 80 acres, 12/21/1824, no patent
    T19 R5, W1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 2, 80 acres, 2/16/1827, Patent 149/355

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    -Accession/Serial #IN0910__413, Crawfordsville Land Office; Description: E1/2NW1/4, Sec 11, Township 19N, Range 5W, Montgomery County, Indiana; Document 2475; Issue Date 15 April, 1825
    -Accession/Serial #IN0960__.407, Crawfordsville Land Office; Description: W1⁄2SE1/4, Sec 2, Township 19N, Range 5W, Montgomery, Indiana; Issue Date: 4/15/1827; Document No. 4937

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    -p. 174 - Indenture 19 January 1826
    Between Isom Meadows and Sally his wife of Montgomery County, Indiana
    And Keziah Wood of same place
    Who paid $50
    For a part of the E1/2 of the NW1/4, S11, T19N, R5W (Terre Haute Land District)
    Beginning at the SW corner thence with the Variation North 70 poles to a stake thence East 80 poles to a stake thence South 70 poles to a stake thence W to the place of beginning containing 35 acres.
    Signed Isom x his mark Meadows, Sally x her mark Meadows
    Witnesses Robert Johnson JP, Margaret Johnson
    Recorded 10 October 1827
    -p. 207 - Indenture 19 January 1826
    Between Isom Meadows and Sally his wife of Montgomery County, Indiana
    And Thomas Meadows of the same place
    Who paid $50
    For the N1/2 of the E1/2 of the NW1/4, S11, T19N, R5N (Terre Haute Land District), containing 40 acres
    Signed Isom x his mark Meadows, Sally x her mark Meadows
    Witnesses Robert Johnston JP, Margaret Johnston
    -p. 224
    Know all men by these presents
    Isom Meadows and Sarah his wife of Montgomery County, Indiana
    Were paid $20 by Christopher Johnston of same place
    For which Isom and Sarah “grant bargain Sell alien release Convey and Confirm and forever Quit Claim”
    The E1/2 of the SW1/4, S2, R5W, T19N
    Also the W1/2 of the SE1/4, Section same Range and Township
    “and was purchased by my late Father Isom Meadows at the Land Office at Crawfordsville and the part here intended to be conveyed is one part of the same as heirs of the said Deceased.”
    Signed 6 March 1828, Isom x his mark Meadows, Sarah x her mark Meadows
    Witnesses James Man, John W. Martin
    On 6 March 1838 William Brutton, JP, said the above named grantors personally appeared before him and acknowledged he signing and sealing of the deed of conveyance for the purposes therein named and expressed.
    Recorded 6 March 1828

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    Grant #427, Isham Meadows, 200 Acres, Knox County, September 1st 1817
    In Consideration of Certificate #143 granted by the Circuit Court of Knox in April 1813 agreeably to the Several Acts of Assembly for settling and improving the vacant lands acquired by the Treaty of Tellico there is granted unto Isham Meadows assee of Isaiah Meadows a certain tract or parcel of land containing two hundred acres by Survey bearing date the twentieth day of November one thousand eight hundred and thirteen lying and being in the County of Knox on the waters of Gelico and bounded as follows
    Beginning on a black walnut about twelve poles from said Meadows Improvement Running North fifteen East two hundred seventy eight poles to a sourwood and gum
    thence South ten West one hundred and fifty four poles to a white oak and dogwood
    thence North seventy five West sixty poles to a poplar
    thence South fifteen West one hundred and thirty four poles with a condetion of John Charson to a black oak
    thence North sixty one West eighty eight poles to the Beginning
    with its appurtenances
    Signed 5 April 1817, Gabriel Slaughter, Lieutenant Governor

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    Ordered that Isom Meadows have a certificate for 100 acres of land by virtue of an actual settlement made thereon agreeable to an Act approved 20th December 1800 lying on Cumberland River. Beginning on Mayfields upper corner running up the River as far as the law will allow in length for compliment
    p. 311 – October 1808 [Tax list]
    Meadows, Isom, 100 acres 3rd rate land, Knox County, 2 horses, 50¢
    Marlow, Thomas, no land, 3 horses, 50¢
    Marlow, Allen, no land, 1 horse, 50¢
    Marlow, Reuben, no land, 1 horse, 50¢
    Meadows, Edward, no land, 1 horse, 50¢

  19. Fairfield, South Carolina, in Fairfield, South Carolina, United States. 1790 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 161.

    Thomas Meadows, 2 ma 16 and up [Thomas, Isaiah], 3 m under 16 [Isham, Pleasant, Edward], 2 f [Keziah, Dorcus]

    Note: There is only one Thomas Meadows in Anson County, North Carolina, and his household structure does not fit that of Isham's parents. There are no Thomas Meadows in Cherews District, South Carolina, and no Meadors anywhere.

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    Isom Meadows of Orange County, Indiana Territory for the N1/4, S18, T4, R1
    Containing 228 and 99/100s acres at $2/Acre
    First Deposit 3 Sept 1816, and completion of first payment 7 Oct 1816: $1414.49 and 1/2
    Assigned to George Shecks per Decl No. 250, dated 18 Aug 1821, Balance $144.49 and 1/2

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    Entry 1530 (10).
    Mar 20, 1794 Isham Meadows enters 100 ac on (both sides--lined out) Baleys Br of Thompsons Cr; border: Abram Rushing, James Harrill, Duke Myers, & Lewis Meadows.