Person:Andrew Steele (3)

Andrew Steele
m. Est. 1730-1735
  1. James Steele1735 - 1802
  2. Samuel Steele1736 - 1808
  3. Sarah Steele1737 - bef 1818
  4. David Steele1739 -
  5. Martha Steele1741 - 1824
  6. Andrew Steele1743 - 1800
  7. Jean Steele1746 - Aft 1807
  8. Margaret SteeleEst 1747-1750 -
  9. Mary Steele1753 -
  • HAndrew Steele1743 - 1800
  • WMary Ramseybef 1752 -
m. 1765
  1. Sarah Steele1765-1780 -
  2. John Steele1765-1780 -
  3. James Steele1765-1780 -
  4. Archibald Steele1765-1780 -
  5. Mary Steele1765-1780 -
  6. Jean Steele1765-1780 -
  7. Andrew Steele, Jr.1765-1780 -
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Steele
Gender Male
Birth? 1743 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 1765 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Ramsey
Death[1] 13 Feb 1800 Augusta County, Virginia

Andrew Steele was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Andrew Steele

  • Page 119 - - 13th February, 1800. Andrew Steele's will - - To wife and children; to son, Andrew; to daughter, Sarah; to daughter, Mary; son, John (land in Kentucky); daughter, Jean; to son, James (lands on Tence with Andrew). Executors, wife Mary, son John, Andrew Ramsey, Robt. Finley. Teste: Andrew Steele, Jr., Jno. McClure, Jno. Ramsey. Proved 22nd June, 1801. Finley refuses to execute. Others qualify.

Records of Andrew Steele in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Andrew Steele was named in his father in law's will, John Ramsey, who died in 1783 in Augusta County, VA
  • Page 279.---22d September, 1791. Alexander, Andrew, William, and George Ramsey, Andrew Steele to John Ramsey.
  • Page 281.--77 acres and 98 acres patented to John Ramsey, deceased, and become property of John Ramsey, son to James Ramsey, heir-at-law to said deceased and conveyed to Andrew Steele and Andrew Ramsey by said heir-at-law. Teste: John, James and Andey Ramsey.
  • Vol. 2 - EXECUTIONS. - APRIL, 1801. - Estill vs. Ramsey--Deed, 5th June, 1739, Beverley to James McClure, of Orange County, 108 acres in Beverley Manor, George Robinson's line. Test: James Porteus, Thomas Wood, John Latham. Declaration: Samuel Estill and Jane, formerly Jane Teas, daughter of William Teas, vs. John Ramsay. Memorandum of deed from Beverley to John Hart, dated 23d, 24th July, 1740, George Robinson's line, corner Beverley Manor line. Deposition, 13th October, 1792. John Dalhouse. John Finley, aged above 60 years. Deponent went to school in 1747 in the house mentioned by Thomas Turk in his depositions. The house was on James McClure's land. Andrew Steel, aged about 56 years. Silas and John Hart were brothers and first purchasers. Andrew McClure, son of James McClure, under whom Ramsey claims. Andrew said he was present at the first running of the line for Hart. William Finley. Samuel Steel. Andrew Ramsey, aged 47. Deed, 24th February, 1740. Daniel Manahan, of Orange County, to Joseph Teas, 900 acres in Beverley Manor. Cor. Joseph Tees and Andrew McClure, Beverley Manor line. John Hart's line, James McClure's line. Test: G. Home, John Pickins, William Williams. Deed, 21st February, 1738. Beverley to Daniel Monahan, of County Augusta. Test: Richard Winslow, John Lewis, John Newport. Depositions 5th March, 1801. Andrew Steel, aged 58, son of Samuel. Andrew Ramsey, aged 50. John Ramsey, father to defendant. James Steel, aged 63, son of Samuel. Original deed, James McClure to John Ramsey. Original deed, Beverley to John Hart, 1740. Deposition Thomas Turk, aged 88 years, taken October 1798. He helped to build a schoolhouse about 50 years ago at the foot of the hill in the tenant's meadow; it was on McClure's land. Original deed, McClure to Ramsey, 1762. Original patent, Dunwiddie to Joseph Teas, August, 1756, 200 acres in Rockfish Gap.

Information on Andrew Steele

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Husband's Name 

Born:  1743  Place:  , Augusta, Virginia 
Died:  1800  Place:   
Married:  1765  Place:   

Father:  Samuel STEELE (AFN:FNWH-N4)    
Mother:  Margaret FULTON (AFN:FNWH-P9)   

Wife's Name 
Mary RAMSEY (AFN:FNWJ-10)    

Born:  < 1747  Place:  <, Augusta, Virginia> 
Married:  1765  Place:
  1. Chalkley, - Augusta County, Virginia Court Abstracts.