Person:Adam Dean (1)

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m. abt. 1719
  1. Rev. William Dean1719 - 1748
  2. Adam Deanabt 1720 - aft 1777
  3. Margaret DeanBef 1722 -
  4. John Deanabt 1723 - 1810
  5. Sarah DeanBef 1728 -
  6. Elizabeth DeanBef 1729 -
m. Bef. 1771
  1. Alice Dean1771 - 1840
m. Aft. 1780
Facts and Events
Name Adam Dean
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1720 prob. Scotland of Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1771 to Eleanor Teas
Death? aft. 1777 prob. Davidson County, Tennessee
Marriage Aft. 1780 to Elizabeth Edmiston

Adam Dean was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 260.--19th May, 176l. Robert Turk and Marget ( ) Turk, his wife, to Adam Dean, £140, 160 acres on southeast side South River, part of tract patented to Robert, 6th September, 1736. Teste: Robert and Thomas Turk, James Davison.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 775.--19th March, 1765. Adam Dean and Eleanor, his wife, to Charles Teas, 5 sh., 310 acres on South River, part of a tract patented to Robert Turk, 6th September, 1736; corner to Robert Turk's land; corner John Patrick's line. Teste: Wm. Teas, Jno. Dean, Samuel Kinkade. Delivered: Charles Teas, September, 1766.

Records of Adam Dean in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 49.--19th August, 1760. John Williams to Adam Dean, of Albemarle, £10, horse and hogs on John's plantation, condition to abide by result of an arbitration. Teste: William Teas. Robert Allen.
  • Page 266.--23d February, 1761. Malcom Campbell's will--Wife, Isabella; son, Archibald, tract adjoining the Long Lick and tract on Mill Creek; son, William; tour daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, Jean and Rebeckah. Executors, son Archd. and Saml. Lyle. Teste: Archd. Alexander, Danl. Lyle, Nathan Peoples. Proved, 22d June, 1763, by Alexander and Lyle Executors refuse to execute. Isabella also refuses. Administration granted Elizabeth Campbell, who qualifies with Pat. Sharkey, Jno. Neeley, Adam Dean.
  • Page 106.--17th February, 1762. Adam Dean's bond (with John Dean, Robt. Allen) as administrator of James Bourland.
  • Page 395.--16th August, 1762. Jane Teas ( ), relict of Joseph Teas, deceased, to Joseph Love, £60, 400 acres on South River Shanando, line of Beverley Manor. Acknowledged. Teste: Adam Dean, Samuel Love.
  • Page 187.--19th April, 1763. William McCutchan to James Risk, £50, 169 acres at mouth of Cedar Creek on Jackson's River, an island of the river. Teste: Adam and William Dean.
  • APRIL 21, 1763. (37) Wm. Minter, Adam Dean, Robert McCitrick.
  • JUNE, 1764 (A). - Adam Dean vs. Archibald Armstrong, Cord-winder.--Bond 18th November, 1762. Witnesses: John Ward and William Dean.
  • NOVEMBER, 1764 (B). - Dean vs. Martin.--19th January, 1764. Note by Joseph Martin, Pat Martin (Test. Andrew Martin), to Adam Dean.
  • Page 461.--4th April, 1766. John Henderson's will, farmer--Wife, Rose; son, William; daughters, if either die, the other to enjoy her share. Teste: John Davidson, Robt. Finley. Executors, brother James and wife's brother, John. Proved 20th August, 1766, by the witnesses. James Henderson and John Finley qualified executors, with Adam Dean and Wm. Finley.
  • AUGUST 22, 1767. (248) Randall Lockhart in custody for debt. (250) Witnesses: John Bunchanon, Dennis Getty. (250) Jurors: John Seviar, William Foster, James Gilmore, John Weer, John Weer. (250) Witnesses: Thomas Kennerley, David Bell, Adam Dean, Robert Allen.
  • MAY 19, 1768. - (164) Adam Dean, witness from Albemarle. (Note: this establishes that Adam Dean was in Albemarle County after he sold his land on South River in 1765).
  • Page 107.--17th September, 1771. William Dean's will--To wife; to daughter, Mary; youngest daughter, Elizabeth; son, John; to son, Adam, executor. Teste: Saml. McClung, Andrew Bourland, Sarah Bourland. Proved, 17th August. 1773, by McClung and Sarah Bourland. Adam Dean refuses to qualify. Administration granted Sarah, the widow, who qualifies (__ her mark) with Adam Dean, Saml. McClung.
  • AUGUST 18, 1773. - (155) Adam Dean--witness from Albemarle.
  • Page 98.--10th June, 1777. Joseph Poindexter and Elizabeth, of Bedford, to William Foster (delivered: William Foster, Jr., 13th August, 1782), 500 acres, part of 643 acres conveyed to Joseph by Adam Dean, deed recorded in General Court.