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ySearch, Houston Surname Data used in this analysis were extracted, 23 September 2012


See:Register. Houstons in Old Augusta for a dispersion chart for the General Sam Houston Lineage


The following data summary is based on publically available data on YDNA results from ySearch.org. Most results were imported into the ySearch database came from the Family Tree DNA, but the ySearch database includes results from other sources as well. Unfortunately, different organizations use different suites of markers, so comparison between different organizations is somewhat difficult. Since the vast majority of results are from FTDNA, only FTDNA results are shown. Even then, some results had to be excluded as at the time the data was extracted not all markers showed values.

These data were analyzed using yAll100, a program designed to make a comparison of the yDNA signatures of each and every kit being considered. The results are presented as "percent dissimilarity". Exact matches between two kits are shown as "0.0% dissimilarity". Increasing dissimilarity indicates (more or less) increasing distance in time to the common ancestor for two kits. values between 0.0% and about 10% are considered indicative of a relatively recent common ancestor. Values between about 10% dissimilarity and the cutoff criteria of 14%, are interpreted as marginally indicative of a common ancestor in a recent genealogical time frame. Dissimilarities greater than or equal to 14.0% are not shown, as such results are, for the most part, considered to exceed the limit at which yDNA would indicate a relatively recent common ancestor.


The following is an overall view of the a yAll100 run on the ySearch Houston data. This display is only intended to give an overall impression of the results, as the full data set could not be easily fit on a single page without extreme reduction in size, as is the case below. More detailed images of the display are available at.....

yALL c=.14
overview of YDNA Groupings based on yAll similarity analysis. See Houston YDNA Groups for detail views
overview of YDNA Groupings based on yAll similarity analysis. See Houston YDNA Groups for detail views
Date: September 23, 2012, 21:16:53
Surname:Houston Ysearch
Comparing all YDNA Test Results
available for the Houston Ysearch surname.

Seven distinct groups are discerned in the data.

Group Number of KitsRepresentative WeRelate ArticleDescription
Group A 6 No obvious unifying description
Group B 2 No obvious unifying description
Mill Creek Hundred Houston's 20 Composed of two main subgroups: A. The Whitehorn Houstons and B. Descendants of Christopher Huston of Mill Creek Hundred
General Sam Houston Lineage 6 Desendants of John Houston and Mary Davidson of Augusta County
Sarecta Houstons 5 Descendants of William Houston of Sarecta, SC
McCuiston Lineage 2 Descendants of James, THomas and Robert McCuiston who settled in PA about 1750; moved to North Carolina
No match. 13 Unrelated to other Houston kits on ySearch


Data extracted from ySearch 23 September 2012

Index Kit Lineage Location Eldest Ancestor Supplementary Comments N
1 4P7G2 Houston New Castle, Delaware, USA Samuel 1734-1815 Claims descent through Samuel son of John the immigrant Group A 12 6
2 22VAY Houston Scotland Hugh d. 1789 37 6
3 9QKZV Huston Columbina County, Ohio, America Jesse 1812-1879 37 6
4 S33Z4 Houston Pennsylvania, USA 1766PA -d Harts Co KY 37 5
5 W9YWF Houston York County, Pa., USA 1731-1836 York PA 37 6
6 XG5YT Houston Renfrewshire, Scotland Robert Houston 1761 Renfrewshire, 1815 New Castle 12 8
7 2YZDW Huston Delaware, USA Paris Houston 1765 DE -1830 Rootsweb, Feb 2010 Rootsweb Feb 2010 Person:Paris Houston (1) Group B 37 2
8 ZCHT7 Houston Greenock, Scotland Hugh, 1822-1912 37 2
9 XRMJN Houston Doolough, Black Sod Bay area, Mayo, Ireland James 1849-1915, County Mayo Ireland Mill Creek Hundred 37 8
10 KXMU3 Houston Whithorn, Scotland John of Whithorn 1503-1553 25 11
11 UBXGG Houston Scotland Robert 1804- 67 14
12 PGFTS Houston Whithorn, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland John of Whithorn 1503-1553 25 12
13 P6GEK Houston Ireland Joseph 1757-1835 37 14
14 UYGHE Houston Unknown no data 37 14
15 GEAK8 Houston Unknown Joseph 1757-1837 37 18
16 D99YM Houston Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA James 1760-1836 67 18
17 SFCT6 Houston Ireland John 1728-1808 Claims descent through John (16) son of the Immigrant 67 19
18 JAV7M Houston Ireland John 1728 Ireland 1808 Newberry SCClaims descent through John (16) son of the Immigrant Line of Robert Cleburne Houston, author of Bold Legacy 67 19
19 RBCY7 Houston Antrim, Ireland Joseph 1691-1740 67 19
20 T5BYA Hardee Illinois, USA William B 1841 AR-1961 IL 37 19
21TVJPQHoustonIreland John 1760 IR-1850 ALSee: Ancestry 3719
22 ZB4CV Huston USA Robert 1796 Newcastle De- 1801 Ill 67 19
23 P3NFC Houston Unknown Andrew 1835-1876 25 19
24 KAHEH Houston Kentucky, USA Jeremiah 1833- 37 15
25 23F4A Houston Scotland Robert 1633 Wigton, 1693 NJ, =Grace Benson Ancestry12 14
26 UE9AX Houston Scotland Robert 1633 Wigton, 1693 NJ, =Grace Benson 12 14
27 WWHTT Houston Scotland Robert 1633 Wigton, 1693 NJ, =Grace Benson 12 14
28 RNR5H Houston Scotland Robert 1633 Wigton, 1693 NJ, =Grace Benson 37 4
29 BU7BP Houston Ireland John Houston, 1690-1754Claims descent through John the immigrant General Sam Houston 67 6
30 BW8J9 Houston Unknown John 1736-1778Claims descent through John the immigrant 25 6
31 CCEBV Houston Ireland John 1650 Claims descent through John father of John the immigrant 25 5
32 SJVN3 Houston Ireland James Aurelius Houston, b 1804 Abbeville, SC, John 1726-1798 Claims descent through John 16 son of John the immigrant] 37 3
33 YDAAK Houston Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA Oscar Lyle Houston 1899-1972; 12 5
34 G96GB Houston Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA Oscar Lylel Houston 1899-1972; 12 5
35 A7XPZ Houston Antrim?, Ireland William, 1712-1795 William is frequently claimed to be a son of John (15) the immigrant, but John's will does not include such a son nor does Houston 1882 include such a son. Recent investigators have concluded based on YDNA evidence that he is not related to the GSH line. Sarceta Houstons 25 5
36 FPE8F Houston ? England or, Ireland William 1710-1792 25 5
37 EXZGQ Houston Unknown William, 1712-1795 37 4
38 J694B Houston North Carolina, USA Edward 37 4
39 nj597 Davis New York, USA Non Surname Match Vermont 37 3
40 92TPA McQuiston Londonderry, Ireland Robert McCuiston 1710-1765 Robert, James and Thomas McQuiston, sons of John McQuiston and Isabella Crelon, of Ireland, immigrated to America in 1735. Family records show that they "Landed in America at New Castle on the 6 of August 1735". They may have remained in eastern PA for sometime, but perhaps moved westward into Lancaster County at a fairly early date, and eventually acquired land warrants in Cumberland County (West Pennsboro). They eventually migrated south to North Carolina.Person:Robert McQuiston (1) McCuiston 25 2
41 KU82C McCuistion County Derry, Scotland James McCuiston 1700-1765 Person:James McQuiston (1)37 2
42 36ZNV Lee Unknown John Wise 1828-1914 non surname match No Match 25 2
43 AD8YY Lee Unknown John Wise 1828-1914 non surname match 67 2
44 RGR3P Arnold Leicester, England 37 1
45 794X2 Houston Ireland 12 1
46 B8XE7 Houston Newburgh, Indiana, USA 37 1
47 JQ2E4 Houston Unknown 37 1
48 K9RYZ Pearson South Carolina, USA 25 1
49 MWHJK Huston Londonderry, Ireland 37 1
50 MWKAU Houston Scotland 25 1
51 QNQVJ Houston Unknown 67 1
52 QQHEK Houston Antrim, Ireland 37 1
53 RBG7T Houghton Unknown 67 1
54 Y6UEK Houston Unknown 25 1