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Image:Weaving in the 18th Century.jpgThis could be a scene straight out of 18th Century Augusta! The image shows four adults and two children. One of the children is a baby playing with a doll, and the other looks to be about 7 or eight. The later child is watching an adult woman weaving at the loom. Perhaps she's instructing the child, because soon she herself will be taking her place in this. One of the other adults is "carding", (left hand edge, woman seated near the cat), while another woman is spinning on a small wheel. The small wheel was usually used for spinning flax to make linen thread, so perhaps the woman near the cat is processing flax. The fourth woman is carrying something in her hands, apparently from the hearth in the background. So perhaps she's been preparing dinner. The only adult man in the scene is carrying in wood, presumably to renew the fire.