WeRelate:Overview committee/14 Jul 2013

Notes for 14 Jul 2013

  • Rivers are not considered places for the purposes of Place pages. This information can be entered in the description field instead.
  • Eastern European place pages – cannot propose changes or begin a cleanup project until WeRelate gains users who are expert with that area.
  • Update on Speedy Delete committee – added new admin rights for a user; many empty pages for living people are being removed.
  • Regarding the In the News suggestion – this new section can replace the Volunteer Opportunities box on the Main page when there are enough volunteers to regularly maintain it.
  • Logo suggestions – post announcement on the Watercooler that entries will be accepted until 31 August 2013. After that, the logos will be presented for a vote.
  • Request that an automated welcoming message be implemented.
  • Dallan is working on making WR’s source code open sourced. Progress about 1/3 of the way there.
  • Label translation project – the English site text is being moved to a consolidated file to facilitate translations.
  • Next meeting scheduled for 18 Aug 2013

If you want to comment on the agenda, please edit the talk page.