Logo Suggestions


This page is for viewing and discussing candidates for the new WeRelate logo. Please upload your logo in the size of the current logo - 128 pixels wide. Discussions about the logo should happen on the Talk page.

In order to get the ball rolling, and so that no one feels shy about uploading new logos, I've uploaded an example. If you don't upload any new ones, then you'll be stuck with mine! That should be enough motivation. ;)

Discussion of Proposed Logo's


Single Tree

Collaborative Forest

Delijim's Suggestion

Relating (prototype)

Image:Logo Relating w5 128.png

Sharing (color)


Sharing (gray)


Another Option #1 (from Delijim, with one of Beth's Suggestions)

Another Option #2 (from Delijim)

Another Option #3 (from Delijim)

Another Option #4 (from Delijim)

Compromise Logo (combination of Sharing (color) and Delijim's Suggestion

Getting closer but need a real tree and the puzzle piece could be the globe with colors showing water and land and globe as a puzzle. Also change the color of the text to something other than black. Sorry but I have no graphic ability so cannot create the logo.--Beth 23:33, 30 September 2013 (UTC)

Check out the ones I've added above, any closer?


World Tree for Free, Wikipedia Inspired (From Artefacts)


I don't have Adobe this is mocked up using screen clippings of Adobe elements that would be available to a designer.