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Intermediate Source: Source:Fleming, 1971:47-48, transcribed by Laura Cowan Cooper,
Original Source: Lancaster County Will Book A-1, p. 217.



JOHN COWAN. Deceased

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I John Cowan Senr. of Salisbury Township in the County of Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania Yeoman being in Health of Body and Sound Mind Memory thanks be to God for the Same But Considering the uncertainty of human life I am therefore desirous to dispose of my Worldly Substance wherewith it has pleased my Maker to bless me in form and Manner following that is to say IMPRIMIS I recommend my Soul for acceptance with God only in and through the Merits and Mediation of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and my Body-in hopes of a glorious Resurrection I will it to be decently interred by the direction of my Executors hereafter named, and that they pay all my Just Debts and funeral Expenses out of my personal Estate undivided.

ITEM, I give and Bequeath to my well beloved wife Elizabeth the equal third part of my whole Estate both real and Personal That is to say the third part of the whole Issues and profits of the real during her natural life together with the third part of the personal to her proper use and behoof forever.

ITEM. I give and devise to my son Thomas all that Tract of Land whereon I now live excepting that small part thereof I have agreed to let my son Henry have According to Articles entered reciprocally with all and singular the Houses Rents Issues Profits and Appurtenances thereunto belonging With my Personal Estate Wherever (Interlined in (O) excepting what I have before bequeathed to my beloved wife Elizabeth who shall also have and enjoy the full Liberty of my Dwelling House of whatsoever part she pleases and my aforesaid son Thomas Shall always use his best Endeavor to give and provide a comfortable Maintanence for my aforesaid beloved Spouse during her Natural Life as aforesaid while She Chooses to remain in and continue in my Mansion House.

ITEM, I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Catherine her Heirs and Assigns the Sum of Twenty Pounds to be paid to her by my son Thomas in one year after my decease TOGETHER WITH the free use of a Bed Bedding with a Room up one pair of Stairs as also her reasonable Maintanence in my dwelling House while She continues unmarried and no Longer.

ITEM, I give to my son William his Heirs and Assigns the Sum of Twenty Pounds to be paid by my son Thomas in one year after my decease.

ITEM, I give to my daughter Margaret her Heirs and Assigns the sum of four pounds in one year after my decease.

ITEM, to my daughter Jane five Shillings To my Daughter Elizabeth five Shillings And to my son John the Sum of five Shillings to be paid to them their Heirs or Assigns (in Lieu of All Demands against my Estate real or Personal) when they or either of them Shall Demand the same.

ITEM, I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Abigail the Sum of Twelve pounds to be paid her her Heirs or Assigns in one year after my decease Or rather in Eighteen Months after my Decease.

ITEM, I Give and demise to my Son Thomas aforesaid as well the afore mentioned Land and Premises thereunto belonging under the aforesaid Limitations As also one equal Moiety or half part Quantity and Quality of a Certain Tract Containing Fifty one Acres Situate and Lying in Earl Township bounded South by this my Dwelling House and Plantation as by the Patent will more fully appear All which as aforesaid To Have and To Hold by my said Son Thomas his Heirs and Assigns forever:

ITEM, I also give Devise and Bequeath to my aforesaid Son Henry The other Moiety or half of the said Fifty one Acres Quantity and Quality he paying the Quitrents due or that may become due from Time to Time on the same To Have And to Hold the said proportion or Share to my said Son Henry his heirs and assigns forever But still on the conditions following That is to Say if my Son Henry Shall at any Time hereafter Sell or dispose of the Plantation he now Occupies and possesses Then the sd. Moiety or Fifty one Acres with all and Singular the Improvements thereon shall revert and return unto my aforesaid Son Thomas his Heirs and assigns forever And on these Conditions and on none other shall my Son Thomas on demand make and give a Legal and Sufficient Deed of Conveyance to my sd. Son Henry for sd. one Half of said Fifty one Acres thus willed.

ITEM, I give and bequeath to the Church of St. John's Pequay the Sum of three Pounds to be paid into the Hands of the Church wardens then being in three years after my Decease For to Keep the Glass of the Windows of sd. Church in Repair In the Church Yard of which aforesaid Church I desire to be interr'd near those of my own Family. Lastly I revoking and disannulling all former Wills by me Made Do Hereby Constitute and Appoint my beloved wife Elizabeth my Brother William Cowan and my Son Thomas Cowan whole and Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal This Sixteenth day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Eight.

John Cowan (SEAL) SIGNED SEAL'D Published pronounced and Declar'd) Henry Cowan in presence of us Henry Cowan, Jr., Geo. Craige) with my personal Estate.

N.B. The Interlineation of the words Henry Cowan with my personal Estate were added at the Desire and Special order of the Testator. John Cowan. Witness my Hand. Testis Geo. Craige.

LANCASTER COUNTY SS. On the Second day of June Anno Dom. 1760 Before me the Subscriber personally Appeared Henry Cowan one of the Subscribing Witnesses to the within Will and on his Corporal Oath did depose and say that he was present and Saw and heard John Cowan the Testator within named Sign Seal Publish pronounce and declare the within Writing as and for his Last Will & Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of his knowledge observation and Belief.

Wdwd. Shippen Dy. Hr. 1