Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p548


Volume 4, Page 548

Ephraim; Mindwell; Timothy, 1690; Silence; John, 1692; Joseph,
1694; Jana; Jemima, 1699; and Thankful, 1701; and he d. 1713; and
all these ch. were prob. b. at Guilford, whither he rem. a. 1676. * SAMUEL
Windsor, br. of the preced. had Samuel, b. 1666; rem. to Simsbury, there
had, perhaps, William and Joseph, and was rep. 1689. TIMOTHY, Concord,
rem. to Stratford 1639, says Farmer MS. quot. Trumbull, I. 109,
as authty. for his being one of the first sett. But I presume that is a
mistake for William, whose s. Timothy, a very small ch. certain. even if
not unb. at that time, wh. is on the list of freem. 1669, m. 28 Dec.
1664, Joanna, d. of John Birdseye, had Joanna, b. 1667; Phebe, 1669;
Sarah, 1671; Elizabeth 1673; and Rebecca, 1680. * WILLIAM, the freem.
in Mass. of 7 Dec. 1636, came in the Planter from London, in the ship's
clearance call. linen weaver, aged 34, with w. Margaret, 24, and s. John,
2, but at what town he first sat down, is not cert. We can be sure it
was not Boston, nor Salem, nor Charlestown, nor Dorchester, nor Roxbury,
nor Watertown, and of the few others Concord seems most likely.
To what part of Conn. he first rem,. is unkn. or at what time; but he is
seen in 1647, as rep. at Hartford, and prob. in a high degree is it, that
he had more s. and ds. Joseph, Samuel, Obadiah, Timothy, Elizabeth wh. m.
at Windsor 16 Apr. 1663, Henry Stiles; and Hannah, wh. m. also at W.
17 Mar. 1665, Daniel Hayden; Sarah, wh. m. 1665, John Meigs; and
Phebe, m. 11 Dec. 1669, John Birdseye, jr. of Stratford, so that it is
not improb. that he had chos. W. for his resid. Yet he may have early
rem. to Stratford, where he d. 1652. Some of his descend. have sunk
the last syl. of the ancestor's name.

    WILCOME or WELOME, RICHARD, kept an aleho. 1683, at Isle of
Shoals. WILLIAM, Scituate 1673, was k. at Rehoboth fight 26 Mar.
1676, under Pierce.

    WILCOT, JOHN. See Woolcot.

    WILD, WYLDE, WILDES or WILDE. EPHRAIM, Topsfield, s. of John
the first, was constable 1692, and unhappi. call. to serve a warrant of
arrest of one charg. as a witch, wh. cunning. confess. the truth of all the
diabolic. nonsense. By her, wh. thus sav. her own life, was th emo. of
this min. of the law accused of the same crime; and the s. thot. she
had her full revenge, when his mo. was hang. GEORGE, call. a husbandman,
aged 37, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, but I kn. not
where he sat down. JOHN, Topsfield 1660, then aged 40, perhaps s. of
William, m. Priscilla, d. of the first Zacheus Gould; may be that youth
of 17 yrs. coming from London, 1635, in the Elizabeth. From Coffin's
gatherings in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 167, it may be infer. that he had s.
JOHN, wh. in his will of Oct. 1676, after ment. of his gr.f. Gould, names
brs. Jonathan, Ephraim, and sis. Sarah, Elizabeth Phebe, Priscilla, and Martha.