Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p549


Volume 4, Page 549

His sec. w. Sarah was old eno. in 1692 to be condemn. and execut.
as a witch, but not young eno. to falsely accuse herself or others during
the execra. delusion. RICHARD, Charlestown, adm. inhab. 1636.
WILLIAM, Rowley 1643, is thot. to have come in the Elizabeth, 1635,
aged 30, unless the number should rightly be larger, with Alice, 40, wh.
may have been his w. and John, 17; was of Ipswich 1650 to 1663.
He had d. Sarah, w. of the sec. Edward Bishop.[1] Perhaps the wid.
Elizabeth ment. in the rec. as this latest day, when he was d. is the same as
Alice, emb. 28 yrs. bef. Nine gr. at N. E. coll. name Wild, Wilde, and
Wildes are noted by Farmer.

    WILDER, EDWARD, Hingham, came, tradit, says, from Lancashire,
1638, with his mo. Martha, a wid. wh. d. 20 Apr. 1652, was freem.
1644, m. Elizabeth Eames of Marshfield, had John, Ephraim, Isaac, and
Jabez, with four ds. and d. 18 Oct. 1690. His wid. d. 9 June 1692.
Elizabeth m. 22 July 1673, Israel Fearing. EDWARD, Hingham, a soldier
in the comp. of the brave Isaac Johnson of Roxbury, Dec. 1675.
ISAAC, Hingham, s. of Edward of the same, m. 3 Jan. 1689, Mary, d.
of the first James Whiton, had Thomas, b. 11 Oct. foll. and d. 6 Sept.
aft. His wid. m. a Jordan. JOHN, Lancaster, s. of Thomas of Charlestown,
to wh. again he was driv. in Philip's war, by w. Hannah had John,
bapt. at C. 30 Apr. 1676; Thomas, b. 2 Mar. 1677; Hannah, bapt. 31
Oct. 1680; Ebenezer; and prob. other ch. From Ebenezer descends
Hon. David of Leominster. NATHANIEL, Lancaster, prob. youngest s.
of Thomas of Charlestown, was perhaps a soldier under sentence of d.
in 1676, wh. had showed his hatred of some friend. Ind. in Philip's war,
disch. by the Gen. Ct. with Daniel Hoar, his fellow offender, or paym.
of cost, and some L10. ea. to the Ind. His youth might plead in extenuat.
He had by the Ind. war in wh. L. was destroy. been driv. to Sudbury,
and there by w. Mary had Ephraim, b. 16 Apr. 1677; Mary, 12
May 1679; Elizabeth 14 Feb. 1681; and went back to L. and prob. had
more; but was k. by the Ind. July 1704. ROGER, Plymouth, came in
the Mayflower 1620, as serv. of Gov. Carver, d. in few days aft. land.
THOMAS, Charlestown 1639, by tradit. call. br. of Edward, join. the ch.
30 Mar. 1640, and was adm. freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Hannah had
Mary, b. 30 June, bapt. 3 July 1642; Thomas, b. 4 Sept. 1644; John;
Elizabeth; Nathaniel, 3 Nov. 1655; and Ebenezer, perhaps others wh. d.
young, either at C. or at Lancaster, whither he rem. 1 July 1659, was
a selectman in the new town, and d. 23 Oct. 1667. His will of 22 Jan.
preced. names w. Ann, the four w. and two ds. and made his wid. and s.
Thomas, excors. THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of the preced. in his will of
10 May 1716, pro. 25 Aug. foll. names James and Joseph his s. to be
excors. and ds. Mary Fairbanks, Elizabeth Hutchins, Ann Willard, and