Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p547


Volume 4, Page 547

foll.; and Thomas; both prob. d. aft. 1660, but bef. the will of f. He
had bef. 1654, liv. at Middletown, where were b. Mary, 13 Nov. 1654,
d. bef. her f. Israel, 19 June 1656; Samuel, 9 Nov. 1658; and the sec.
w. d. and he had new w. Mary wh. d. 1671; and by the fourth w.
Esther Cornwell, d. of William, had Ephraim, 9 July 1672; Esther, 9
Dec. 1673; and Mary, 24 Mar. 1676; and he d. 24 May foll. Sarah
had m. a Long, perhaps Thomas, as thus she is nam. in the will of her
gr.f. Wadsworth. JOSEPH, Killingworth 1663. SAMUEL, Middletown,
s. of the sec. John of the same, m. 9 May 1683, Abigail, d. of the first
Francis Whitmore, had Samuel, b. 20 Feb. foll.; Francis and Abigail,
tw. 5 July 1687, of wh. Abigail d. next yr. and the mo. d. in a fortnight
aft. their b. and he d. 16 Mar. 1714. In the Col. Rec. of Trumbull, II.
175, a Samuel W. is propound. for freem. 1672, wh. could not have
been this man; but prob. stands for Samuel, the s. of William Wilcockson.
STEPHEN, Stonington, bef. 1670, but on the E. or R. I. side of
the Paweatuck, I presume, call. Misquamicuck, m. Hannah, d. of
Thomas Hazard of Portsmouth, R. I. had Stephen, and perhaps other
ch. WILLIAM, Cambridge, freem. 25 May 1636, ar. co. 1638, d. 28
Nov. 1653. His will of two days preced. speaks of w. as sick, but no
ch. yet names cous. John Woods, sis. wid. Hall, and her s. William, and
d. Susan, br. Richard Francis, and br. John Taylor; still, all these, exc.
the cous. may only refer to Christian relationsh. Yet, in ano. part, ano.
meaning may belong to the phrase, when he alludes to "sister's childr.
in O. Eng. wh. were the ch. of sis. Christian Boyden." Farmer
found gr. in 1834, three at Yale, and eight at other N. E. coll. but none
at Harv.

William, brot. by his f. at the age of two yrs. in the spring of 1635, m.
19 Mar. 1663, Elizabeth wid. of John Welles of the same, as his sec. w. had
Patience, b. 1 Feb. 1664; Hannah, 14 Feb. 1665; Elizabeth July 1666;
and Mary, Apr. 1668; was freem. 1669, but what seems strange is,
that the freemen's list of Kenelworth, bef. it was degrad. to Killingworth,
contains the same name for the same time, and he d. 1690.
Who was his first w. or whether by her he had any ch. beside John, b.
Mar. 1657, is not ascert. Patience m. 4 Oct. 1681, Ebenezer Blakeman;
and Elizabeth m. 1688, Barnabas Beers. JOSEPH, Kenelworth, br. of the
preced. by w. Ann had Joseph, b. 1659; Thomas, 1661; Samuel, 1663;
Hannah, 19 Jan. 1666; Nathaniel, 29 Aug. 1668; William, 9 Jan.
1671; Margaret, 1673; and John, 1675; and d. bef. 1683. OBADIAH,
Kenelworth, br. of the preced. present. for freem. May 1669, had three
ws. Mary, wh. d. 8 Aug. 1670; Lydia; and Silence; and ch. Mary,
b. 1676; Lydia, 1678, d. soon; Obadiah, 1679; Ebenezer, 1682;