Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p97

Volume 4, Page 97

had Joseph, b. 6 Jan. 1678 or 9; and Zechariah, 1 Jan. 1682; and,
perhaps, others, but d. 6 Aug. 1696, in 60th yr. Jemima, m. 2 Dec.
1687, John Hall; of Medford; and Eliz. m. 18 Nov. 1685, Samuel Green, jr.
of Boston. In Milford a Joseph is nam. 1648; but I think it may be a
mistake for 1678. JOSEPH, Lyme, s. of the preced. m. Phebe, d. of
Richard Lord, had Lucy, b. Feb. 1706; Elizabeth 20 Nov. 1707; John, 14
Feb. 1710; Phebe, 10 Feb. 1713; Joseph, 25 Apr. 1715; Thomas, 25
Aug. 1717; Lucy, again, 1 Dec. 1719; Jabez and Richard, tw. 4 Aug.
1722; Elijah, 8 Nov. 1724; Sarah, 2 Jan. 1728; and Elisha, 6 Apr.
1730; and d. 10 Nov. 1765. His wid. d. 4 Jan. 1774, aged 86.
ZECHARIAH, Lyme, br. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of Richard Mather of
the same, had Andrew; Zechariah, b. 1717; David; Sarah; Elizabeth and
Joanna; but dates are unkn. of the b. of most of his ch. or of d. of
hims. or w. Eight of this name had, in 1852, been gr. at Yale.

    SILLIIAM, DANIEL, Fairfield, 1658, had, it is said, for first w. Peaceable,
wid. of John Egleton, (wh. d. 1659); and tho. she d. bef. 5 July
1661, yet tradit. tells that there were no ch. of the sec. m. with Hannah,
wid. of Hendrick Hendrickson. His ch. Daniel, Thomas, and Robert,
were all Peaceable's; and he d. 1690, it is thot. bec. admin. of his est. was
grant. 13 Jan. 1691. DANIEL, Fairfield s. of the preced. by w. Abigail
had Daniel, Peacable, Abigail, John, Jemima, and Mary; but no dates
of b. can be found; and he d. 1697. ROBERT, Fairfield, s. of the first
, had by Sarah, d. of Cornelius Hull, it is said, Nathaniel, b. 20
Aug. 1669; Sarah; Rohert; Martha; Rebecca; and Ebenezer, 1707,
Y. C. 1727, whose descend. have confer. gr. honor on the State; and d.
1748. Fam. tradit. makes the first Daniel come from Holland; and the
deravat. is quite distinct from the city of Lucca, in Italy, in the early
day of the Protestant reformat. thro. Geneva, where had sett. the f. of
one Daniel. This Daniel was chos. 1575 into the Council of 200 for
that Republic. Sometimes in fam. tradit. there is a basis of truth, however

    SILLIS. See Sealis.

    SILLIVANT or SELEVANT, DANIEL, New Haven 1654, had m. bef.
1652, Abigail, only d. of James Cole of Hartford; but we kn. not the
date, nor whether she d. early; but one Daniel S. at N. H. m. 17 Oct.
1654, Elizabeth Lamberton, d. of the trad. capt. George L. wh. was lost in a
voyage to London, Jan. 1646. Pro. rec. shows that he d. in Virg. 4 June
1655, leav. will, pro. June in that yr. nam. wid.; but there have been
doubts, however indistinct, if the name were not the same with the
(Daniel Silliman) man's in the former article. We read in the New
Haven rec. that William Trowbridge m. 9 Mar. 1657, at Milford, Elizabeth
wid. of Daniel Sillevant, d. of George Lamberton. But bef. this m.