Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p44


Volume 4, Page 44

Sarah, 18 Aug. 1663; Samuel, 20 Apr. 1666; Hannah, 7 July 1668;
John, 7 Nov. 1670, d. young; Grace and Paience, tw. 1 Mar. 1673,
both d. soon; and his w. d. 29 Oct. 1676. He m. 4 Apr. 1677, Martha,
d. of William Peabody, and had Joseph, 8 June 1678; Martha, 23 Sept.
1679; John, again, and a posthum. ch. and d. 5 Aug. 1681. For him
and br. John est. in Boston of their f. John, claim was made 16 Apr.
1662, may be read in Vol. III. 523 of our regist. of deeds.

    SEAGER, SEEGER or SEGER, HENRY, Newton, m. Apr. 1671, Sarah
Bishop, had Job, b. 1 Feb. 1675, d. young; Sarah, 2 Mar. 1677; Ebenezer,
2 May 1679; Elizabeth 28 Jan. 1683; Henry, 25 Sept. 1686; Mary,
31 Jan. 1690; Job, again, 1691; Margaret, 22 Aug. 1692; Mercy;
Thankful, 24 Apr. 1695; but the order may be uncert. for one or two.
He had sec. w. Elizabeth and m. third, 1709, Sarah Wheeler of Dedham.
Ebenezer was k. by the Ind. 21 July 1706, at Groton. Butler, in Hist.
96, gives the name Leger, but that is only mistake of the author's
handrit. by the print. LAWRENCE, came to Boston in the James from
Southampton, 1635, a youth of 17, and no more is kn. of him. RICHARD,
Hartford 1650, had Elizabeth b. in June of that yr.; also had Richard,
John, and Ebenezer, wh. was drown. 1669. He was adm. freem. of
Conn. May 1657, and may have been of Stonington, for a good w. S. is
ment. in 1668, as adher. of the jurisdict. R. I. and the Conn. (Stonington)
freem. of 1669 has not his name. His w. Elizabeth was indict. 1663
for "familiarity with Satan," and practis. witchcr. but tho. the jury
found her in Mar. guilty of the familiarity, the wiser Ct. set her free in
May 1666, "the verdict of the jury not answer. to the indictm. legally."
Aft. this prob. the fam. rem. to R. I. where, I presume, the devil had
less power or impudence. To Elizabeth S. in his will of 25 July 1655, John
Moody of Hartford gave L25., and it may be suppos. therefore, that the
mo. of this ch. was his sis. The time of his d. is unkn. RICHARD,
Windsor 1672, perhaps s. of the preced. rem. bef. 1683, to Simsbury,
where he d. 14 Mar. 1698. Next mo. at the pro. office his ch. were
nam. Elizabeth aged 14; John, 12; Joseph, 7; and Abigail, 1.

    SEAILES, JAMES, Rowley, freem. 1684.

    SEALE, EDWARD, Salem or Marblehead 1638. See Sale.

    SEALIS or SELLICE(as Lothrop writes it) RICHARD, Scitute 1635,
by first w. whose name is unkn. had ds. b. in Eng. Hannah, wh. m. 15
Oct. 1638, John Winchester of Hingham, and Esther, wh. m. 20 Nov.
1639, Samuel Jackson; join. the ch. 24 Dec. 1637, was deac. m. sec. w.
Eglin Hanford, that had twice been wid. mo. of Rev. Thomas H. and
sis. of good Timothy Hatherly, the founder of the town; and d. prob.
1656, at least his inv. is of 26 Mar. in that yr. but the date of his will
17 Sept. 1653. In that he gave, beside his own ds. to Eglin H. d. of
his w.