Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p4


Volume 4, Page 4

18 Mar. 1664; Simon, 4 Apr. 1666; Josiah, 30 Jan. 1668; Joseph, 2
Feb. 1670, d. young; Benjamin, 15 June 1672, d. soon; and Joseph,
again, 24 Jan. 1676. His w. with two of the ch. d. 1678, of smallpox;
and the rest of the ch. all d. young. Soon aft. m. he rem. to Boston,
join. the firt ch. and took freem.'s o. 1671, was rep. 1684 to 6, in the
latter yr. being chos. speaker, had large interest in the Narraganset or
King's Prov. 1638, at the first pop. elect. of counsel. in 1693, was
chos. one of the ten by the peop. prefer. to ten others, dictat. to k. William
in the chart. by Increse Mather, and made one of the judges in
Sup. Ct. 1701, from wh. place Gov. Dudley rem. him, and two yrs. later
negat. him as counsel. For sec. w. he took, 1680, Elizabeth wid. of Peter
Lidget, Esq.
and she made her will 14 Apr. 1682, prob. hav. such power
by her contr. of m. and in July foll. attempt. to destr. hers. as by the
diary of Noadiah Russell, in Geneal. Reg. VII. 56, is seen. He had
third w. Rebecca, d. of Rev. Samuel Lee of Bristol, whither he rem. a.
1690, and was appoint. the first judge of Pro. in the new Co. then pt. of
Mass. since assign. to R. I. From this w. aft. long disagr. he separat.
hims. and very curious matter a. the affair may be read in Baylies, I. V.
56-61; but far more interest is found in the letter to S. from Cotton
Mather, 3 Mass. Hist. ColI. 137, writ. only ten days bef. d. of S. prob.
therefore never rec. It is one of the happiest of the eccentric writer's
productions; and highly piquant would have been the reply of the judge
to his ghostly adviser, had he liv. to offer one. The will, made two
days bef. pro. two days aft. his d. in wh. nothing is giv. to his w. and L5
to Cotton Mather, confirms this conject. He d. at B. 29 July 1710, and
Hutch. III. 136, refers to the interm. of his last surv. s. wh. d. 18 Jan.
1687, immortaliz. by the epitaph in Addison's Spectator, as in the
judicious memoir to be read in Geneal. Reg. IV. 109. His wid. m. 26
July 1712, Rev. Joseph Baxter of Medfield.

    SAFFORD JOHN, Ipswich 1665, perhaps br. perhaps s. of Thomas.
JOHN jr. took o. of alleg. at Ipswich 1683. JOSEPH, Newton, L. I.
1655. JOSEPH, Ipswich, s. of Thomas, freem. 1682. THOMAS, Ipswich
1641, d. 1667, leav. wid. s. Joseph, b. prob. 1633, and three ds.

    SAGE, DAVID, Middletown, freem. 1667, m. Elizabeth Kirby, wh. d. 1670,
had David, b. 1 Feb. 1665; John, 5 Mar. 1668; and by w. Mercy, wh.
d. 7 Dec. 1711, had Mary, 15 Nov. 1672; Jonathan; and Timothy, 14
Aug. 1678; all nam. exc. Mary, with his w. in the will short. bef. he d.
31 Mar. 1703; beside ds. Elizabeth 6 June 1666, wh. m. a Bull; Mary, w.
of Samuel Johnson; and Mercy, without surname, so may be presum.
unm. Good est. he left to wid. Mary, and these seven ch. Descend.
are num.

    SALE, SEALE or SAILE, EDWARD, Salem, was prob. that passeng.