Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p653


Volume 4, Page 653

of John Whipple of Ipswich, had Sarah, b. Oct. 1656; Susanna;
Mary; Judith; and John, 18 Sept. 1664; perhaps, adds Coffin, others,
most of them, prob. at Newbury, where he d. 29 June 1667. His wid.
m. next yr. Moses Pilsbury.
[1] RICHARD, Newbury, prob. br. of the
m. 11 Sept. 1667, Mary, d. of the sec. John Pike. WILLIAM,
Nantucket, blacksmith and mariner, from Devonsh, was br. of the two
preced. m. 11 Apr. 1665, Sarah, d. of Thomas Macy, had John, b. 19
May 1666, and prob. no other ch. was highly esteem. clk. of the Ct.
July 1678, and Justice. His w. d. 1701, and he took, 3 Sept. 1703,
sec. w. Damaris Sibley, d. Dec. 1724. His wid. d. 2 June 1745, if such
be the true translat. of 2d of 4 mo.

    WORTHEN, EZEKIEL, Salisbury, m. 4 Dec. 1661, Hannah, d. of
George Martin of the same, had Hannah, b. 21 Apr. 1663; John, 12
Feb. 1665; and Thomas, 31 Oct. 1667; and possib. others, as Dorothy,
wh. m. Ezekiel Wells.

    WORTHINGTON, JOHN, Springfield, youngest s. of Nicholas, m. 22 May
1713, Mary, d. of John Pratt of Saybrook, had John, b. 26 Oct. 1714,
d. by casual.; John, again, 24 Nov. 1719; Timothy, 1 July 1722, d.
soon; Samuel, 11 July 1725; Mary, 8 Mar. 1728, d. young; and Sarah,
27 Jan. 1732; was lieut. and d. 30 Dec. 1744. The wid. of 29 Oct.
1759, in the 72d yr. of her age, says Goodwin, p. 272; and there is very
good reason to judge by rec. of her b. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 140, that she
was past 82. JONATHAN, Springfield, br. of the preced. m. 19 Feb.
1708, Elizabeth d. of John Scott of Suffield, wh. d. 8 or 18 Sept. 1743, had
Elizabeth b. 17 Feb. 1710; Margaret, 2 Feb. 1712; Jonathan, 17 June
1715; Nicholas, 26 July 1717, d. young; William, 16 Jan. 1720; and
Amy, 3 Nov. 1725, d. under 18 yrs. NICHOLAS, Hartford, m. a. 1668,
in wh. yr. he was made freem. Sarah, d. of Thomas Bunce, wid. of the
sec. John White
, had William, b. 1670; Elizabeth wh. m. a Morton; and
Mary, 24 Jan. 1674, d. young. His w. d. 20 June 1676, and by sec. w.
he had Jonathan; and John, b. 17 Aug. 1679; and d. 6 Sept.
1683, at Hatfield, whither he rem. 1677; and his wid. m. a. 1685, Capt.
Jonathan Ball
, to wh. she bore twelve ch. and d. 9 Mar. 1727. Tradit.
says he came from Liverpool, and sett. at Saybrook; and the latter half
of her story may be true in some degree. WILLIAM, Hartford, eldest
s. of Nicholas of the same, m. Mehitable, d. prob. youngest, of Isaac
Graves of Hatfield
, wid. of Richard Morton of the same, had William,
b. 5 Dec. 1695, Y. C. 1716, min. of Saybrook; Daniel, 18 May 1698;
Mary, 23 Sept. 1701; Mehitable, 18 July 1706; and Elijah, 16 June
1710; his w. d. 22 Mar. 1742, aged 70, and he d. at Colchester (whither
he had rem. a. 1717), 22 May 1753.