Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p652


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Volume 4, Page 652

rec. has it. 25. He d. early, and his wid. m. 25 Aug. 1698, William
Avery of Dedham.

    WORKES, THOMAS, Huntington, L. I. adm. 1664, to be made free of
the jurisdict. of Conn.

Rowley 1640, had by w. Miriam in Oct. 1642, Josiah, the first ch. b. in that
town, as one false. tradit. boasts, rem. in 1649 to Boston, and not long aft. to
Scituate, there d. In his will of 4 Feb. 1662, pro. 24 June foll. as abstr. in Geneal.
Reg. VI. 94, nothing is seen, but that his w. was Miriam, s. Josiah, and ds. Sarah,
and Esther.

    WORMELY or WORMELEY, RALPH, Dover 1684, ment. by Belknap,
I. 484, Farmer's Ed. but the diligence of Quint had add. nothing to our
knowledge of him.

    WORMSTALL, ARTHUR, Wells, in Sept. 1653, acknowledg. submis. to
Mass. jurisdict. See Col. Rec. III.

    WORMSTED, came to Salem, being driv. by the Ind. from settlem. at
the E. 1675.

    WORMWOOD, HENRY, Lynn, had William, b. Apr. 1666; Elizabeth 14
Mar. 1668, perhaps d. young; Daniel, Jan. 1676; Elizabeth again, 1 May
1677; and Esther, 11 May 1683. One capt. with this bitter name testif.
against Rev. George Burrows in 1692, to his diabolic. strength. WILLIAM,
Kittery 1640, liv. on Isle of Shoals, I suppose, in 1647, when our Gen. Ct.
order, his w. to be brot. as a prisoner. See Col. Rec. II. He took o. of alleg.
22 Mar. 1681.

    WORNUM, WILLIAM, Boston, had w. Christian, wh. join. the ch. 4
Apr. 1646.

    WORRALL, JAMES, Scituate 1638, is by Farmer nam. on authority of

    WORSLEY, BENJAMIN, R. I. 1663, call. Dr. in the docum. relative to
bounds with Conn.

    WORTH, JOHN, Nantucket, s. of William of the same, m. 22 Sept.
1684, Miriam, d. of Richard Gardner, sen. wh. d. 1701, had Jonathan,
b. 31 Oct. 1685; Nathaniel, 8 Sept. 1687; Judith, 22 Dec. 1689; John,
wh. d. young; Richard, 27 May 1692; William, 27 Nov. 1694; Joseph;
and Mary. A sec. w. he took, 5 Sept. 1704, Ann Sarson, and a
third w. was Dorcas, d. of Benjamin Smith. By the former, wh. d. 14
June 1724, he had Sarah, 15 July 1708, wh. d. soon; and by the latter,
wh. d. 4 Aug. 1730, had John, again, 14 Sept. 1725; Sarah, 5 Nov.
1727; and Dorcas, 6 July 1730. Most of his days he liv. at Edgartown,
there d. 11 Feb. 1732. JOHN, Newbury, s. of Lionel of the
same, m. 17 Mar. 1687, Elizabeth d. of Israel Webster, had Elizabeth b. 17 Aug.
1688; John, 7 Feb. 1690; Joseph 7 Aug. 1693; and Edmund, 22 Oct.
1695. He was freem. 1690. LIONEL, Salisbury 1655, m. Susanna, d.