Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p382

Volume 4, Page 382

Rev. Philip Vincent, as may be seen in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 40 and
1; was perhaps from Chelmsford in Co. Essex. FRANCIS, Ipswich, perhaps
s. of the preced.
[1] b. in Eng. freem. 16571, was a merch. of the distinct.
a corporal 1664, by w. Phillippa wh. d. 9 Oct. 1669, had John, b. a.
1648; Sarah; Mary; Martha; Simon; Mehitable; Eliz.; and Francis,
25 Aug. 1664, H. C. 1686; and d. at Salem, 19 May 1692. His will,
wh. is found in Suffk. rec. XIII. 17, provides for wid. Hannah, and ds.
Mary w. of Rev. Jeremiah Shepard; Martha, w. of Joseph Proctor;
Mehitable, w. of John Atwater; Eliz. w. of Jonathan Cogswell; gr.s.
Francis s. of Jacob Perkins by his d. Sarah; and Francis and John, s.
of his s. John. His wid. m. Daniel Epes of Salem. Some presumpt.
may arise that he is the same with the Pequot soldier. * FRANCIS,
Ipswich, s. of the preced. m. Sarah Whipple, had only three ds. liv. at d.
of his w. 16 Mar. 1709, but his s. John had d. 25 Sept. preced. in 18th
yr. a senior at H. C. was maj. rep. and d. 3 Aug. 1711. JACOB, a soldier
under capt. Lathrop, k. with the "flower of Essex" at Bloody brook,
18 Sept. 1675, was perhaps s. of the sec.[1] Francis. JOHN, Ipswich, br.
of the last Francis, m. Elizabeth d. of William Norton, had Elizabeth wh. m. Nov.
1698, Addington Davenport; Ann, m. Adam Winthrop; Lucy m. 15
Sept. 1703, Paul Dudley; Francis, H. C. 1707; and John, 19 June
1691, H. C. 1711; was col. of the regim. and tho. he d. so early as 30
July 1708, left very large est. His wid. m. 19 Nov. 1713, Hon, Isaac
. SIMON, Haverhill, br. of the preced. m. Sarah Gilbert, d.
of unkn. f. had Sarah, b. 17 July 1682; was capt. and for sec. w. m.
Mary wid. of Thomas Silver, had three more ds. and s. John, H. C.
1709, bef. he was k. by the Ind. in their surpr. of H. 29 Aug. 1708;
still whether by the sec. w. were b. any, or wh. of the ch. is uncert.
Sarah, m. 7 Feb. 1699, Charles Frost, and d. 5 June 1714, yet leav. the
number of nine ch. as is shown in the Memoir, Geneal. Reg. V. 165, tho.
the writer was so greatly excited by his relative's happiness, that he
gives ten, of wh. two d. bef. her. THOMAS, Wethersfield 1643, serv. of
Mr. Henry Smith, failed in suit against him, may have tak. disgust,
and gone back to Dorchester 1659. Seven of this name have been gr.
at Harv. but the only one for a hundred and forty yrs. is Jonathan
Mayhew, 1812, the late excellent Bp. of New York.

    WAITE, WAIT or WAIGHT, ALEXANDER, in 1637 was whip. for sell.
powder to Ind. BENJAMIN, Hatfield 1663, sw. alleg. 8 Feb. 1679, was
serg. k. by the Ind. and Fr. in surpr. of Deerfield, to whose relief he
hasted, 29 Feb. 1704
. He m. 8 June 1670, Martha, d. of John Leonard
of Springfield, had Mary, b. 25 Feb. 1672; Martha, 1673; Sarah 1675;
on 19 Sept. 1677 the mo. and the three ch. were tak. by the Ind. (when
his ho. with those of others was burn.) to Canada, where she had Canada,