Person:Francis Wainwright (6)

m. Bef 23 Nov 1647
  1. Colonel John WainwrightEst 1648 - 1708
  2. Sarah WainwrightEst 1650 - 1688
  3. Jacob WainwrightEst 1653 - 1675
  4. Mary WainwrightCal 1657 - 1710
  5. Martha Wainwright1658/59 - Aft 1692
  6. Captain Simon Wainwright1660 - 1708
  7. Mehitable WainwrightAbt 1662 - 1708
  8. Colonel Francis Wainwright1664 - 1711
  9. Benjamin Wainwright1666 - 1686
  10. Elizabeth Wainwright1668 - 1723
  • HColonel Francis Wainwright1664 - 1711
  • WSarah Whipple1671 - 1709
m. 12 Mar 1686
Facts and Events
Name[1][3] Colonel Francis Wainwright
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 25 Aug 1664 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Degree[4] 1686 Harvard College, M.A.
Marriage 12 Mar 1686 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah Whipple
Death[3][5][6][7] 3 Aug 1711 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[5] Highland Cemetery, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

"Francis was engaged to marry (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Hirst on 31 July 1711 [sic, VR IpswichS1, p. 2:439: "Wainwright, Francis, Col., and Mrs. Elizabeth Hirst of Salem, int. June 23, 1711", same in Salem VRs, p. 4:424] but was stricken on the 29th, wrote his Will on 2 August and died the next day [sic-tombstone says he d. 2 Aug]." Will mentions daughters Sarah, Elizabeth and Lucy, kinswoman Mary Whipple, Mrs. Elizabeth Hirst "with whom I had contracted for marriage", Rev. Mr. John Rogers, Rev. Mr. Jabez Fitch, friend Daniel Rogers, "my mother Epes", church of Ipswich. Son-in-law Stephen Minot and brother[-in-law] Capt. John Whipple executors.[7]

"Francis Wainwright, M. A. [1686], of Ipswich, Massachusetts, born 25 August, 1664, was son of Francis Wainwright, of Ipswich, a merchant of distinction, whose wife was Philippa. He was fitted for college by Thomas Andrews at the Ipswich Grammar School, was a merchant at Ipswich, for many years Town Clerk, Representative to the General Court, 1699-1700, and, 7 June, 1700, he was on a committee of the House to report how the Jesuits may be prevented from influencing the Indians to hostilities against the English. He was feoffee of the Ipswich Grammar School, Justice of the General Sessions Court, and commissioner and collector of excise for the county of Essex.

From 12 to 29 August, 1696, "Capt. Francis Wainwright, his lieutenant, William Butler, and some of his company, were on an expedition to the eastward." He was Colonel of the Red, and second in command in the expedition under Colonel March against Port Royal in Nova Scotia, in 1707. The first expedition was unsuccessful. "A great clamour was raised at Boston against March and Wainwright, and letters were sent them from thence, some anonymous, vilifying them as cowards and deserving the gallows." A second expedition was determined on, and Colonel Hutchinson, Colonel Townsend, and Mr. Leverett were appointed commissioners, "with as full powers to superintend and direct the proceedings as the Governor himself would have had if present in person." "March's spirits were broke and his health affected, so that, when the disposition was making for landing the army, he declared himself incapable of acting, and the command was given to Wainwright, the next officer." Hutchinson publishes a letter, dated 14 August, from Wainwright to the commissioners, in relation to this expedition, which also was a failure.

March 12, 1686, he married Sarah Whipple, at whose death, 16 March, 1709, he had three daughters living, his son John having died, 25 September, 1708, in his eighteenth year, a Senior in Harvard College. His estate was £1914. He bequeathed five pounds to the First Church for plate, and one hundred pounds to Mrs. Elizabeth Hirst, of Salem, to whom he was betrothed. He was taken sick at Ipswich, Sabbath day, July 29, 1711. 'His marriage having been put off to the 31st, he died the next Friday, 3 August. His intended wife was with him. Judge Sewall's Diary, which gives these facts, says, 'Most compleat and surprising disappointment that I have been acquainted with.' ' "[4]

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    [The date of death appears to be an error reading the tombstone. Even in its current damaged state (seeFind A Grave), the tombstone appears to clearly show a 3, not a 2 for the date. Also note that on p. G13, the author says he "wrote his Will on 2 August and died the next day", indicating he had other evidence that should have alerted him to this apparent error.]

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    [The Friday following Sunday 29 Jul 1711 is 3 Aug 1711.]