Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p381

Volume 4, Page 381

£1100. to brs. sis. a neph. and niece, so that we infer, he had no w. nor
ch. then liv. * SAMUEL, Farmington, s. of John, m. 12 June 1689,
Hannah, d. of Joseph Judson, had Hannah, bapt. 11 Feb. 1693; Sarah,
20 Oct. 1695; and Samuel, perhaps 23 Jan. 1698; was rep. 1699, and
1711, and d. 19 May 1731. His wid. d. 22 Aug. 1732. SAMUEL,
Milton, prob. s. of the first Samuel, was deac. and d. 31 Jan. 1734 in his
60th yr. THOMAS, Hartford, s. of William of the same, had w. Elizabeth in
1677, and childr. John; Sarah, b. 1681; Elizabeth; Rebecca, bapt. 16 May
1686; Thomas, 29 Jan. 1688; Hannah, 24 Aug. 1690; and William,
13 Nov. 1692; and d. 1725. TIMOTHY, Boston, freem. 1690, by w.
Susanna, had Susanna, b. 29 Oct. 1687; and recompense, 19 Mar.
1690, H. C. 1708. * WILLIAM, Cambridge 1632 came, prob. with fam.
of four ch. Sarah, William, wh. d. young, Mary, and John, in the Lion
from London, arr. 16 Sept. See Winthrop Hist. I. 90. This date overthrows
the slight presumpt. of some mem. of the mod. fam. that their
progenit. had been first of Braintree, inasmuch as the court had in the
preced. mo. order. the few friends of Hooker, wh. had sat down at B. to
rem. to a safer spot. he was freem. 6 Nov. 1632, and in the great
exodus, June 1636, rem. to Hartford, and there seems to have liv. in the
highest esteem, no man ever more oft. chos. rep. for betw. Oct. 1656 and
May 1675 (his last appear.), hardly a single yr. miss. his serv. Prob. he
d. soon aft. He m. 2 July 1644, Elizabeth Stone, but this, of course, not his
first w. outliv. him. His ch. by this w. were Elizabeth b. 17 Mary 1645;
Samuel, 20 Oct. 1646, wh. d. at mid. age; Joseph, a. 1648; Sarah, the
sec. 17 Mar. 1650; Thomas, a. 1651; and Rebecca, a. 1656; but of the
first w. we kn. nothing, nor the order of dates for her ch. nor indeed
date of a single one. The first Sarah m. 17 Sept. 1646, John Wilcox;
Mary m. a. 1656, Thomas Stoughton of Windsor, so that we can be sure
these two as well as John were of the first w. Elizabeth m. 27 Nov. 1662,
John Terry of Windsor; and Sarah of the sec. w. m. 10 Nov. 1669,
Jonathan Ashley of Springfield. He d. 1675, his will of 16 May 1675,
with his inv. of 18 Oct. foll. and his wid. d. 1682, when Rebecca was unm.
* WILLIAM, Farmington, s. of John, m. 10 Dec. 1696, Abigail, youngest
d. of Capt. William Lewis, wh. d. 1707; and he m. 2 Jan. 1709, Sarah,
d. of Thomas Bruce, wh. d. 1748. By this w. he had only William, b.
2 Dec. foll. the m.; but by first w. were William, b. 7 Dec. 1697, wh. d.
young; Mary, 1700; Hannah, 27 July 1701; Abigail, 27 Jan. 1703;
and Ezekiel, 19 Oct. 1704. He was rep. 1718-40, and d. 26 Oct. 1751.
Of this name Farmer notes in 1829, that seven had been gr. at Harv.
five at Yale, and three at Brown.

    WAINWRIGHT, FRANCIS, Ipswich 1637, serv. in the Pequot war, for
kn. of wh. fact we are indebted to the "True Relation" of the battle by