Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p482


Volume 3, Page 482

Dec. 1705; and Mary, 8 Sept. 1709. JOSHUA, Hampton, eldest br. of
the preced. had, by w. whose name is unkn. Joshua, Reuben, and
Edward. NATHANIEL, Hampton, youngest br. of the preced. m. 30
Dec. 1702, Ann, d. of James Marston of H. wh. d. at Kingston, 30
Dec. 1761; and he d. 26 Feb. 1771 without ch. PETER, Salem, freem.
1682, liv. in the village that bec. Danvers, and had part in the troubles
of Rev. Mr. Paris. He had m. 22 May 1679, Elizabeth Redington. Of
this name eighteen had been gr. at Harv. bef. 1829.

    PRESSIE, JOHN, Salisbury, m. 4 Dec. 1663, Mary Gage, had John, b.
1 Oct. 1664; Mary, 30 Nov. 1665; and William, 2 June 1671; bef.
Dec. 1677 was of Amesbury to take o. of alleg.

    PRESTON, DANIEL, Dorchester, came from London in the Elizabeth
and Ann, aged 13, s. of William, sent in Apr. as the f. would follow
in few mos. freem. 1665, by w. Mary, had Mary, b. a. 1645; and
Daniel, 7 Oct. 1649; was chos. selectman 1675 and oft. aft. deac. and d.
10 or 12 Nov. 1707, aged 85. Mary m. 28 May 1662, Eleazer Fawer.
DANIEL, Dorchester, s. of the preced. freem. 1690, was rul. Elder, had
Mary, b. 1 Sept. 1675; John; Remember, 4 Nov, 1678; Abigail; Deliverance;
Elizabeth 5 Jan. 1687; Daniel, 15 Aug. 1689, d. soon; Relief,
d. soon; Daniel, again, Dec. 1693; and d. 13 Mar. 1726 in 77th yr.
His w. Abigail, d. of John Jackson of Cambridge, d. 24 Apr. 1723 in
75th yr. EDWARD, New Haven, prob. s. of William, may have been
tw. br. of Daniel, sent over by his f. in the Christian, the first sh. from
London in that yr 1635, aged 13, to prepare, no doubt, for his foll. perhaps
had relat. in Dorchester, or other place neighb. to Boston where all
the vessels came; and aft. the f. and his fam. went off to N. H. may
have cont. in this quarter, certain. in 1643, 4, and 5 was of Conn. not N.
H. and at Boston, by w. Margaret, had William, b. 30 Jan. 1652; Mary,
1 Jan. 1654; Elizabeth 1655; and perhaps others; was a propr. 1685.
ELIASAPH, Stratford 1669, of William of New Haven, had perhaps
liv. there some yrs. as he was then made freem. rem. to Wallingford, m.
Elizabeth eldest d. of John Beach of W. there was the first deac. and d.
1705, aged a. 70, said the exagger. of the new comers, when he was
only 62. HACKALIAH, Woodbury, tw. br. of the pred. if Cothren, as
seems almost certain, be corr. m. 20 Apr. 1676, Emma, d. of Thomas
Fairchild of Stratford, had William, b. 21 Mar. 1677, Hannah, bapt.
Aug. 1680; Lydia, Nov. 1682; Sarah, Nov. 1683; Jehiel, Oct. 1686;
Emma, Mar. 1688; and Remember, Oct. 1691. He d 20 Nov. 1692;
and his wid. d. Feb. 1733. JEHIEL, Stratford, may be br. of the
preced. had Samuel, b. 1663, selectman, 1669, rep. 1676. JOHN, Boston,
m. 28 May 1661, Susanna, wid. of Robert Read of Hampton, was
liv. 1668, but Farmer ment. a JOHN of Boston, d. 6 June 1663. JOHN,