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Volume 3, Page 48

(on the bapt.) his "not long afore leav. his childr. to the Lord to be their
f." and his wid. m. 2 Feb. 1652, Thomas Hawley. See Winthrop II. 339,
40. Mary m. Thomas Swan. WILLIAM, Boston 1668, d. 1685.

    LAMBERT, DANIEL, Salem, eldest s. of John, m. 5 June 1682, Mary
Gray, d. perhaps, of the first Robert, had Mary, b. 20 Feb. 1683; Elizabeth 9
Apr. 1684; Daniel, 7 Dec. 1686; Samuel, 5 Feb. 1688, d. soon; Samuel,
again, 7 Apr. 1689; Preserved, 21 Apr. 1691, d. at 5 mos. and Joseph, 12
Apr. 1692. EBENEZER, Salem, youngest s. of John, by w. Mary had
Margaret, b. 26 July 1696; Mary, 26 Mar. 1703; and Eunice 3 Apr. 1706.
EZRA, Salem, fisherman, tak. by the French 1689. FRANCIS,
Rowley, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Jane had John; Ann; brot.
from Eng. prob. with other ch. and here had Jonathan, b. 1639; Gershom,
1643; and Thomas, 1645; and d. 1648. His will of 26 Sept.
1647 names all but Thomas. GERSHOM, Rowley, s. of Francis, prob. d.
unm. his will, early in 1664, nam. no w. nor ch. but only brs. John,
Thomas, Thomas Wilson, aunt Rogers, sis. Ann Wilson, and some other
relat. beside br. Thomas Nelson, made excor. GERSHOM, Stonington,
possib. s. of Francis, m. Deborah, d. of John Frink, had John, b. 10
May 1687; perhaps rem. to New London, there had Gershom, bapt. 14
Aug. 1692. JESSE, Milford 1680, m. 10 May 1688, Deborah, d. of
William Fowler the sec. had Rachel, whose date of b. is not seen, tho.
she must have been young, if m. (as the Hist. of Ancient Woodbury
tells) 30 Dec. 1703; Martha, wh. d. at 20 yrs. unm.; Richard, d.
young; Sarah; Jesse, b. 20 Apr. 1698; Deborah, d. unm.; Elizabeth and
David, 1700. He had sec. w. Joanna, and d. 1718. Much idle tradit.
and wild geneal. accomp. the introd. of this name in Cothren, 607.
JOHN, Lynn, a fisherman, a. 1644, Salem 1663, by w. Preserved
had Daniel, b. 3 Oct. 1658; Sarah, 7 Feb. 1660; Ezekiel, 3 Mar. 1661;
Samuel, wh. d. 7 July 1662, prob. very young; Samuel, again, 16 Mar.
1664; Mary, 26 Apr. 1667; Jonathan, 27 Dec. 1669; Hannah, Dec. 1671,
d. in few days; and Ebenezer, 2 Apr. 1674; at Lynn again till
d. 28 Oct. 1676. JOHN, Saybrook, m. 15 Jan. 1668, Mary Lews.
JOHN, Hingham, rem. says Deane, to Scituate, there had John, b. 1693.
MICHAEL, Lynn 1647, had w. Elizabeth wh. d. Oct. 1657, and he m. 1659,
Elinor, wid. of Strong Furnell, had Michael, and Mary, b. 23 Jan. 1662;
and, perhaps, by third w. Moses, 27 Apr. 1673; and d. 18 Aug. 1676. He
left four ch. Michael, Abigail, Moses, and Rebecca, for Mary, wh. had d.
young. MICHAEL, Stonington, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 19 Apr. 1688,
Elizabeth Starke. RICHARD, Salem 1637, had then gr. of ld. and, perhaps, d.
Esther, wh. m. 8 Oct. 1659, Jeremiah Bootman. RICHARD, Salem, perhaps
s. of the preced. not possib. the same, was k. by the Ind. 18 Sept.
1675, at Bloody brook, with the flower of Essex, under capt. Lothrop.
ROBERT, Boston, came from Dartmouth, in Devon, it is said, was
among, the found. of the first ch. of Bapt. in Boston 1665. SAMUEL,
Salem, s. of John, had Margaret, b. 14 Jan. 1691; Preserved, 30 Apr.
1692; and Samuel, 2 Jan. 1694; perhaps more. THOMAS, Dorchester
1637, may be he of Boston, wh. by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 6 Nov. 1659.
THOMAS, Rowley, s. of Francis, m. Edna Northend, had Thomas, b. 1678;
Nathan, 1681; and two ds. WILLIAM, came in the Susan and Ellen, from
London, 1635, aged 26; but where he sat down is unkn.

    LAMBERTON, GEORGE, New Haven 1641, prob. merch. from London,
was one of the chief inhabs. employ. 1643 in project. a sett. at Delaware, but
resist. by the Swedes, wh. vindica. their right; by w. Margaret had Mercy,
bapt. 17 Jan. 1641; Desire, 13 Mar. 1642; and Obedience, 9 Feb. 1645; beside
Hope, George, and Hannah; went in Jan. 1646 for Eng. in the sh. of 80