Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p359


Volume 3, Page 359

7 Oct. 1688; wh. all d. young; and his w. d. 25 Mar. 1689 aged
24. His fourth w. was Susanna, wid. of John Gedney, jr. but she had by
this union no ch. and he d. 15 Nov. 1715. ELIAS, Dorchester 1633,
freem. 6 May 1635, rem. to Windsor early, there had Elias; Rebecca;
Samuel, b. 12 Aug. 1644; and George, who d. 1645; he prob. had an establishm.
for trade at New Haven 1640, but finally rem. to Boston, there
had Mary, bapt. 24 Sept. 1648; Deliverance, b. 3, bapt. 10 Aug. 1651;
and Nathaniel, b. 24 June, bapt. 8 July 1655. His w. was Bridget.
He was a mariner, traded from Boston to Conn. riv. and perhaps on
longer voyages, in one of wh. he was prob. lost, for his w. present, inv. 2
July 1662, made two days bef. recit. that he was "suppos. to be d.;" and
as it amount. to only £37, 15, we may well think that most of his prop.
was lost at the same time. Rebecca m. 18 Sept. 1661, John Jarvis; and
perhaps his wid. m. 6 Sept. 1672, Sylvester Eveleth of Gloucester.
ELIAS, Boston 1665, mariner, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah, d. of
capt. William Trask, m. 13 Oct. 1656, had Elias, b. 13 Nov. 1665;
John, 20 Jan. 1669; and Elizabeth 29 Dec. 1670; beside William, b. at
Salem, 29 Mar. 1658; Elias, 31 Aug. 1660, wh. prob. d. soon; and
Sarah, 19 Oct. 1662; all, exc. John, who prob. d. young, name. in his will
of 8 Aug. 1691, made in London, brot. for pro. by his w. 6 Mar. 1693.
Rev. Ebenezer, H. C. 1721, min. of Westborough, ord. 28 Oct. 1724,
who d. 9 Dec. 1782, tenth ch. of that William, b. 5 Sept. 1703, was
f. of Samuel, a promin, merch. of Boston in the last age; and of his descend.
beside many by fem. lines, in the regular male line fourteen had
been in 1846, gr. at Harv. Of these my friend, Rev. Francis, H. C.
1807, will be long remem. for his urbanity, learning, and benevolence.
NATHANIEL, Boston, s. of Elias the first, by w. Hannah had Hannah,
b. 30 Mar. 1686, Nathaniel, 29 Oct. 1688; Rebecca, 6 June 1696; and
Nathaniel, again. WILLIAM, Nantucket, m. Elizabeth d. of Alexander
Adams of Boston, had Mary, b. 25 Feb. 1680; and no more I can

    PARMELLEE, JOHN, Guilford 1639, was of New Haven 1659, when he
made his will 8 Nov. and d. short time aft. To his only s. large part
of his prop. was giv. resid. to Nathaniel, and Hannah, w. of John
Johnson, after provid. for his own w. Elizabeth who. m. John Evarts. JOHN,
Guilford 1650, s. of the preced. the only one who outliv. him may
be the only one he every had, was propr. 1685, with s. John, but prob. he
had others. By his will of 23 Dec. 1684, and the distrib. of assets in 1688,
we gain the names of Joshua, Caleb, Isaac, Hannah, Stephen, Job, Priscilla,
and Joel. Sometimes this name is Parmelin, but the mod. spell. prevails.
See Palmerly.

    PARMENTER, often in old rec. PARMITER, BENJAMIN, Salem 1637,
when Felt says, he had gr. of ld. but perhaps he did not live there, exc. on
Marblehead side. yet called of S. when freem. 1678, many yrs. bef. had
w. Mary, and d. Mary, and was of Gloucester 1684, said to have been b.
a. 1610. BENJAMIN, Sudbury, s. of John the sec. of the same, m. 1680,
Thomas Rice, had Lydia, b. 29 Sept. 1681; Benjamin, 21 Jan. 1683;
David, 1685, d. soon; David, again, 12 Apr. 1686; Mercy, 8 Dec.